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Courses include: dance, theatre skills, drama and/ or dance for health.

Castaway Act: 'PLAY' (2) View details

Castaway Dance - Dance Theatre View details

Castaway Music: Interactive Performance View details

A weekly workshop enabling and encouraging participants to develop musical instrument skills, as well as composing music as part of a group. This course will cover basic musical skills (rhythms, playing together as an ensemble, chords, melodies etc) as well as elements of using music technology to create/record music. There will be a strong focus on collaborating with other groups within Castaway and the local community, and especially on music and film.

Dancing for Wellbeing View details

This movement course will provide light exercise to promote health and well being through dance. Aimed at the elder community, the course will explore simple movements in a sequence to music.

Drama - Story Telling/Story Making View details

This is a course that is working towards a performance at some stage. This term we will be creating a story about the rainforest for performance at a later date. We will be working on various different methods of story work to find the best way to tell our story.

Drama and Performing in a Theatre View details

This course is a practical one, exploring different styles of acting, scripted and improvised. The group works towards a final performance to be held at Valley Theatre itself at the end of the course and performed by the students themselves (although students may also take on stage management or non acting roles if preferred) . The final performance will utilise all the knowledge the students have gained during the course about performing in a theatre.

Putting on a Show View details

This course is designed to enable learners to work collaboratively in a group to produce a show from conception to performance. The group will learn about all aspects of putting on a show, from making props and designing sets to creating programmes and flyers and being involved with bringing funding in and promoting to create a wider audience. They will help to chose a suitable venue for performance and will dress and man the area on the day/night of the show. Learners will keep a personal journal in order to facilitate reflection.

Scripted Performance View details

This course is designed to develop and extend performance and rehearsal skills leading to a public performance. Learners will develop their ability to understand and interpret theatre texts and think critically about their own theatre practice. Initially, the group will look at the format of a script and become familiar with this. They will then explore different theatre practitioners and will workshop ideas in order to create a piece of drama from a script. Learners will keep a personal journal in order to facilitate reflection.

Tap for Fitness and Fun View details

A fun class for those who would like to use Tap Dance routines as a way of developing fitness and coordination or to revise the basic steps.

Theatre Skills - Summer term View details

At theatre Skills students are able to work towards gaining the skills required for creating and performing an original piece of theatre to perform in front of an audience . Workshops are given on subjects such as Creating a Narrative Vocal Skills Physical Skills Teamwork and Cohesion Motivation Choreography Rhythm and Beat. Students are encouraged to share their life experiences and make choices . Theatre Skills is an excellent fun and positive way for students to improve their social skills . Students are encouraged to support each other and take on leadership roles within the group.

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