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Explore the geology of your local area, volcanoes or the earth over time.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water: The Geological Processes that Shape our Planet View details

How do volcanoes erupt? What makes earthquakes so destructive? Why do tsunamis occur? How do oceans work to control climate? All these questions, and more, will be discussed in this fascinating course.

The Environment - Walks and Talks View details

This begins with an introductory session to plan the remaining 4 walks. this will take into account the needs and physical capability of the students.They will be encouraged to research and incorporate their contributions in the sessions. A short practical will refresh the techniques in identifying rocks minerals and The natural and built environment will be explored from a geological basis.

Volcanoes: The What, Where and Why View details

What is a volcano and why do you only find them in some parts of the world? We will start with a world-wide introduction and then investigate the rocks and other things they produce. By looking at the rocks and volcano shape you can tell a huge amount how each volcano usually erupts. This will be highlighted by amazing video clips. By looking at eruption history we can learn a lot about how safe our holidays may be! Case studies will be Iceland, Hawaii, Italian volcanoes, the Caribbean, the Canary islands and any others requested by popular demand.