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Courses include: local geography, maps and changing boarders.

A Russian Journey with Anat Vernitski View details

Russia features frequently in the news nowadays, but Russia is not only about politics. Who can imagine ballet without “The Nutcracker”, the Proms concerts without “1812 Overture”, or the classical novel without “War and Peace”? Russians created all these, and more, in Russia. This course is an introduction to Russia, the land, its people and culture. We shall look at topics such as geography, history, art, music, language and religion, all in a historical context.

Contours, Compasses and Counting: Intermediate Map Reading with Alastair Clark View details

The course will build on basic map skills to introduce the use of a compass to take a bearing, contours to interpret landscape and the use of techniques to help measure distance in the countryside.

Geography: What to Look for in the Landscape with Dr Hadrian Cook View details

‘Wessex’ is famed for its woods, forests, reclaimed marshlands, water meadows, rivers, heaths, grasslands and coast. 'What to look for in the landscape' is concerned with the interface between natural resources on the one hand, and human activity on the other. Covering aspects of disciplines such as archaeology, geography, history and ecology and well-illustrated, the plan is to introduce learners to observe and interpret what they may see when vising rural areas, and appreciate how past peoples have shaped what they see when they visit the countryside.

Not At All Idle Women: War Time Volunteers on Britain's Canals w Alastair Clark View details

These women were anything but 'idle' - they lived and worked in hard conditions but it was the IW badge they war that led to the name. Several of these volunteer women wrote about their experiences and these give us a special insight to life on our waterways in the 1940s.

Day School: The South at Work View details

South East at Work looks at the trades and industries, historic and contemporary, which have helped shape our region. From iron and timber in the Weald to fishing and boatbuilding along the Channel shore, through to the 21st century digital economy.All work falls into three main categories of raw materials, manufacturing and services; and across time those sectors have risen and fallen in response to local, national and international factors.We study some of these features of our working life using material from the wider South East region.

Geography: Beliefs, Monuments and Landscape with Dr Hadrian Cook View details

Humans have created a landscape for themselves that frequently extends beyond the requirements of food, shelter, and the manufacture of material artefacts. We will consider the expression of humans in relation to their landscape in the symbolism of monuments created, beliefs, folklore, legends and aspects of social behaviour. Included are pre-historic and historic cults, pilgrimage, continuity and change in cultures and in aspects of faith. There will be critical reference of available evidence, with examples from megalithic monuments, cults of the saints, monasticism and legends including Arthurian matter. The geographical focus will be on Britain and Ireland.

Places We Love, Places We Hate: Exploring 'Sense of Place' with Alastair Clark View details

We will draw on our own experience, the arts and academic research to examine how our perception of place plays important part in the lives of most people.

Schnapps from the Saddle: A Slow Cycle Ride Across Germany with Alastair Clark View details

When he resigned his full time job, the tutor went to Berlin and bought a bike for 209 Euros and rode west to the Netherlands. He will share the story of people and places he encountered and invite you to consider your own travels of discovery be they near or far.