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Interested in drama, dance, singing and music making? No prior experience is needed and our performing arts classes are lively and interactive. We also offer classes for older students and those with learning difficulties and disabilities. Do check the course information to find the right performing arts course for you.

Family Learning - Pottery View details

During this course parents and children will gain confidence working together to make and decorate items and pots in clay, using a variety of methods and tools. Parents and children will produce finished, glazed pieces to take home. Some ideas and methods learned in this course could be applied to other materials at home - air drying clay, plasticine, play dough for example

Folk and Singing Taster View details

We will study and sing Folk songs from the British Isles as well as America and will look at the various Folk song collections available to access online. There will also be some harmony singing and sea shanties.

Folk Fun with Ukuleles View details

We will study the basic chords and learn to sing and accompany Folk songs from the British isles and beyond. Students will learn all the basic playing techniques which will enable them to play a wide range of music in different styles.

Gonna rise up singing View details

This course will teach learners, regardless of experience, how to use their voices to sing together in a group whilst being aware of their individuality. Methods and practices will centre on safe vocal practices and exercises that support basic rhythm, how our sound is produced and altered ( body awareness) and simple harmony singing

Next Steps in Drama for LDD View details

We will learn how to act and design a show or film from scratch. Students will choose the topic and style of the film/show. Family and friends will be invited to a performance.

Old Songs for Happiness View details

This course is a journey into popular music, singing well known popular songs, talking about memories of musical experiences and playing a little percussion to engage with rhythmic activities. There will be no pressure to engage with singing and playing - if some of the learners wish to listen, that will be fine, but we hope there will be a solid engagement with the music, singing popular songs and playing rhythms that accompany the music. The main aim is to relax and enjoy the music together. The tutor will play guitar and sing and if the learners have a interest in learning some guitar or djembe (an African drum) playing within the group, that can be accomodated. The most important aspect is that we all develop a group love of music and the tutor will ask questions of the learners' lives to develop a trust and understanding of their experiences.

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