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Our health and lifestyle classes range from fitness and exercise to gardening, floristry, DIY, cooking and healthy living. We also run a series of personal development courses to help build your confidence and skills. At our classes you will meet new people, learn with them and improve your health and wellbeing. 96% of our students tell us that WEA classes improve their health and wellbeing, so come along, meet new people and get involved.

Action towards Inclusion- Managing Relationships View details

Throughout our lives we will have many different types of relationships with a wide range of people. The course will explore the different issues we can have with different relationships including family members, friends, partners, neighbours, work / volunteer colleagues, and professionals. The course will enable you to review different relationships and how they are working, highlighting where issues need to be addressed and the impact these different relationships have on you.

Active Voices - Who Do You Want to Be? Taster day school event View details

Who do you want to be? Discussing the future of adult education and its role in a democratic society by questioning the following: You are what you say? You are what you learn? You are what you wear?

An Introduction to Mindfulness View details

This is a three hour session providing an Introduction to Mindfullness and its benefits and how it may be used by individuals.

Anger and Irritability - Everyday Strategies View details

This course is for people who recognise that anger and irritability are adversely affecting their daily lives. It will explore the triggers, how they affect you and coping tools to reduce the impact anger has on your life and relationships. This course aims to build your confidence and self-esteem and to remove the stress caused by anger.

Assertiveness View details

Many of us struggle to express our needs and wants. We either passively accept the situation or we challenge it in a way that is aggressive and confrontational. Both styles can leave us feeling inadequate. In our 1 day school on Assertiveness, we will explore the different modes of communication and how they are related to the ways in which we view the world in general. During this packed day of teaching, you will learn to identify tour own mode of communication and the core beliefs that underpin it. You will earn a working definition of assertiveness and learn 3 basic techniques to help you express your wants and needs in an afirm, calm and powerful manner

Assertiveness and Confidence Building (BBO / WiLL Project Participants only) View details

This course is an introduction building your assertiveness and confidence skills. You will learn: • recognise different behaviour types • strategies to help you be more assertive • learn skills that build your confidence

Basic Food Hygiene View details

During the course you will learn the basic principles of food safety which can be use throughout the food industry, in local community hubs and at home. You will learn how to store food correctly, cook food and serve at correct temperatures, learn how to be safe in the preparation of food, the importance of personal hygiene, looking after your equipment and surrounding areas, not just in the work place but at home too. We will also cover bad bacteria and how to avoid this.

BBO Money Sorted D2N2: Managing and Avoiding Debts View details

This course will allow students to improve their awareness of what debt is, as well as looking at ways to avoid it and/or manage existing debts.

BBO Money Sorted in D2N2: Budgeting and Saving View details

Students’ will build their confidence in their money management abilities, including looking at ways to make savings and how to stick to a budget.

BBO Money Sorted in D2N2: Building Confidence 1-Building Self Esteem View details

Students will increase their confidence through recognising positive personal qualities, acknowledging barriers to confidence and how these might be overcome and discussing positive thinking and stress management strategies.