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Courses include: birdwatching, bush craft and the study of local wildlife habitats.

Conservation in Britain with Dr Hadrian Cook View details

The course outlines conservation undertaken in Britain, stressing why it is important for monuments and the countryside. Using examples, aspects covered include the need for, and history of conservation and actions by organisations and individuals. The scope covers a range of subjects from legal measures to action by volunteers, by agencies and the kinds of activities undertaken in practice to conserve our historic monuments, our waterways and the countryside. A basic understanding of conservation policy and practice is essential in order to understand how the need for conservation arose, the values that are involved in driving individuals and organisations that conserve an historic and ecologically diverse Britain.

The Islands of Britain, their history and natural history View details

How many islands are there around the British Isles is a frequently asked question, the course will try to answer that question while investigating the life of small island isolated communities, the lives famous islander and world changing events on the Islands of Britain. This course will explore the history and archaeology of our islands from prehistoric people living on Orkney, to the Viking raiders on Holy Island. It will go on to look in to the role of islands in coastal defence as well as trade and industry. Britain's coastal islands support some of the most beautiful scenery and spectacular wildlife found in Europe, from enormous colonies of Gannets in Shetland to rare plants and insects on the Isles of Scilly the course will introduce you to the wonderful island wildlife. You will hear how a shipwreck on the Isles of Scilly changed British History.

Ancient Grains? Breakfast Cereal, Beer or Bread? View details

Let's explore some of our staple food crops, and where they come from. What's the relationship between bread (the staff of life), and beer (liquid bread)? What actually are Ancient Grains? What were the first farmers actually farming? All this, from a gardener's perspective.

Disease Ecology View details

Where do new diseases come from? Does climate change impact diseases in humans? How did COVID-19 “jump” from animals to humans? This interactive, interdisciplinary course will discuss how the environment influences human disease, drawing upon the fields of medicine, public health, epidemiology, ecology, evolution, and environmental science. Students will learn the basics of how diseases spread from animals to humans, evolve in prevalence and impact, and how changes to the environment can potentially influence disease dynamics in humans. We will also discuss how future research can help predict future outbreaks, and the odds of another global pandemic occurring.

Discussion on the IPCC Climate report View details

Come along for a discussion session on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report of 2021. Discover some of the science behind the headlines. Share ideas and opinions in an informative and supportive online session with Bev Fowlston, your enthusiastic Earth Sciences tutor.