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Our creative writing courses include: writing novels, poetry and screen and radio plays.

Creative writing View details

Our Creative Writing Class provides the skills and tools needed for you to craft your own stories effectively. Your writing technique will be nurtured and guided in a warm and friendly environment that welcomes learners of all levels.

Creative Writing Workshop View details

A fun but challenging time exploring the joys of Creative Writing in the form of Short stories, Poems, Scripts and other forms with the aim of improving your creative writing skills

Evening Talk 'Making new worlds? View details

'Making new worlds? Conflict, comradeship, empowerment and the arts'. Taking its lead from Paul Nash's iconic painting and coinciding with this important centenary year, Joanna's lecture aims to shed light on the 'new worlds' opening for women as artists, in the workplace and as participants in the democratic process.

Taster - Writing for Pleasure View details

Inspirational writing prompts and short exercises for those new to writing creatively, or for more experienced writers looking for a fresh direction. This is intended to be a fun, but productive session, where ink will flow and stories will emerge.

Taster:- Story in a Card - Write a Story & Make a card for someone special View details

Make a unique Christmas card. We will be exploring ideas about the festive season, and writing very short stories, then putting them in a simple and effective, hand-made card.

Writing dialogue: It takes Two View details

This workshop will give students the opportunity to discover different kinds of dialogue and monologue so that they can use it in a variety of forms and genres of their own.

Writing Poetry: Sound & Shape View details

This course will offer students the opportunity to think of poetry, as not only words which take shape on the page through the way they write, but also poetry as sound in the air through the way they read and perform their poems.