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Interested in drama, dance, singing and music making? No prior experience is needed and our performing arts classes are lively and interactive. We also offer classes for older students and those with learning difficulties and disabilities. Do check the course information to find the right performing arts course for you.

Castaway Feel the Beat: Story into Song and Dance View details

Students on this course will examine the different genres of music through movement and the voice, promoting self expression. They will also work in pairs and small groups to create their own interpretation of this music and finally share with others at the end of the course. Within the course of this work, there will be a strong emphasis on evaluation and improvement, setting high standards to extend their own abilities.

Castaway Music: Instrumental Skills: timbre and dynamics View details

This course will introduce learners to the concepts of timbre and dynamics in the composition an performance of pieces of music. The course will allow learners to develop on a chosen instruments as well as exploring different compositional skills

Castaway Music: telling stories with music View details

To develop learners knowledge and understanding in how music can be used to help tell stories in different mediums such as; Film, Theatre etc. This course will give learners the chance to explore various way in composing and improvising music on an array of instruments individually and as part of a group.

Creative music making View details

Joining in with music making activities using songs, rhythms, voice work, action songs, karaoke and live music.

Creative music making View details

Joining in with music making activities using songs, rhythms, voice work, action songs, karaoke and live music.

Drama View details

The course will develop the elements needed to construct a drama including; sound, words, music, sound effects, movement, props, costume, and backdrops. We will also explore and use rhythms and patterns created by their interaction to produce drama.

Jazz - An Introduction View details

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about and appreciate Jazz but don’t know where to start then this is a course is for you. We will look into the lives of these musicians to provide a broader context so that next time someone asks if you like jazz you can do more than just nod your head!

Music for Emotional Health View details

In this course, you will discover how music making can improve your emotional wellbeing, to let go and find your inner creativity. This introductory course provides you with a step into music composition as well as group performance in a free, undetermined way. You will explore how musical instruments can be played in unconventional ways, making sounds with objects, group improvisation and basic music composition techniques. Although there will be various musical instruments and objects available for you to use, you are also welcome to bring your own, no matter what it is. I am also happy to accommodate live electronic instruments, laptops/controllers and iPads.

Music Making View details

This is an inclusive course for people with an existing interest in music who are looking to develop their practice within a group environment. Making full use of the extensive facilities at the newly-refurbished Sadacca Studios in central Sheffield and facilitated by WEA tutors from local social enterprise RiteTrax, the course will provide a valuable opportunity for learners to explore different aspects of group music making. The course aims to develop skills within learners such as jamming and improvising, songwriting, arranging and listening, with a real emphasis on collaboration and co-design. Learners will get an opportunity to experiment different musical instruments in a group setting, including vocals, guitar, bass, synth, piano, percussion and more. There will also be scope to develop basic production and engineering skills using the facililties at the studio, including mixing desks and production software. There is also scope to progress to other courses or gorups.

Performing Arts at Daybreak View details

Through drama and dance learners have opportunities to be creative and experience inspiration and enjoyment. Creating and exploring a variety of dramatic disciplines. Improving confidence, communication skills and health & well being. Learners will have the opportunity to produce, perform and devise their own theatre production to perform to an audience.