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Courses include: criminal and forensic psychology, metal health and better understanding our own brains and behaviour.

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Recent psychology offers many positive and useful ways to make sense of what it is to be a woman -the ways we think, feel and behave and how we can challenge the often negative media and 'folk' psychology stereotypes and myths. By reflecting on our experiences, we will discuss the process of growing up, how we develop a sense of gendered self identity, form relationships and deal with the wider social issues that impact on our well-being individually and collectively. One theme will be to review 'common-sense' perspectives and even some 'scientific explanations' (eg of sex differences) that dominate notions of so many aspects of womanhood and indeed how we 'tell' our own stories, can hinder our abilities to thrive rather than just survive! This beginners course also aims to build confidence through understanding the basics of psychology and also to help in 'finding a voice', to be able to talk about and manage change in our everyday lives - and much much, more!