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Interested in drama, dance, singing and music making? No prior experience is needed and our performing arts classes are lively and interactive. We also offer classes for older students and those with learning difficulties and disabilities. Do check the course information to find the right performing arts course for you.

Castaway Act: 'PLAY' (2) View details

Castaway Dance - Dance Theatre View details

Castaway Feel the Beat: Drama from History 2 View details

This course will give all students the further opportunity to produce an historical drama involving both dance and song. Participants will continue their work in small and large groups with their other students. The exploration of elements of music and their interpretation of different genre will be undertaken.

Castaway Music: Interactive Performance View details

A weekly workshop enabling and encouraging participants to develop musical instrument skills, as well as composing music as part of a group. This course will cover basic musical skills (rhythms, playing together as an ensemble, chords, melodies etc) as well as elements of using music technology to create/record music. There will be a strong focus on collaborating with other groups within Castaway and the local community, and especially on music and film.

Dancing "What a Performance" View details

The course will teach you dance phrases in contemporary dance. They will be put together to create a short piece of choreography for performance at Northern Stage on March 31st

Drama - Story Telling/Story Making View details

This is a course that is working towards a performance at some stage. This term we will be creating a story about the rainforest for performance at a later date. We will be working on various different methods of story work to find the best way to tell our story.

Drama and Performing in a Theatre View details

This course is a practical one, exploring different styles of acting, scripted and improvised. The group works towards a final performance to be held at Valley Theatre itself at the end of the course and performed by the students themselves (although students may also take on stage management or non acting roles if preferred) . The final performance will utilise all the knowledge the students have gained during the course about performing in a theatre.

Folk Ensemble with a Difference! View details

We will play a wide range of Folk repertoire including dance music from the British Isles and America, Songs of all types including contemporary songs. We will play as a group and there will be opportunities to develop solo playing and singing. As a group, we will seek to perform at community events and on local radio as well as record our work and perhaps raise funds for local charities or good causes.

Music Workshop View details

This is the chance to meet with other players and make music together in a friendly ensemble environment, improving your technique, musicianship, sight reading and understanding of music theory in the process. Sessions operate as band rehearsals tackling accessible arrangements of a diverse musical repertoire. For players of elementary to intermediate standard with the ability to read standard music notation. Students supply their own instrument and music stand. All instruments welcome

Performing Arts at Daybreak View details

Through drama and dance learners have opportunities to be creative and experience inspiration and enjoyment. Creating and exploring a variety of dramatic disciplines. Improving confidence, communication skills and health & well being. Learners will have the opportunity to produce, perform and devise their own theatre production to perform to an audience.

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