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You will be encouraged to share ideas in our discussion based politics courses on current affairs, democracy and citizenship and internal relations.

Branch Event: The Best Prime Ministers We Never Had...Further Thoughts View details

Here we will continue our exploration of the careers of post-war politicians who came close to being Prime Minister but in the event never made it. Our first study day to consider this theme is on 30 March, to be followed on 27 April. Each day can however be taken individually. Guest speaker - Phillip Giddings

British Politics since World War II View details

By looking back at what has happened in British politics sine 1940, the course enables all learners to understand the background of today's more controversial issues and offer some students something of a 'trip down memory lane'. It removes the common fear of controversial topics and arms the student with the knowledge to make politics both interesting and even enjoyable. There will be an added focus on matters of recurring significance such as industrial relations, public v private, Northern Ireland and, of course, Brexit.

How Parliament Works View details

A one-day workshop covering the roles of Members of Parliament, the passage of a Bill and how to influence your MP.

How Parliament Works View details

The course will be a workshop led by Mark Grayling who works for a local Member of Parliament and is a former Head of Policy at the National Union of Students. He has experience as both a political gamekeeper and poacher. Mark has been involved in political activity for over thirty years at local, national and international levels.

Politics and You View details

This course offers a hands on approach to politics in the sense that at each session, the main political events of the week are discussed and analysed, through group activities and sharing of views. This is complemented by a choice of theme each week which will look at a particular topic in some depth. The underlying theme of the whole course is how do current and emerging events act upon and influence our understanding of the concept of democracy. Key issues in this course will be the analysis of the local elections, the ongoing Brexit analysis, the developments in the USA, China and the Middle East, Russia and the emerging influence of the Indian and African continents.

Survey and Analysis of Current Events and International Relations View details

given the many issues that currently dominate the front pages, the course will select and examine the historical background and character of a range of international and domestic issues

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: American Presidents and Political Greatness View details

Every year, American academics are asked to rate all US Presidents to date.Some Presidents are always assessed as Great - Washington, Lincoln and FDR, for example. Some are always regarded as poor or failed - James Buchanan (Who?!) or Herbert Hoover. Others, the majority, place between greatness and failure and moreover move between categories as time passes - the once vilified Harry S. Truman is now regarded as near-great. This course examines the reasons behind these Presidential classifications - historical context, personality, achievements, failures and luck. We will look in greater depth at certain modern Presidents who are rated very differently from each other - JFK, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. We will finish with a collective preliminary assessment of Donald Trump's Presidency.