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Our arts and crafts classes are great places to be able to learn a new skill and develop your artistic talent in new directions as well as meet and work alongside others with similar interests. Our brilliant tutors are often professional artists who focus on supporting each individual in the class. Photography, jewellery making, textiles and fashion are all subjects we offer, alongside sculpture, practical art and a wide range of crafts.

A Celebration Of Spring View details

A day workshop which will consider various aspects of Spring in the natural world. Then through observation, drawing and painting in watercolours, making a lasting record in the form of a botanical study.

Aboriginal Art View details

In this course we will have a look at Aboriginal artwork from its inception as cave paintings possibly up to 50,000 years old , to today's million dollar canvasses which have wowed the international art market in recent years. We will look at the subject matter which inspired the Aboriginal peoples to paint , for example the animals they hunted in ancient days, or ''maps'' showing the activities of the ancestors in the mythical Dreamtime. We will look at the materials used and the technical language, in the form of symbols , used. We will then use this information to produce our own artwork , firstly by making versions of existing works , but then possibly by producing individual work using some aspect of Aboriginal artwork as inspiration.

Advanced Sewing Skills View details

On this course students who already have sewing skills with learn a range of more technical skills, practicing them on a selection of projects. Through this method of learning students will understand when it is appropriate to use each technique to its benefit in their own work. Students will have a number of weeks on the course to use the techniques learnt and apply them to projects of their choice with support and guidance from the tutor

Advanced Sewing Skills & Dressmaking View details

Advanced Sewing Techiques View details

Learners will use a Sewing Machine and Hand Sewing methods to complete a variety of different sewing techniques. Learners will be encouraged to produce a basic design for different types of garments. They will work on various types of hems and side seams and improve their neatness in stitching by doing an edge stitch on the garments. The learners will have group discussion on how to design garments for different cultures, this will improve their confidence in sewing. Also, group work leads to better communication skills, boosting their confidence and facilitating learning with each other.

Alterations & Customising Advanced View details

This course will develop you skills and interest in up-cycling, customising and altering clothes. We will learn lots of different techniques to rejuvenate clothes. Bring along old clothes and your imagination!

Alterations & Customising Intermediate View details

This course will develop you skills and interest in up-cycling, customising and altering clothes. We will learn lots of different techniques to rejuvenate clothes. Bring along old clothes and your imagination!

An Introduction to Media Studies View details

A fascinating and modern subject, it is one of the most influential products of the 21st century. By examining the relevance it has on our society, culture and economic environment we will have a greater understanding of the role it plays in our lives. The course will enable students to understand the how’s and why media institutions operate as they do. It will look at the representation or exclusion of some issues by the media, the role of new technologies and the opportunities and challenges offered. The course will explore the central role of the media in our everyday lives and challenges the common sense assumptions that surround it.

Art - Beginners Mixed Media View details

A beginners’ art course aiming to teach basic skills of drawing and painting, and build creativity. Media used will be: pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolour and mixed media. Learn to make art work that you would be proud to have on your wall in a friendly supportive atmosphere.

Art - Experimental Painting View details

A course which allows a diversity of materials to lead our creativity making artwork to excite and enjoy. Includes applying sweetie wrappers, sandpaper, and loose woven fabrics for texture,introducing vibrant "Brusho "granular paints (supplied) tearing /reassembling old paintings,and using your own imagination.

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