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Courses include: criminal and forensic psychology, metal health and better understanding our own brains and behaviour.

Psychology: Love, Secrets, Dreams and more... View details

Love, Secrets and Dreams is short psychology course for exploring these three intriguing aspects of our mental lives, but also for discovering more about ourselves in everyday life too. Each will be considered separately, as they are interesting in their own right, but also how they link together to affect our emotions, how we think and behave and our sense of identity as individuals and social beings. Love - from early years affects our relationships, sense of self, security, trust and self-esteem and socially what is done in its name; Secrets - are vital to how we positively manage who we are and our past selves, but can be sources of guilt or anxiety and Dreams are symbolic, subconscious activities that maintain our well-being as we sleep, and as day-time fantasies for imagination, creative thinking and our future selves. Join us for a course of lively discussion that offers insights into human psychology and questions about yourselves not answered by the poets or novelists!

Psychology for Everyone: Let's talk about ourselves View details

No previous study of psychology is required to enjoy this course, as we will discuss a range of topics that will relate to your own experiences and everyday lives as we talk about ourselves! There are many myths and folk psychology about what makes people 'tick' - but as we explore some of the basic issues, the aim will be to discuss and answer as many questions you have, that will add to your understanding of yourselves and others. We will draw on recent psychology that offers ways to explain - for example - the processes of growing up- what makes us different 'personalities' - how we learn to think and see the world - the relationship between mind/brain and body; feelings and behaviour and much more. Another aspect of the course, will be to explore some of the social issues that can impact on who and what we are (and our well-being) both individually and collectively. So, join us for an informal and interesting course that could change your life - this course is for everyone!

Exploring the Psychology of Freud, Jung and Others with Kevin Walker View details

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung and those that followed them have, (in their very different ways), changed the way we think about morality, life, love and ourselves. Expect controversy, debate, outrage and humour. We will explore together these and other topics arising - • Sigmund Freud’s theory of the unconscious mind and the role Ego’s Defence Mechanisms. • Freud’s ideas on childhood, dreams, sexuality and what makes boys different to girls. • Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious and the role of archetypes. • Jung on becoming whole, meaningful coincidences, religion and flying saucers. • Alfred Adler on the will to power and the inferiority complex • Eric Erickson’s life stages & the role of society. • Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulators and the function of the orgasm. • Karen Horney on self-realisation and a feminist Psychology, • Erich Fromm on love and the fear of Freedom, • Viktor Frankl on Man’s search for meaning in dark times.

Worry: Friend or Foe? New Ways to Move Forward & Face Fears View details

"Does your fear of something stop you from achieving something ?" If so, this course could enable you to look at things differently and use fear to help you to do the things you desire. This course will help you to identify why you are fearful of some situations and offer you the tools to develop ways to move forward.

Introduction to Criminology View details

This Introduction to Criminology is open to beginners and designed as an introduction to the study of criminology and providing you with an effective experience in the field of criminological study. It will cover the initial stages of learning the disciplines of Criminology and its concepts, theories and perspectives. You will explore a variety of topics; in particular, to question things that might be taken for granted in relation to crime, the law, criminal justice, and what dangers people in society find most threatening. You'll explore the different understandings and ways of thinking about crime. This topic is relevant to a wide range of jobs in the public, voluntary and community sectors. For example, social welfare services, criminal justice services, community support services among others. The key skills you will develop are relevant to any job context.

Introduction to Psychology View details

This course is a broad introduction to the field of psychology, where you will explore the key features of the human mind and behaviour through a diverse theoretical perspective; examining findings that have shaped some of the major areas of contemporary psychology. Delivered through the five pillars of: biological, cognitive, developmental, social and personality psychology as well as mental and physical Health. Covering subject areas such as: consciousness, sensation and perception, thinking and Intelligence learning, personality, emotion and Motivation along with psychological disorders

Facilitating Writing for Wellbeing Groups - taster View details

This is a taster session for anyone interested in enrolling for "Facilitating Writing for Wellbeing Groups(1)". It is an exploration of whether an enrolment onto the longer (6 week) course feels like the right step for you at the moment or whether it might be a good idea to undertake further preparation first. During the morning, you will be given specific writing invitations by the tutor (Elizabeth). There will also be guided/facilitated group discussion/reflection. Following the session, you and Elizabeth will both have ideas about what should happen next and Elizabeth will be available to advise as to enrolment details for the Facilitation course or, alternatively, other appropriate study/activity to allow preparation for a future enrolment.

Confidence Building to Unlock Your Potential View details

Through positive thinking and concentrating on personal strengths, skills and attributes this course develops self-belief, confidence and unlocks your potential, allowing for personal development and emotional resilience. Opening your eyes to new opportunities and giving you the confidence to make the most of your life; living to your full potential if not beyond; including working towards gaining independence through further training, employment and/or personal relationships. This engaging interactive course is based on self belief and emotional resilience; it will help you to work as an individual and/or in groups; identifying your strengths; set goals and learn how to make changes in your lives' that will give you the confidence to move forward and cope with setbacks along your chosen path.

Facilitating Writing for Wellbeing groups (1) View details

This is a short online course exploring Writing for Wellbeing for people who are interested in becoming practitioners. We will look at what Writing for Wellbeing is, and what it isn't, and some of the settings and situations in which it can be helpful, including for participants with physical or mental health challenges. We will discuss how to keep the work safe and nourishing so that it contributes positively to health and wellbeing. We will also look at how to structure a Writing for Wellbeing session and at what to do, and where to go, next. There will be 6 video-conferencing sessions on Zoom and session content, references and links will be available on Canvas, the WEA's digital learning platform.

Psychology of Gender: Social/political issues that challenge women today View details

So much of what we read about and see in the media concerning gender, as well as how we experience our daily lives, can seem contradictory, confusing, annoying or downright challenging for women! Drawing on recent psychology and considering everyday social and political issues, this woman-only course offers the opportunity for women of all ages and backgrounds, to explore and better understand the effects of growing up (and older) being told ‘what it is to be a woman’ along with a variety of attitudes, views, expectations, representations. We will also look at practical ways to face everyday challenges with confidence and how to make plans to improve health and well-being. No previous study of psychology is required to enjoy this course as we will discuss a range of topics that will relate to your own experiences and - as you learn to make more sense of them - you will find that, even a little more knowledge can make it possible to live your lives as women better!