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Our work related courses are designed to support you at all stages - from thinking about the work skills you have and the type of work you’d be interested in, through to helping you to progress in your career or move in a different direction at work. Communications, building confidence and improving your critical thinking, presentation and planning skills run through everything we do in our work related courses. Many of our courses are run in association with trade unions or employers, and we also offer work related courses in schools and child development linked to our schools and parenting pathway opportunity (see community and family).

Award in Mentoring View details

The course encourages students to identify and develop the skills and tools needed in their role as a mentor.The legal and ethical requirements are explained in the context of mentoring and students will be supported to prepare and undertake at least one observed mentoring meeting. Feedback given and reflected on throughout the courses will enable students to evaluate their progress and performance as a mentor and create a personalised development plan to support their growth.

Deaf Awareness Taster Session View details

We will be deaf aware by making sure we communicate clearly and easily. There will be opportunities to learn to finger-spell the alphabet and learn some greeting signs so one can communicate with a deaf customer/client/staff/volunteer.

Recognise your potential - Taster session View details

Boost confidence and realise that your skills and qualities count