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Language courses: we teach a range of classical and modern foreign languages in many of our regions – designed to suit your needs. Writing courses: our creative writing classes are for everyone. Our brilliant tutors will support and encourage you, and you will learn from the rest of your group as well as developing your ideas, writing skills and knowledge and understanding about steps towards becoming a published author. Whether you have a story to tell already or have always loved words or poetry, our writing classes will be crafted around your interests.

Advanced French View details

this French course taught by a native speaker will encourage students to join in group discussions & role plays regarding French, political, economical, environmental & social life. We will also revise grammatical points as & when require.

Advanced German View details

This course will cover: Cultural events. Holidays. History. Geography. Literature.

Adventures in poetry View details

This course, aimed at the experienced or improving student, encourages the continued development of their poetry. As well as writing poems they can enjoy, the course aims to build the students' confidence for sharing work with a wider audience. Students will work with and use a variety of imaginative creative exercises and prompts, to help challenge and expand their practice. They will study published poetry, and practise reading & critiquing their own work. Weekly homework is a core feature of the course. While each term will be self-contained, the course will enable continued development in the next term.

Beginners French View details

This French course will cover all kind of up to date subjects regarding French, cultural, political, environmental subjects. We will revise grammatical points as / when necessary & will discuss up to date articles & news on a weekly basis.

Beginners German View details

This course is for beginners and people interested in the German language. You will be able to communicate in simple German. You will be able to talk about your family, work, and leisure activities Ask for directions, order food and drinks, go shopping

Beginners Italian - Year 2 View details

This is an ongoing course. It is aimed at people who have already studied Italian for at least one year and have a basic knowledge of the Italian language, but keen to develop it further. The course will focus on oral, listening and speaking skills, but also reading and writing, so that the student will be able to communicate effectively. Being focused on communicative skills, an active participation during the classes will be encouraged. Each term will cover a different topic designed to broaden the learner's understanding of Italian society, culture and lifestyle.

Continuing Latin View details

Continuing from Latin for Beginners, this course will follow Book III of the Cambridge Latin Course. It will consolidate the language points covered in Books I and II as well as introducing new grammar points and vocabulary. Study of the Latin language will be undertaken within a broader context of the Roman cultural heritage. Work undertaken will combine language study with discussion of the historical context of some of the stories in the textbook. There will be opportunity too to look at extracts from Latin literature and history. Students will also be encouraged to share their own interests in Latin and in the Roman world and to extend their knowledge using other books and internet resources.

Conversational Spanish for Beginners View details

Focusing on Spanish starter words, how to introduce yourselves, ask for things in Spanish, order food and drinks. Your confidence in speaking will increase after the first session, as soon as you get to grasps with how to pronounce the words. It's a fun course, no one will be given homework, however, there may be preparation for the following session. A Spanish dictionary will be handy if you have one.

Creative Writing View details

This is a constructive and friendly creative writing course for both beginners and more experienced writers. In each session the tutor will give prompts and set tasks to encourage weekly writing. Feedback will be given both orally in the session and in writing on work handed in. Where appropriate, students will be encouraged to prepare work for publication, using editing and re-drafting skills, and to enter work for competitions if they so wish.

Creative Writing View details

Put pen to paper and write. These are practical sessions designed to get you writing, and thinking about your writing. There will be writing exercises in the sessions, optional homework tasks and the opportunity to share your writing with the group. Draw inspiration, practice key techniques and discuss theories. The emphasis is on enjoyment, and finding your own style in a friendly and positive group environment. The focus will be on prose forms, particularly short story and flash fiction, but experiments with style are encouraged. Suitable for beginners and improvers. Sessions will include advice on publishing opportunities and competitions.