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Our creative writing courses include: writing novels, poetry and screen and radio plays.

Branch Event: American Poetry - Audaciousness Park View details

Complete Your Novel View details

Bring in your manuscripts whether finished or half written. This practical course is aimed at supporting you to develop a finished novel for presentation to agents and publishers.

Creative Writing View details

Let your imagination run free! Practise writing with inspiration from given stimulus in safe and comfortable surroundings. No experience necessary though all experience welcome.

Creative Writing View details

Want to write? Get inspired and develop your skills on this friendly and supportive creative writing course. Suitable for beginners and those with previous writing experience.

Creative Writing Taster View details

Have you ever wondered what it's like to go to a creative writing workshop? Would you like to write, or do you have a short story or a poem tucked away somewhere? This taster session will show you something about joining a writing group. You'll meet other people and try out some writing exercises. Spelling isn't important, and nor is punctuation. And if you want to do more, there's a course in Rothley beginning in October, and others too.

Creative Writing Workshop View details

This day school aims to provide new learners and returners with an example of workshop material available in the Autumn course. To those new to creative writing it aims to create a day where they can try exercises and decide if creative writing is for them. Taught by a published poet and short fiction writer, who also writes creative writing guides, it provides a day's writing exercises and discussion for new and established writers to have fun with.

Demistifying the Publishing World View details

In this beginners Publishing Workshop delivered by Daisa & Co, (a Self-Publishing House based in Barton upon Humber) we will explore how a book is born, from idea to bookstore, from writer to publisher and every step in between. As we explore the process we will cover, editing, layout, book cover design, marketing and distribution. Publishing Workshop participants will also get the chance to start writing or develop their own short stories and submit them for publication on the Daisa & Co blog.

Free Taster - Creative Writing for Self-Discovery View details

Have a go at creative writing for self-discovery. Learn to access your memories and personal life stories in a playful and creative way, with the help of prompts and expressive writing techniques.

Intensive Creative Writing Workshop View details

Taught by a published fiction writer and poet, this course is aimed at getting students to develop their creative writing skills in both poetry and prose. It is taught by exercise, reading work aloud, and group discussion. The tutor has also written creative writing texts. So come, have a go, and expand your creative writing ideas!

Intensive Creative Writing Workshop 02 View details

This course is aimed at new and more practised writers. The tutor is a published writer herself in poetry, prose, and creative writing texts. Come and have a go at expanding your writing skills via exercises in poetry and prose. Meet like minded writers and get tutor and writer feedback, all welcome.

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