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Our creative writing courses include: writing novels, poetry and screen and radio plays.

Poetry Club with Norwich WEA View details

An opportunity for anyone who enjoys poetry to share their favourite works in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Come along and read out a poem which you like, tell us why it is of significance to you and anything you know about the author so the others in the group can give their reactions and comments. We prefer those attending these sessions to contribute poetry written by other people rather than their own work, as this is not intended as a creative writing session for budding poets.

Creative Writers' Workshop View details

This is a workshop and will provide an opportunity for students to work on their own writing projects and have their work analysed and commented on by other students and the tutor. It would suit people with some writing experience.

Creative Writing: finding, forming and finishing Stories View details

Using the WEA's online learning platform Canvas and live-time online teaching sessions via Zoom, students will explore a range of creative writing exercises and activities. In a virtual setting, we will look at finding, forming and finishing stories - whether these are true-to-life, hopes, dreams or pure fictions. You will be encouraged to let your imaginations loose as we explore topics such as inspiration, POV, dialogue, narrative styles, editing and critiquing. Working to individual levels and interests, we will look at creating characters, developing plot and using different settings and styles to tell your stories.There will be a mix between creative writing exercises encouraging you to develop your own writing style, and workshops, where you will be supported to share and constructively critique writing produced by others. Everyone will be encouraged to share their writing but nobody will be expected to do so until they are ready. A relaxed, informal course for enjoyment.

Writing Poetry for All View details

In this course, we will be looking to put the best words in the best order. We will be looking to express ourselves in a poetic form and take joy and satisfaction in that process. And that satisfaction we gain? We will be looking to share that with others.

Advanced Creative Writing View details

Having had some experience of writing, however minimal, this course aims to enhance the skills you've learned, putting into practice expressive and technical skills in creative writing within a supportive environment. You'll be taught by a very experienced tutor and published writer who is also a lecturer in Creative Writing at UEA. Our online sessions include writing exercises, the sharing of work with critical feedback and discussion of both published and student texts. Writing-at-home tasks are also offered to develop skills further. We'll look at ways to enhance elements employed such as 'show don't tell', different points of view/voice, character development, form and structure in both prose and poetry...You will feel more confident in both writing and editing by the end of the course! You do NOT have to be an experienced writer but you are encouraged to be willing to try new things, to read others' work and to participate in our supportive online sessions.

Writing Short Stories View details

This course is about looking at how short stories work. What are the successful features of short stories and how can we introduce them into our own creative writing of stories.

Creative Writing -Online with Liz Cashdan View details

This course is fully online accessing the course through Canvas our virtual learning environment and zoom a video conferencing software. You will need, reliable internet connection and internet-linked device with camera and microphone. We will email you links to canvas, please accept these to access the course, the sender will show as “instructure”. This is a Creative Writing Course for beginners and practised writers. Students will try out both prose and poetry but will then be able to concentrate on the genre they prefer. The tutor will offer stimuli and prompts each week for writers to treat in their own way. We will listen to what each student has written and comment constructively on their work while taking on board suggestions on how to redraft our own writing.

Enjoy Creative Writing View details

Enjoy writing stories and poetry on this friendly and supportive creative writing course. Each week we will look at a different aspect of creative writing with exercises that will inspire you to write and develop your skills. This course will be taught online (using Zoom and Canvas) and is suitable for beginners and those with previous writing experience.

Creative Writing View details

Taught by a published writer, this creative writing workshop course considers how best to make the most of your writing - via exercises in poetry and prose and discussion. So come along, share your work with like minded writers, and get ready to hone and improve your writing skills. All are welcome, and new writers will learn from both the tutor and more practised writers.

Creative Writing View details

A relaxed exploration of creative writing, including writing practice. We will mostly learn techniques of fiction writing, but may also have a look at other types of writing. We will also look at work by published authors, examining techniques they have used in their writing, and using this to inspire new writing. The class will be about encouragement and sharing, and you will be invited to bring along your own work for feedback.