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Are you feeling stuck or in a rut at work? Would you be interested in having some space to reflect on your next steps, skills, and confidence? Whether you are interested in a short taster or a professional qualification in any of our specialist pathway areas the WEA could help support you with our professional development courses.

Assertiveness and Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations View details

This course will provide students with an understanding of different types of behaviour including aggressive, passive and passive aggressive. They will learn what assertive behaviour is including saying no and an understanding of their rights. Participants will recognise what causes difficult situations and conversations and evaluate a range of techniques to help manage these.

Award in Employability Skills View details

The Employability Skills course is for people wishing to develop their skills in order to prepare themselves for work. Students will develop the mind set for the work environment, explore how to deal with customers and develop problem solving skills. Students will work towards gaining the Award in Employability Skills Level 1 through NCFE.

Award in preparing to work in adult social care View details

This course will explore the type of job roles and services within the adult social care sector, the role of communication and the importance of valuing the individuals being cared for.

Basic Communication on Site 2 View details

Learn the basic vocabulary and basic English grammar structures that you need to on a daily basis to function while working on you construction site.

Beginners Sewing for Self Employment View details

The learners will practise making different types of seams and hems. They will use these skills to create a garment from their own design. Developing sewing machine skills and learning how to take accurate measurements will be 'key' to success. We will also learn about Marketing, producing a poster, and developing the skills to build a facebook page as part of their self employment plan.

Costing models for sugar modelling View details

This course will look as some of the issues around the business that do not matter until they do. you will be able to look at buying equipment and tools for a reasonable price. you will have a chance to improve your skills further.

Cupcake Making & Costing Products View details

You will learn how to make cupcake with cake toppers, models, flowers, frills, cupcake wrappers etc. You will work out the cost of your product as if selling to a customer.

CV Workshop for Job Seekers View details

A workshop setting designed for jobseekers who require a little extra support creating their CVs. We will consider what type of CV to use, what information to include, and find out what transferable skills we have. Time will be allocated to creating a CV, if you have a current CV please bring it with you. Templates will be available to takeaway.

Employability View details

First steps into employment is a course designed to encourage and motivate people of working age to gain employment perhaps for the first time. Additionally, we can help to re-engage the long term unemployed with activities to aid employment prospects in the future. We will be covering the following main topics: Building self-confidence; Broadening horizons; Self-presentation and Soft skills

Figuring Things Out View details

An informative and interesting course that will, in a supportive environment, be both challenging and fun. It will enable you to identify any skills you need to develop and plan for learning. It will be useful to you if you are returning to learn after a break or if you are considering how to progress your learning journey. You will have an opportunity to see how education can be of benefit and help develop skills of value to you, employers and the community. You will meet tutors and students, and be able to share experiences and identify ways of overcoming barriers to learning. You will build confidence and develop your number skills to ensure you are better equipped to make decisions and support others to prepare yourself for healthier and better future.