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Are you feeling stuck or in a rut at work? Would you be interested in having some space to reflect on your next steps, skills, and confidence? Whether you are interested in a short taster or a professional qualification in any of our specialist pathway areas the WEA could help support you with our professional development courses.

Bridges to Learning Assertiveness and Confidence Building View details

The course is designed as a workshop and provides people with the main tools that underpin being assertive and self confident. It focuses on techniques to identify the difference between aggressive and assertive behaviours and language. Students are introduced to the importance of courtesy and respect for oneself and others as well as awareness of body language, 'self coaching' and scenarios where being assertive makes a positive difference. Students are expected to get engaged.

Bridges to Learning Introduction to British Sign Language View details

• Who wish to acquire basis language skills to allow communication with Deaf people • Who are already in employment. • Who wish to continue language learning in addition to their normal studies. • Who wish to progress to more advanced at a later date. • Who are studying for personal development in the wider sense of “life long learning”.

Bridges to Learning Minute Taking View details

This is a course aimed at beginners and improvers who want to thoroughly understand the rationale behind minute taking including their different legal and audit purposes and different styles and approaches. It also helps people benchmark their practice and gives tips on improvement. The course focuses on the active role of the minute taker. It is an opportunity for people to share experience and prepare to deal with common problems.

Bridges to Learning Minute Taking View details

This course provides students with an overview of why minutes or meeting notes are taken, their purpose, different styles and introduces students to the importance of being an active minute taker. The role of the minute takes is a critical one so students will spend time on developing their understanding of it. There will be a practical minute taking exercise which allows students to test out their practice and develop it. Students will also spend some time discussing common problems and how to resolve or manage them.

Bridges to Learning Presentation and Report writing skills View details

The course is aimed at people who want to know how to research a report, write it up, structure the findings, prepare a presentation, structure it, identify methods for presentation, give a presentation and improve their personal presentation skills

Customer Service View details

The course will focus on identifying the importance of identifying the customer and their needs, and also ways of improving their own practice. Attention will also be paid to dealing with more demanding or 'difficult' customers

Customer Service Skills View details

This workshop will guide you through the “dos and don’ts” of good customer care and explain how you can give “that little bit extra”. It will teach you how to deal professionally with complaints and how to cope under pressure and maintain a professional image at all times.

Dealing With Difficult Conversations and Situations View details

This workshop will teach you how to deal assertively with difficult situations and how to recognise passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour.

Introduction to Office, Administration and Reception Skills View details

This introductory course covers general administrative support and interpersonal communication. Students learn to work as part of a team and adapt to a changing office environment. Some administrative assistant tasks are introduced, including completing correspondence, answering phones and receiving visitors.

Life Skills, Moving on Together View details

Life skills is designed to support you in your job search and to find work. We will consider your desires and needs, skills and aptitudes and assist you to find work that you are suited for. The course includes: skills analysis; building confidence in yourself; finding a job - CV writing and applications, general and local job search skills; interview techniques; preparing for work- dealing with stress, returning to work after a short or long break.

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