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Politics, geography, geology, psychology and sociology are all part of our offer alongside science, nature and ecology. Come along and find out more about a subject that may be new to you and take the opportunity to see how you can apply your learning in your local community. Many of our natural and social science courses offer opportunities to get involved in practical activities too.

Day School: People, Power, Politics View details

Discover: Time to save Democracy View details

In the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, Henry Tam will explore what should be done to revive democracy. Against the suggestion that democracy has run its course, he will share a wide range of ideas beyond the usual ‘get the vote out’ proposals, unpack why democratic governance is indispensable, and put forward recommendations to help us avoid the twin threats of oppressive rule and debilitating chaos.”

Eco-therapy: Dancing with the Elements, Listening to the Seeds View details

This meditation course will focus on healing ourselves through our elemental connection with nature. The elements - Air, Earth, Fire and Water - have been loved and imagined in many ways. They can be helpful to understanding and accepting the self in a balanced way. The inner and outer world separation can be overcome and nature, both our own nature and what is “out there”, joyfully embraced. The tutor will draw on her own lifetime's experience of meditating outside and from her studies at Schumacher College on the Ecology and Spirituality course. The group's ability to create a safe emotional space will be a vital aspect of the course.

Exploring Psychology View details

This course aims to provide an insight into the history of Psychology both as a science and as a way of thinking about human nature. It will briefly outline * the early attempts to study the mind scientifically * psychology as the science of behaviour * Freud's contribution * computer models of the mind * where Psychology is today It will also provide an introduction to the follow up course which will examine some concepts of Psychology, including intelligence, personality, sanity, mind, gender, and identity over six weekly sessions.

Forest School - Reaching Out View details

This is an inspirational course bringing learning to life and offering students regular opportunities to appreciate and enjoy their local woodlands. We aim to nurture an understanding and respect for nature and experience it at first hand through a series of engaging and achievable activities. As well as a way of meeting new people and making new friends the course will aim to cover traditional fire lighting techniques to create a campfire, preparing and cooking a lunch over an open fire, learning to use hand tools and foraged natural materials to create woodcraft projects, use the woodland as inspiration to create own artworks, shelter building and observing nature and wildlife. The fire circle is an integral part of forest school and is an area we use for discussing the day's activities and a place for relaxing, socialising and sharing. As the group becomes more comfortable with being in the woodland the course will become more learner led and is a journey of discovery.

How To: What's that Warning Light? - Motoring Know-How for 21st Century Drivers View details

A friendly and accessible course offering participants the opportunity to gain confidence in knowing their way around their car and provide greater knowledge regarding some common mechanical and electrical issues they may encounter as a 21st century motorist. Discover what all those warning lights actually mean, what's that knocking noise - how serious might it be, is it safe to keep driving, could it all prove expensive? As well as a few regular checks to help keep you and your pasengers on the road safley.

Maintaining a Living Willow Garden Structure Taster View details

On this course we will maintain existing living willow garden structures by pruning with handtools and creatively using basic weaving techniques. We will weave some willow into the structure to enhance it's shape and strength.

Our Solar System(STEMM) View details

Would you like to learn more about our exciting solar system and gain some knowledge about the planets? Why don't you join us for an informal and practical course incorporating basic English skills and basic computer skills which can lead to a more advanced course.

Permaculture Design Course - Part 2 View details

Building on part 1 of this course, we will explore how permaculture is applied in a number of situations in gardens and larger scale agriculture as well as in urban and social context. Group and individual design exercises will allow you to put new knowledge into practice.

Planning for Housing and Green Spaces View details

Bettina Lange has over 15 years experience with the English planning system. She has worked for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) since 2000, has written numerous submissions to planning policy proposals and represented CPRE and local communities at many planning hearings. She has a collection of RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute) planning training certificates and has contributed as an invited speaker to many of these events. The course will cover 1. an introduction to the English planning system post-WWII : preventing sprawl; protecting the Green Belt; and attractive places for people to live in; 2. the meanings of housing 'need' and 'demand' 3. different views on the advantages and disadvantages of the 'presumption in favour of sustainable development' in the current planning regime 4. practical exercises on realistic planning scenarios

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