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Interested in drama, dance, singing and music making? No prior experience is needed and our performing arts classes are lively and interactive. We also offer classes for older students and those with learning difficulties and disabilities. Do check the course information to find the right performing arts course for you.

Acapella Singing for Women: Harmony and Health View details

This course is for women who want to sing together while learning about how good singing is for you! Sing acapella (unaccompanied) harmony songs from around the world and learn techniques to improve your singing, breathing,posture and health. You don't need to be able to read music and you won't be asked to sing solo. Songs will be taught by ear in a relaxed and supportive environment. You will learn rounds, harmony and simple polyphonic songs from a range of vocal traditions including Eastern European, Gospel, Maori, and African countries. The emphasis is on enjoyment and well-being, rather than being 'good at singing'.

Ballet and Dance in England from 1946 View details

Ballet is a significant part of our cultural heritage. The course traces the development of English ballet from 1946 including the establishment of the Royal Ballet. We will appraise the influence of choreographers such as Frederick Ashton who created the 'English style' of ballet for which the Royal Ballet is world renowned. We will experience the passion and drama of Kenneth Macmillan's choreography and the classicism of Peter Wright. We will assess some star-studded performances from the great doyens of ballet such as Margot Fonteyn and Rudolph Nureyev who took London and New York by storm in the 1960s. We will discover how ballet today is scaling new heights of dance technique and virtuosity. We will consider the work of new choreographers seeking diverse ways to express dance as a performance art in the 21st Century.

Castaway Feel the Beat: Perform a Musical! View details

Students on this course will work on improving their abilities in dance, song and drama. They will work in pairs and small groups with a view to improvement through pooling each student's strengths. Within the course of this work, there will be a strong emphasis on evaluation and progress. setting high standards to extend their own expectations and self belief.

Castaway Feel the Beat: Sing it! Dance it! Do it! View details

Students on this course will work on improving their own confidence in dance, drama and song working at their own pace and meeting their own needs. They will mix with other students of varying levels of ability and work with each other on improvement and self evaluation.

Castaway Music: Musical Collaboration View details

In this course learners will develop their skills in composing music in different styles as well as performing pieces either individually or as part of an ensemble. This course will work with other groups in the local area to create chances to collaborate and develop recordings/performance pieces together.

Castaway Music: Rehearsing and Performing 2 View details

This course will continue to develop skills and knowledge gained in the previous course, giving learners a greater sense of independence and self management skill though promoting and installing good habits in practising and rehearsing music effectively. This course will involve learners communicating effectively with their peers and provide opportunities that will aid their confidence and social skills.

Dancing for Wellbeing View details

A dance course that is easy to follow with great music and a lot of different styles of dance like ballroom, Latin, commercial and more! Get ready to be energised, have fun and improve your health and wellbeing.

Drama View details

This course will explore different ways of making and performing theatre throughout history

Drama - Magic Costumes View details

The course will develop the elements needed to construct drama including; sound, words, music, sound effects, movement, props, costume, and backdrops. These practical workshops will use electronic media as an inspiration to the construction of new scenarios. Their various combinations and interactions are then combined to produce drama.

Druming for Wellbeing View details

This practical drumming course aims to allow learners to play different rhythms from around the world on a range of percussion instruments. In so doing, learners will identify, perform and reflect on a variety of world musics where rhythm can be a central identifying theme. By understanding the component elements of rhythm playing using a standard method of notation, the group will build a 'rhythm vocabulary' over the duration of the course, ending in one or more performances which can be recorded as proof of practical learning outcomes.