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Language courses: we teach a range of classical and modern foreign languages in many of our regions – designed to suit your needs. Writing courses: our creative writing classes are for everyone. Our brilliant tutors will support and encourage you, and you will learn from the rest of your group as well as developing your ideas, writing skills and knowledge and understanding about steps towards becoming a published author. Whether you have a story to tell already or have always loved words or poetry, our writing classes will be crafted around your interests.

Italian Language Taster View details

The language in this basic 3-day taster will include introducing yourself and family, ordering drinks, and a variety of other simple language for use when you travel to Italy. It will also serve as a introduction to those considering studying the language in the Autumn term. But perhaps the most important part of this course is to introduce you to how to have fun learning a language!

Mini Memoirs View details

Always wanted to write your life story? This online session will introduce you to writing about your memories and experiences in an informal and supportive atmosphere. Suitable for beginners as well as those with previous creative writing experience.

How to Write a Sonnet View details

The sonnet's name comes from the Italian for 'little song.' A sonnet is a fourteen line verse, in two forms (English and Italian). Do you write sonnets? Have you had a go at a sonnet on a creative writing course, or would you like to have a go at one? This two week course comprises a sonnet workshop, making a draft for homework, and a reading and discussion second session. Taught by a poet who's published many sonnets, the course looks at the history and advantages of the form.

French intermediate taster – listening and conversation skills View details

A one-off taster course based on a 7-week course that has been running over this academic year. This course will encourage students to improve their listening skills and to join in conversations/group discussions on a variety of topics. We will also include some numbers practise. There may be some pronunciation and grammar guidance where necessary, although the main purpose will be to learn to enjoy your learning while strengthening the basic skills of listening and speaking. A small amount of translation may be included along the way. The most important factors in wanting to join this course should be a desire to work on skills to improve your listening, and to participate in conversation. A high level of conversational skills is certainly not required, simply a willingness to participate.

Summer Snapshot: Writing Seasonal Stories with Shaun Kennedy View details

During a holiday to Greece, children hunt for artefacts whilst following a certain rumour. From under a hunk of coral, a cuttlefish darts out and flashes a multitude of colours. It hovers there for a moment as if to warn them. Just a foot away there lies a rusted shell; an unexploded WWII bomb. Summer is indeed a great season for stories. In an idyllic situation, the bright skies and soothing sunshine invite exploration and experimentation. Many of us have innumerable tales to tell from holidays abroad and childhood tomfoolery. On the other hand, the traditional traits of summer can be applied to pure fiction. One might imagine an alien planet consisting mainly of wild coastlines contrasting with deceptively serene oceans. This is the kind of thinking that will take place throughout this two-part course that will utilise lecture, discussion, excerpts, and various prompt-guided exercises to get us writing some summer-related short scenes!

Taster - Eco Poetry- with Safiya Kinshasa View details

Eco-poetry is becoming more and more popular in England due to growing discussions around climate change. This introductory workshop will be an introduction to eco-poetry through reading poets from a variety of cultures and environments. There will also be writing exercises, to help you on your own poetic journey.

Creative Writing-Taster View details

This two-hour taster session is ideal for anyone interested in taking an online creative writing course with the WEA. You will be able to find out more about the subject and try some simple exercises designed to get you writing and develop your skills. The session will be relaxed and supportive and is suitable for beginners and those with previous writing experience. If this taster interests you, the following autumn courses are also open for bookings: Creative Writing C2527158 Enjoy Creative Writing C2527157

Introduction to Creative Writing with Shaun Kennedy View details

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran of a craft, sometimes it helps to revise the basics. The course will help us define ‘creative writing’ before looking at literary devices such as wordplay and figurative language to boost the poetic quality of our prose. In considering how our language can manipulate the reader both mentally and emotionally, we will go on to observe and practise the arts of descriptive writing and writing action. Finally we will discuss the key facets of storytelling via narrative, character, and setting. This course crams a lot in a short space of time so that we may skim across the surface of the creativity river, get inspired, and soar into new aspirational skies!

Flash in the Pan: Stories Under 1000 Words with Shaun Kennedy View details

Many times have I heard from students that writing novel-length stories comes naturally but the hefty workload behind it often prevents them from producing work on a regular basis. 'I'd love to create short pieces to send off to magazines or simply for that sense of achievement but short-form seems to alien to me'. Trust me, I understand the difficulty but I'm here to break down the creative process step-by-step and introduce the basics of writing 'Flash Fiction'; that is, stories under 1000 words. We will define what it is, briefly explore its origins, consider the current state of its surrounding industry and subculture, observe a variety of examples, revise the ways in which we might be more concise in our storytelling, and produce our own original flashfic with practice and sharing said works. This short course will feature lecture, discussion, examples, and exercises to educate ourselves on the art of rapid-fire storytelling that leaves readers happy yet hungry for more!

Eco Poetry- with Safiya Kinshasa View details

Eco poetry has grown in popularity in the UK so this course has been designed to inspire and challenge approaches to write about the environment. The course will involve a variety of writing exercises, and poems from across the world.