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Interested in drama, dance, singing and music making? No prior experience is needed and our performing arts classes are lively and interactive. We also offer classes for older students and those with learning difficulties and disabilities. Do check the course information to find the right performing arts course for you.

Creative music making View details

Joining in with music making activities using songs, rhythms, voice work, action songs, karaoke and live music.

Drama View details

Through drama, learners have opportunities to be creative and experience inspiration and enjoyment. Creating and exploring a variety of dramatic disciplines. Improving confidence, communication skills and health & well being. Learners will have the opportunity to produce, perform and devise their own theatre production to perform to an audience.

Drama for Confidence (LDD) View details

During the two 3-hour sessions, we will use Drama Games and exercises to explore how Drama can help improve your self-confidence in many situations.

Singing for Fun & Confidence View details

This is a relaxed and informal course where we will explore the joy of singing together. Participants will learn breathing techniques, new songs, and relaxation techniques which will help them to develop confidence and self esteem. We will have fun.

Songs and classical music View details

On this course you will be able to learn to play group pieces on the keyboards or percussion. We will sing a variety of songs accompanied by the tutor and assistant tutor. As well as this, we will listen to and discuss a classical composer's compositions

Stage Management and Drama Production View details

Through Drama Production, learners have the opportunity to be creative and experience inspiration and enjoyment. Creating, designing and exploring all aspects of stage managment. Improving confidence, communication skills, organisation skills. Learners will have the opportunity to work together as a stage crew to stage manage a live production.