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Our health and lifestyle classes range from fitness and exercise to gardening, floristry, DIY, cooking and healthy living. We also run a series of personal development courses to help build your confidence and skills. At our classes you will meet new people, learn with them and improve your health and wellbeing. 96% of our students tell us that WEA classes improve their health and wellbeing, so come along, meet new people and get involved.

BBO Money Sorted in D2N2:Managing & Avoiding Debts View details

This course will allow students to improve their awareness of what debt is,as well as looking at ways to avoid it and/or manage existing debts.

Building confidence & improving self-esteem for women View details

This course is for women only. It will aid students in building and developing their confidence by learning to develop techniques and strategies to raise their confidence as well as their self esteem. They will recognise triggers that can impact on their confidence. They will identify ways of improving their confidence and self esteem and introduce them into their daily life by implementing two ways which will improve their wellbeing.

Christmas Celebration: Games and Dancing View details

Come and join us for arts and crafts, seated exercises, singing and dancing, games and activities with a seasonal theme. A fun, friendly and welcoming time for anyone over 19 years of age.

Makaton Taster View details

An opportunity to explore Makaton to see how this could further assist individuals to communicate with people with communication difficulties.

Positive Mental Attitude View details

Banish those low moods with some creative and easy to implement self-care tips. We will work towards creating a positive outlook with an assertive approach to life’s little niggles. Physical factors can lower your happiness levels and so we will consider what little changes we can make to create a sunny outlook and a positive approach to the future.

Reading, Pronunciation & Conversation for Adult Beginners View details

This course is for students with English as a second language. It will help them fully understand the situations they may find themselves in, feel more confident and ensure that they can converse in English and pronounce and understand what is being discussed. They will also gain experience in reading and conversation both in small groups and one to one.

Taking Independent Life Skills Further View details

Students will learn and identify techniques to help them with everyday life skills. It will help to raise their confidence in their own abilities as well as supporting their wellbeing. Developing and introducing new skills. Respond positively when things are new and unfamiliar. Learn how to make small changes to our routine. Identify possible ways of putting ideas/actions into practice.