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Courses include: dance, theatre skills, drama and/ or dance for health.

Castaway Act: PLAY (1) View details

Playing a game can change your life. But what is "play"? The course will share tools, skills, resources, practical experiences and knowledge about the power of PLAY - what this means and how we can re - claim, recognise and use it as a creative weapon in the arts and powerful tool for change away from the stage. A physical, practical and combined arts course. Covering music, theatre, performance, voice, physicality and combined arts. Linked to 3 live theatre & arts performances in Hull, York and elsewhere as practical examples.

Castaway Dance: Dance Improvisation View details

In this course we will further explore the possibilities of dance and film projection, creating dances with projected graphics. You will develop your body awareness and movement skills through improvising on your own and with others. We will work towards creating a dance piece to share back. Expect to be inspired and to create beautiful dancing images.

Castaway Music: Film to Music View details

As well as developing individual's skills on their chosen instrument(s) and playing together as part of a musical ensemble, this term will focus on working with another group or film maker who'll have made a film for us to compose a soundtrack for.

Student Celebration Event (Solent Community Fund) View details

This course will provide basic, hospitality experience in a real-life setting for those wishing to engage in voluntary work or employment. The course will focus on giving and following instructions and working as part of a team. In addition, there will be a strong focus on engaging and dealing with the public.

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