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Our work related courses are designed to support you at all stages - from thinking about the work skills you have and the type of work you’d be interested in, through to helping you to progress in your career or move in a different direction at work. Communications, building confidence and improving your critical thinking, presentation and planning skills run through everything we do in our work related courses. Many of our courses are run in association with trade unions or employers, and we also offer work related courses in schools and child development linked to our schools and parenting pathway opportunity (see community and family).

SWAP Introduction to Hospitality View details

Have you ever wanted to work in hospitality? This course will help you identify the skills, abilities and knowledge that you need to help you secure employment in this exciting sector.

Preparing to work in adult social care initial assessment West Midlands View details

This session will provide you with information about our preparatory courses for those wanting to work in adult social care. You will be asked to complete an assessment task that will help us to see which course is right for you.

Introduction To Kickstart View details

This Kickstart training aims to improve employment prospects and help young people into long-term sustained employment. The course will help learners to understand the kickstart programme, identify transferable skills, complete kickstart applications and interview skills.

Person Centred Approach to plan activities for those with dementia View details

This course is for carers/support workers who are working with people who have been diagnosed with dementia. We will explore how using a Person Centred Approach to plan activities can help to support individual needs. Content will include: Using Person Centred Communication Skills and the importance of creating a 'safe' environment. Handouts and additional information will be available.

Employability and Mentoring View details

The use of standard literature in methods of Recovery from Substance Misuse is well documented. Our groups have found that studies involving both the A.A. Big Book and Chinese literature, specifically the I Ching, to be especially beneficial and this course will be primarily centred around the use of these.. We use mentoring and study as our foundation for personal and group development. Practically, our training includes discussion and practice regarding employability especially for the long term unemployed members. This first course is practically aimed at providing a mentoring system and a social structure to support these areas.

Introduction to British Sign Language with Janet Corbett Marston View details

British Sign Language (BSL) is used by around 87,000 Deaf people, as their main language or preferred method of communication in the UK. This brief and engaging course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn the basics of how to improve their communication skills with D/deaf BSL users.

Introduction to Deaf Awareness with Janet Corbett Marston View details

This brief course is a great introduction to developing an awareness of deafness and hearing loss. It aims to give you a background understanding and insight of people who are d/Deaf, or have hearing loss, and their communication needs in a hearing world

Guide to self-employment, franchising and agency work View details

The course will teach you how to register as self-employed, prepare basic accounts, design a marketing strategy, know your rights as an agency worker and help you self-evaluate how this form of work may work for you. The course will be taught as a mixture of online lectures, online quizzes and you will be supported into producing a basic business plan. In addition, we will teach you the skills to research online about competition and marketing. Therefore, you will also be supported with IT skills for business to help support your business idea.

NCFE CACHE Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care - Accredited View details

This qualification develops a basic knowledge of the adult social care sector. It covers the type of job roles and services within it, the role of communication and the importance of valuing the individuals being cared for.

Introduction to Makaton View details

An opportunity to explore Makaton to see how this could further assist individuals to communicate with people with communication difficulties. A great opportunity to learn new signs and how to use Makaton to enable more enhanced communication. This course will give learners a basic guide to using signs in Makaton and also develop an understanding of how to use Makaton and the benefits of using this with individuals.