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Politics, geography, geology, psychology and sociology are all part of our offer alongside science, nature and ecology. Come along and find out more about a subject that may be new to you and take the opportunity to see how you can apply your learning in your local community. Many of our natural and social science courses offer opportunities to get involved in practical activities too.

A Miscellany of Mathematics (and Mathematicians!) View details

Mathematics often gets a bad press: folk are happy - proud even - to admit that they are useless at it and almost despise it. And often, if one asks further about why this might be so, it derives from poor teaching in their early school years and so a lack of confidence in their own mathematical ability. Or maybe Maths is mistakenly equated to arithmetic and mental gymnastics. Well this course isn't about any of that stuff. In the tutor's opinion mathematics is like a glorious English landscape, full of lovely little villages and byways - 'topics less travelled' - or surprising edifices that make one gasp with their beauty or unexpectedness. Mathematicians too generally get a bad press, when in truth 'All human life is here' - gamblers and gluttons, drunkards and duellists - you name it and there'll have been a mathematician who has 'already been there, got the T-shirt!' Why not come along for the ride and get a new view of mathematicians and their creations.

Adventures in Astronomy View details

An introduction to Astronomy, this course will cover the basics of: what is visible in the night sky with the naked eye: the constellations, the moon and the planets

Aspects of Space Flight View details

This course will take the student on a journey to understand how spaceflight became important from the 1950's onwards. It will cover the early steps into space followed by the Race to the Moon between the USA and USSR. We then look at the robotic exploration of the solar system over two sessions. The space shuttle era and a brief section on Space Stations will be covered before looking at some of the benefits our ventures into space has brought to us down here on the Earth.

Astronomy View details

This course provides an introduction to all aspects of astronomy so that learners can understand recent developments in the field and also start observing the night sky, either with the naked eye or with a telescope. We will also consider how stars evolve and eventually die and study various cosmological 'hot' topics such as Gravitational waves and Dark Matter

Astronomy - The Modern Universe View details

We will look at the evolution of stars and the theories of the history and possible future of the universe. We will also examine the information coming back from space probes studying the planets.

Astronomy Taster View details

Very little in life can compare to the thrill of going outside on a dark night, away from all of the light pollution and the distractions of daily life, and just looking up at the stars. What’s out there? What does it all mean? Where did I come from? Are we all alone in the night? Astronomy is probably the oldest science, and humans have been staring into the night sky in search of answers for countless millennia. We have a few answers and a few theories but there are still vast holes in our knowledge. Astronomy is one of the few sciences where amateurs can (and do!) make important contributions - the sort of everyday jobs that professional astronomers don’t have time for. There’s also a real possibility that you’ll see something new and unique, something that nobody else has seen before. In this taster session, we'll give you enough to start exploring our tiny backwater of the observable Universe, and then tease you further with information about the main course.

Behaving Abnormally View details

What is abnormal behaviour? Cultural differences in diagnosis and treatment. Some of the causes of some disorders like Depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders etc and some of the therapies used to treat them.

Bird Watching Through the Seasons View details

Field visits involving fairly easy walks to learn about birds and their habitats. Meeting at different venues, at 10am on a Tuesday of each month, from January through to April, you will witness how the birds change through the seasons. Please bring appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear plus your binoculars to all sessions. We begin on 29th January in the Visitor Centre at Old Moor Wetland Centre (Post code S73 0YF), where you will be briefed on how to find the other venues, before we go outdoors to explore the reserve until 3pm, with lunch in the Visitor Centre. Subsequent meetings will be as follows; 26th February, 10am – 3pm at Middleton Lakes Nature Reserve, 26th March, 10am – 3pm at Rutland Water, 2nd April, 10am – 3pm at North Cave Wetlands.

Birding in our local patch View details

At our first meeting on 31st January, 10am – 1pm at Poolsbrook Country Park (postcode S43 3LH) we will start indoors at the Visitor Centre, where you will be briefed on how to get to the other fieldwork venues, before we go outside to explore the park until 1pm. So, please bring appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear as well as your binoculars. All subsequent meetings will be outdoors on Thursday mornings, meeting at field venues for a 10am start as follows; 28th February; Rother Valley Country Park, 28th March; Linacre Reservoirs. All the field visits involve easy walks of about 3 miles or so and both beginners and experienced birdwatchers are equally welcome. These courses always have a nice social atmosphere and I hope that you will enjoy meeting other course members as well as appreciating the birds.

Birdwatching: Understanding birds in the local environment View details

A course of practical birdwatching trips in different locations. Learn to identify a range of species across key habitats, understanding how birds are adapted to the demands of their environment.