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Language courses: we teach a range of classical and modern foreign languages in many of our regions – designed to suit your needs. Writing courses: our creative writing classes are for everyone. Our brilliant tutors will support and encourage you, and you will learn from the rest of your group as well as developing your ideas, writing skills and knowledge and understanding about steps towards becoming a published author. Whether you have a story to tell already or have always loved words or poetry, our writing classes will be crafted around your interests.

Abbeydale Writers View details

Content will be flexible covering Form, Expression, Characterisation, Plot, etc. depending on the needs of each individual learner. Learners will share their work with the group, and the tutor will provide examples of published writing to support the work being done, where necessary.

Advanced German View details

Expand your knowledge of the German language and the Country, learn about culture, literature, holidays, events (past and present), geography, enjoy Conversation and discussions. It is a very friendly group, we laugh and learn and celebrate!

Advanced Latin for Pleasure View details

Come and translate Latin in a friendly, supportive and stimulating group. We shall tackle two core texts (one verse and one prose) alongside shorter extracts of other relevant texts. All students will have plenty of opportunities to translate, discuss and benefit from the wide range of insights provided by all the members of the class. Wherever possible we will consider the impact of Latin literature on modern European society and culture and its links to modern debates. Discussions are also intended to enable students to gain more from their own visits to museums and classical sites. Students will be invited to prepare some translation at home as well as translating unseen in class but the atmosphere is always relaxed and students can set their own pace for independent work. This course is for anyone who is reasonably confident with Latin and who wishes to gain first-hand experience of some of Europe's finest literature and its continued fascination for people today.

Advanced Spanish View details

The course is aimed at learners who have completed a beginners' course in Spanish or who have substantial experience of speaking the language. We will develop structures and vocabulary learned in previous courses through more detailed study of a variety of themes. Learners will have an opportunity to develop and consolidate conversational skills in topics such as traditions, media, publicity, art, literature and current affairs.

Advanced Spanish View details

This course takes place in a very relaxed atmosphere and with total support from the tutor and from others learners too. The course will help provide learners with high degree of Spanish grammar and learners will be encourage to work on their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills throughout.

All Sorts of Creative Writing View details

Taught by a published poet and fiction writer, this course enables new and more seasoned writers to have a go at new skills, and techniques. It also allows them to consider how best to polish and craft work. Looking at how to send work off will be available for those wishing to do so.

Arabic for Beginners View details

A lively interactive course designed to introduce non-native speakers to Modern Standard Arabic

Arabic for beginners View details

This course is suitable for those who have little or previous Arabic skills and knowledge. You will build up a strong foundation of the language structure and understanding of the Arabic culture. You will learn the Arabic alphabet and how to initiate simple social interaction and exchange information. Which will include being able to ask for directions understand information given to them from a native Arabic speaker recognise road signs ,learn Arabic numbers time and daily routine .

Arabic for Intermediate View details

An Arabic language course aimed at non-native speakers who are able to read the Arabic Script and have some basic knowledge of grammar

Arabic Language for Beginners 2 View details

The course is suitable for those who have little or no previous Arabic skills or knowledge It will help you to build up a strong foundation of the language structure and understanding of the Arabic culture