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Politics, geography, geology, psychology and sociology are all part of our offer alongside science, nature and ecology. Come along and find out more about a subject that may be new to you and take the opportunity to see how you can apply your learning in your local community. Many of our natural and social science courses offer opportunities to get involved in practical activities too.

A World Beyond Brexit View details

Whilst Britain is totally obsessed by Brexit, the rest of the world has not stopped still. This course looks at some of the most important issues facing the world, from climate change to rising tensions between China and America and problems in parts of Africa, Middle East and the Americas. And if Brexit is still a burning issue this autumn, maybe even that as well. Plenty of time for discussion.

Adventures in Autumn Astronomy View details

An introduction to Astronomy, this course will cover the basics of: what is visible in the Autumn night sky with the naked eye: the constellations, the moon and the planets, with a little more in-depth study

An Introduction to Counselling and Mentoring Skills View details

This course will enable participants to understand the roles of a counsellor and mentor. They will also learn the key skills required in both roles. The course will also look at case studies and how to approach the mentoring partnership as well as setting ground rules for the relationship. Attendees will also be able to appreciate the value of and set SMART objectives.

Astronomy View details

This course provides an introduction to all aspects of astronomy so that learners can understand recent developments in the field and also start observing the night sky, either with the naked eye or with a telescope. We will also consider how stars evolve and eventually die and study various cosmological 'hot' topics such as Gravitational waves and Dark Matter

Astronomy: The Sky at Night View details

This practical introduction to stargazing explores the movements of the stars and planets in the night sky. It will cover the familiar constellations, the Zodiac, the Milky Way and the concept of magnitude which governs what we can see with the naked eye. The use of binoculars and of a small telescope will also feature and an observational evening is planned during the course.

Astronomy: The Modern Universe View details

We will look at the evolution of stars and the theories of the history and possible future of the universe. We will also examine the information coming back from space probes studying the planets.

Beyond Ideologies View details

This course looks at some of the key ideas and beliefs that have influenced politics in the UK and asks what ideas will shape the future. It also aims to help us understand the difficulties that the main UK political parties have in relation to Brexit. We will ask if it’s possible to get beyond the conflicting stories and strongly held beliefs to find a world we can inhabit together without mutual annihilation? This course involves 6 face to face sessions focusing on the key ideas and values associated with Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Fascism, Environmentalism and others. Each session will include a presentation of these key ideas and a lively discussion of them. These will be supported by extensive background materials using Canvas (the WEA online classroom) and include the opportunity to continue our discussions between sessions.

Birdwatching with Sheila Nash View details

This course will help you develop your identification skills of different kinds of birds and develop your birdwatching knowledge

Birdwatching: Understanding birds in the local environment View details

A course of practical birdwatching trips in different locations. Learn to identify a range of species across key habitats, understanding how birds are adapted to the demands of their environment.

Burning Issues View details

Our friendly discussion group seeks greater understanding of the seemingly increasingly volatile politics of today, in the UK, the EU and internationally. We examine: 1. ongoing issues (eg, Middle East, Islamism/Jihadism, public finance (taxing and spending); 2. diary events (eg, the budget/spending reviews, sundry Brexit deadlines, etc; 3. unpredictable bombshells. We seek to pose the right questions, then responding as fully and clearly as we can, no holds barred - all in good humour. We welcome new members to join us and add new insights.