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Politics, geography, geology, psychology and sociology are all part of our offer alongside science, nature and ecology. Come along and find out more about a subject that may be new to you and take the opportunity to see how you can apply your learning in your local community. Many of our natural and social science courses offer opportunities to get involved in practical activities too.

An Introduction to Astronomy with Mark Eustace View details

If you ever looked up at the stars and asked yourself some of the big questions about the universe, where it came from and its eventual end then this course will teach you about objects in our solar system, the Milky Way and beyond to make some sense of it all! On the other hand, if you have ever thought about buying a telescope then this is a great place to start as you begin your introduction to different types of telescopes, how they work and which would be best for you. I'll even give you some advice to help you buy that first scope to make sure you get something suitable. Whatever your interest in the night sky, come along and enjoy exploring the final frontier!

Landscapes of South East England View details

The South East of England has some iconic landscapes from the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs to the sandy heaths of the Surrey Hills, but other less well known areas, the North Kent marshes or Essex plotlands.We look at coast and cities, farmland and suburb to better understand this complex series of landscapes.

Summer Time Astronomy View details

Although the period of darkness over summer nights is fairly short, there is still plenty to explore in the heavens. Take your seats for a guided tour! We will also have a look at the work of some notable astronomers of the past as well as keeping up to date with the latest astronomy and space stories. You may like to research places of astronomical interest in your area that people could visit over the summer.

A Psychology Course for Midsummer: Love, Secrets & Dreams...and more View details

Love, Secrets and Dreams is a short psychology course for exploring these three intriguing aspects of our mental lives, but also for discovering more about ourselves in everyday life too. Each will be considered separately as they are interesting in their own right, but also how they link together to affect our emotions, how we think and behave and our sense of identity as individuals and social beings. Love - from early years affects our relationships, sense of self, security, trust and self-esteem and socially what is done in its name; Secrets - are vital to how we positively manage who we are and our past selves, but can be sources of guilt or anxiety and Dreams are symbolic, subconscious activities that maintain our well-being as we sleep, and as day-time fantasies for imagination, creative thinking and our future selves. Join us for a course of lively discussion that offers insights into human psychology and questions about yourselves not answered by poets or novelists!

Wildlife Gardening View details

British wildlife is under considerable threat but you can help conserve nature in your local area. It does not matter if you have a tiny garden in the city or large country estate in the country you can help wildlife and improve the environment. The course will investigate simple ways to attract and protect wildlife to your garden or local green space. This can be as simple to not mowing your lawn for a few weeks or creating a beetle bucket or bee hotel. The course will also inspire you to get involved projects in your garden or with local community projects. It will also include suggestions on how to carry out a local wildlife survey.

Introduction to Permaculture Design View details

A Summertime Tool Kit - Introductory Course in Permaculture Design . An opportunity to explore nature, this course introduces guiding principles of permaculture and gives you some design tools to use when creating your own project. Permaculture is a design framework, based upon principles found in nature. It is used for designing successful organic food production in gardens and land based projects and is also used by communities, organisations and groups for designing for social change and healthy human environments With a mix of fun theory , fire side discussions , journaling and practical land based sessions, we will explore the three main aspects of permaculture - ethical systems, natural cycles, and techniques for designing . We are fortunate that the course will be hosted at a beautiful organic food garden and wild area. The Growing Links Community Garden regularly hosts community education courses and provides equipment and facilities for course participants.

Rewilding: A New Tool to Address Ecological Crisis? View details

In recent times, 'rewilding' has grabbed the headlines becoming something of a buzzword - and for good reason too: it has in fact been touted as a new way to restore natural processes, to help us connect with nature in a 'better' way, and, in so doing, to mitigate the ecological crisis. Yet, despite its increasingly widespread use at both the conceptual and practical levels, the definition of rewilding is still debated as is what its role might actually be in addressing the ecological crisis. The course aims at clarifying these important issues by providing an introductory overview of the concepts of 'rewilding', of the 'ecological crisis' as well as of other inter-related notions such as for example the ‘Anthropocene’ (and other similar ‘-cenes’ that are gaining currency, such as the ‘capitalocene’) and ‘nature’ (in the mainstream Western thought). The course will pursue its aims by creating a welcoming environment that encourages participation and stimulates critical thinking.