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Our work related courses are designed to support you at all stages - from thinking about the work skills you have and the type of work you’d be interested in, through to helping you to progress in your career or move in a different direction at work. Communications, building confidence and improving your critical thinking, presentation and planning skills run through everything we do in our work related courses. Many of our courses are run in association with trade unions or employers, and we also offer work related courses in schools and child development linked to our schools and parenting pathway opportunity (see community and family).

Communication Skills for Community Interpreting View details

This course will involve written tasks such as writing a report, letters and emails. There will be reading tasks based on understanding key vocabulary in public services: housing, education, social services, welfare benefits, immigration or health. There will be opportunities to focus on speaking and listening skills such as preparing a presentation and engaging in a variety of formal and informal group discussions.

Exploring Careers in Heritage, Conservation and Collections Care View details

Have you ever thought that you'd like to work in the heritage sector? Have you wondered how you would do this? This course will answer these questions for you. Over four weeks we will look at the careers available in conservation and collections care. We will look in depth at what conservators and collections care professionals actually do. We will examine the skills you need to become a conservator and look at routes into the profession, training courses and internships.

Cultural Integration at CREST View details

Living in a new culture can be a positive, stimulating experience. It can also be very challenging. Some people have described moving to a new culture as feeling a bit like being a fish out of water! It is natural that most people will experience a period of transition, which is often known as culture shock, while they get used to their new surroundings. On this course you will be informed about what to expect from the UK culture and given some ideas on how to settle down in the UK.

Basic BSL for Work View details

In this beginner's course, you will learn the basics of British Sign Language with a view to applying it in a workplace setting. You will learn to finger-spell using the BSL alphabet, use the BSL number system, learn to ask and answer questions and hold simple conversations on everyday topics.

British Sign Language for Beginners View details

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning how to improve their British Sign Language (BSL) communication skills with D/deaf people in everyday situations.

Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss View details

Develop lipreading skills in a non-threatening and friendly atmosphere. Learn how to recognise and practice lipshapes, and spot other visual clues to support your residual hearing. Take a step-by-step approach, to improve your confidence, ability to communicate and take part in social activities, and generally participate more in everyday life. This course is a fun and friendly way to practice lipreading theory, other communication skills, and coping strategies with others experiencing similar difficulties. Sessions are relaxed, learning at your own pace and it requires no special equipment, just a willingness to learn and have a go.

Introduction to Maternity Support Work View details

This course asks you to consider carefully whether this is the job for you, to identify and explain what you will do to achieve this aim through changes in yourself and to identify some new goals for yourself. You will be asked complete a short question/answer at the end of each session, together with a short diary entry to help you to reflect on your learning and development.

Introduction to Makaton View details

Gain skills and confidence to communicate with children and adults with Special Education Needs. Be able to sign every day key word sentences using symbols and sign. Be able to sign a song to your friends and family

GFTU - Great Women Trade Unionists View details

Many of the groups that came before unions involved women leaders as has the trade union movement itself. This survey will look at some of the lesser known but important figures.

Getting Ready for Business Administration View details

We will explore how people interact with each other in an office environment and the unwritten rules surrounding appropriate behaviour, dress and attitude. We will also look at some of the office duties and tasks you may be expected to perform - answering the telephone, creating formal documents, and how to go about them. Good communication is key so we will learn about the different forms of communication and how they can influence our interactions with others both positively and negatively in a business environment. We will also look at other key skills essential for building good interpersonal relationships in a work environment and building good, basic Health and Safety awareness.