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Courses include: birdwatching, bush craft and the study of local wildlife habitats.

Birdwatching with Sheila Nash View details

This course will help you develop your identification skills of different kinds of birds and develop your birdwatching knowledge

Birdwatching: Understanding birds in the local environment View details

A course of practical birdwatching trips in different locations. Learn to identify a range of species across key habitats, understanding how birds are adapted to the demands of their environment.

Plastics in the Ocean View details

You go shopping, and carry your plastic bag home full of items wrapped in plastic. Casually, you unwrap the items and throw away the plastic into the bin, and put a meal into the oven ready for dinner. Meanwhile, in another part of the world a sea turtle is thinking of its next meal, and spots a tasty jelly fish in the ocean. It grabs the jelly fish and gulps it down, but this is not a jellyfish but a plastic bag, and the sea turtle's fate is sealed. The sea turtle will slowly die because it will be unable to eat, and a beautiful sea creature will be lost because of our human endeavours. What can you do as an individual, and does your small effort matter? By arming yourself with knowledge on the problem of plastics in the oceans, what impact it has on ocean life, how it affects us as humans, we can begin as individuals to tackle this problem.

Protecting the Planet View details

We have a serious environmental crisis, involving climate change, species decline and pollution. The course describes the history of awareness of environmental problems, and discusses cases. It argues that the science of ecology can help us understand and deal with these problems. The course describes the growth of the environment movement and alternative views within it.

The Wildlife Habits of Northamptonshire View details

This course will look at the flora and fauna of wildlife habitats in Northamptonshire, including ancient woodlands, hedgerows, wildflower grasslands, wetlands and old quarries. We will look at how nature is faring in the county, study the historical development of these habitats and look at the the issues surrounding their conservation.

Walking with Trees: In St Leonards View details

As part of a research project for Sports England you will gently stretch your legs and learn about local trees with the support of walk leaders and an arborculturist.

Wonderful Woodlands View details

This 10 week course will provide an opportunity for students to consider the varied habitats found in temperate woodlands and study some of the many organisms found within them. How these organisms cope with seasonal changes will be discussed and how they interact with one another. Tips on identification and observation techniques will be part of the course using a variety of identification guides. A field excursion to a local woodland will be part of the course.