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Courses include: criminal and forensic psychology, metal health and better understanding our own brains and behaviour.

An Introduction to Counselling and Mentoring Skills View details

This course will enable participants to understand the roles of a counsellor and mentor. They will also learn the key skills required in both roles. The course will also look at case studies and how to approach the mentoring partnership as well as setting ground rules for the relationship. Attendees will also be able to appreciate the value of and set SMART objectives.

Communication and Language in Everyday Life View details

This 7 week course is for anyone interested in language and how to use it more skillfully. It will provide students with a fuller understanding of the nature of human communication, and some insights into the fascinating social and psychological processes involved. They will examine some ways in which communication can go wrong, drawing on their own experience, and learn how these difficulties can be overcome. Students will become able to use the gift of language even more expertly and enjoyably, and pursue their personal interests in this marvellous faculty.

Linguistics is Fun: Appreciating and Enjoying Language in Everyday Life View details

Most people use language expertly, with little conscious thought. How on earth do we do this? This introduction to some of the fascinating insights of language science will help you understand more about human language, and use it even more skilfully. If you find you enjoy this, then the WEA 7 week course on Communication and Language in Everyday Life beginning on the 10th October will certainly appeal too.

Psychology And Life, Again (Taster) View details

The day will be a course to enable you to understand the basic psychological concepts, understand yourself, your identity, and the way you think. There will be discussions about different behaviours and culture, and human development against the background of things happening around.

Psychology for Life View details

The course explores why do we think the way we think, why do we behave the way we do, why are we different from others and what explanations psychologists might offer.

The Psychology of Addiction View details

This is a course looking at the psychology of and definition of addiction. It will cover a range of addictions, their causes and treatments. It is intended to be for all and help us understand this topic in the mind, body and in society. There will be (optional) exercises, and a set of web links and videos to allow learners to follow up the topic.

Understanding Psychological Disorders View details

This course provides a critical examination of different types of mental illness. We shall be asking fundamental questions about the nature of health and illness; the reliability of diagnosis; the classification of disorders; the evidence for popular and alternative explanations and the effectiveness of treatments available. The course aims to help you think for yourself rather than offer help or advice. We will explore issues regarding definitions of normality, the boundaries of sanity and the power of medical professionals. The course will examine the diagnosis, some explanations and treatments for Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Phobias, Eating disorders and Autism. Expect challenging ideas and lively discussion.