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Language courses: we teach a range of classical and modern foreign languages in many of our regions – designed to suit your needs. Writing courses: our creative writing classes are for everyone. Our brilliant tutors will support and encourage you, and you will learn from the rest of your group as well as developing your ideas, writing skills and knowledge and understanding about steps towards becoming a published author. Whether you have a story to tell already or have always loved words or poetry, our writing classes will be crafted around your interests.

Creative Writing - Enhance Your Skills 2 View details

Do you write and wish to improve your creative writing skills and techniques, in the company of like minded writers? Then come along to this three week online workshop course and have a go at testing your creative writing abilities. Taught by a published poet and fiction writer, the course looks at how to expand and enhance a writing repertoire of ideas and abilities.

Advanced French View details

The course aims to develop speaking skills through a variety of pair and group activities and give you the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge of grammar and at the same time to learn about more advanced tenses in the past and the future.

Writing for a Festive Season with Deborah Tyler-Bennett View details

This course, taught by a published writer, is meant to be a fun look at how you can use festive or seasonal themes or images to create writing. How can you avoid festive cliches, or make these seem your own? Taught by using imagery, paper ephemera, and examples, the course involves discussion, writing and sharing work. If you did the course last year, the images used are different and fresh.

Twas the Night Before Christmas: Writing Seasonal Stories with Shaun Kennedy View details

Christmas is a wonderful time of year which many of us hold very dear. Of course it has also long been a great inspiration for storytelling. Charles Dickens penned many tales relating to the iconography and message of the season, and many households gather annually to watch festive favourites such as ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. No matter one’s religious or personal beliefs, any individual that admires the season may find the creative juices flowing throughout this course. Through lecture, discussion, excerpts, and exercises we will aim to understand the various components and perspectives to the season and how that can be used in various ways to tell impactful stories relating to ‘Christmas’. Festive dress-up is welcome!

Feel Write: Christmas with Shaun Kennedy View details

Imagination is a powerful tool for mental wellbeing. Not only are creativity and curiosity effective motivators but sculpting original ideas can reward us with a sense of control. Christmas too can bring feelings of warmth, wonderment, love, and gratitude to us all. In this one-session course, students will be given pre-session prompts relating to indoor & outdoor observations and item acquirement. You will then be encouraged to use these resources to practise descriptive writing and storytelling techniques, reflecting on the emotional and psychological states Christmas can bring. Further prompts will be provided throughout the session which includes lecture, exercises, discussion, and a chance for students to share their stories.