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Interested in drama, dance, singing and music making? No prior experience is needed and our performing arts classes are lively and interactive. We also offer classes for older students and those with learning difficulties and disabilities. Do check the course information to find the right performing arts course for you.

Acapella Singing for Women: Harmony and Health View details

This course aims to help you enjoy singing with others and to feel the health benefits of singing. You do not have to be a music reader or be able to sing solo.A range of songs will be taught by ear - rounds , polyphony and harmony songs from around the world. You'll learn about different cultures and song traditions and there will be an opportunity to sing together in a different environment each term - so far we have sung in a hospital ward, a shopping centre and a 6th century church crypt...Come along and learn about singing mindfully, how to use your whole body to sing and how to sing in parts. Its fun, its healthy and its addictive.

Acting and Debating View details

This acting and debate course will encourage students to express their views and options in a safe environment. Enabling them to have their say through free speech and role play.

Castaway Feel the Beat: Make a Panto View details

This course will give all students the opportunity to produce a drama involving both modern dance and song. Participants will work in small and large groups with other students. Exploration of elements of music from different genre will be undertaken.

Castaway Film: Animation View details

Members will have the chance to study and create a variety of animation techniques, eventually creating a short film using one of the techniques learned.

Choir View details

Raised Voices Choir is a singing group aimed at adults with a learning disability. Participants will be immersed in every aspect of choral singing from breathing techniques to projection and dynamics.The group will be encouraged to perform on a regular basis around the local community in order to engage people who may not ordinarily come into contact with adults, who have a learning disability. They will also perform to care home residents and hospital patients. Inclusion of basic sign languagefor some songs will be encouraged.

Confidence through Singing View details

A friendly and accessible course for anyone who wants to learn to sing in harmony in a group. No previous singing experience necessary - as the African proverb says, "If you can talk, you can sing!"

Dance View details

Through practical workshops and research using videos/media etc the group will learn about different dance styles which were popular in their own decade. We shall be exploring 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. Each term will hone in on a specific decade. The learner will engage in tutor led demonstrations, understand its origins and be able to perform the dances created. All Class members will help choose music, costumes and make important decisions about choreography, performance venues, and community engagement. The classes are set in a friendly and welcoming environment. There will be set performance dates (venue & dates TBA) and regular visits to care homes within the local community. The course aims to develop the learners dance skills, raise the learners social confidence and help there general wellbeing.” Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life”

Dance - Keep Healthy and Happy - Keep Dancing View details

The course uses exercise to music to help improve and maintain general health and well-being both physically and mentally - improving fitness, memory and confidence. Guidance is also given about using the routines to exercise at home. All abilities will be catered for, especially those with disabilities and wheelchair users.

Dance and Movement View details

This dance course is for all abilities. IT will get the body moving and keep the brain active. Simple dance movements will challenge the body and movement combinations will keep the brain active. We will explore different genres of dance and music and have fun putting combinations together.

Dance for Health and Happiness View details

The course uses exercise to music to help improve and maintain general health and well-being both physically and mentally - improving fitness, memory and self esteem. Guidance is also given about using the routines to be able to continue to exercise outside of the learning environment.