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Our creative writing courses include: writing novels, poetry and screen and radio plays.

Abbeydale Writers View details

Content will be flexible covering Form, Expression, Characterisation, Plot, etc. depending on the needs of each individual learner. Learners will share their work with the group, and the tutor will provide examples of published writing to support the work being done, where necessary.

All Sorts of Creative Writing View details

Taught by a published poet and fiction writer, this course enables new and more seasoned writers to have a go at new skills, and techniques. It also allows them to consider how best to polish and craft work. Looking at how to send work off will be available for those wishing to do so.

Autobiographical Creative Writing View details

We all have a story to tell and this course will support you to tell it. You will be shown how to plan, dra.ft and edit your own autobiography

Autobiographical Creative Writing View details

We all have a story to tell and this course will support you to tell it. You will be shown how to plan, dra.ft and edit your own autobiography

Being Creative with Words View details

This improvers’ course will give you opportunities to explore and practice different types of poetry and writing. You will learn how to evaluate your own and others work in order to improve and gain confidence. The words and illustrations created will be incorporated into 3 handmade books following 3 different themes.

Contemporary Poetry View details

This course will explore the contemporary 'voice' in poetry. Through reading and discussing a wide range of international poetry, we will consider the construction of poems, formal and informal techniques, lineation and stanza structure. We will also look at what makes a poem work, considering originality and risk taking.

Creative Story Writing: drafting, feedback & re-drafting skills. View details

The course aims to enable you to produce new work as well as develop re-drafting techniques. This is a supportive and constructive group, for students who wish to share ideas and produce polished pieces of writing. There will be practice in critical reading skills, and a timetable of peer-feedback opportunities, so that we can identify and build on writing strengths. There will also be regular advice on publishing and competition opportunities.

Creative Storytelling View details

This course will involve students attending in the creation of stories using the 'Timeslips' technique of creative storytelling and will be led by a Timeslips certified facilitator. Using this technique as a basis they will experiment with different ideas based around it and get involved in using this joyful method of inclusive interaction to create imagination filled stories which they can own as the authors and from which endless creative opportunities can arise. This course will also prepare students to interact with other groups within the community sharing storytelling moments with them and spreading the joy and fun that it can bring to all involved. This is a wonderful way to interact with others and to open up opportunities to build relationships within the community

Creative Writers View details

It is ideally suited to previous learners on creative writing courses or anyone who writes and feels comfortable to share the work they produce within the group. It will involve independent study as well as group work. The aim is to create, collaborate , evaluate and support each other in an exciting and inventive atmosphere. We will experiment with narratives, plots, scripts, characters and dialogue.

Creative Writers' Workshop View details

This course is suitable for students with all levels of ability, and is concerned with learning how to write short stories, considering elements of plot, structure, character, conflict, pace, tone, dialogue. Students will also be introduced to poetry. The class is tailored to meet each individual students needs so they maintain interest and realise their full potential.