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Discover archology through our diverse and exciting archaeology courses from local towns to South America, the Middle East and Ancient Rome and Greece. You will explore a range of literary sources, archaeology and remaining structures and artefacts and consider everyday of the period in question as well as wider economic and social contexts.

A Beginner's Guide to Archaeology View details

Seen archaeological excavations in the news? Want to know more about how archaeology works? This course is for you. We will look at how archaeologists know where to dig, what methods they use, how they know how old something is, and more. Everyone welcome; no previous knowledge assumed.

Archaeology - Castles and Monasteries View details

When we think about medieval life we usually imagine Castles and Monasteries. So how do archaeologists think about these iconic buildings? This is an opportunity to join an enthusiastic and welcoming learning group who are keen to learn more. We will look at the way that the great buildings we see today grew from much more humble beginnings. We will look at the way that space is used making some parts of the buildings accessible and other parts very restricted. We will look at the ways that Castles grew as the Lords of the land learned from their experiences on campaigns abroad and at home, where Castles really about defence or domination? We will look at the way that monasteries changed from small inward-looking places for contemplation to open airy places for worshipping God and writing documents. Both Castles and Monasteries were also centres for businesses, homes to lords of many manors. Lastly, this is a chance to get together and enjoy your learning experience.

Archaeology: "Travelling through the Past" View details

This course will look at the physical remains of transport in North West England from Roman roads to 20th century airports. It will use some if the latest archaeological research in the region on the subject from late medieval railways in Cumbria mines to the qorld's first cinduatrial.canal and intercity railway. Topics covered will include: Roman roads and harbours; medieval ports and harbours; packhorse routes and saltways; turnpikes; river navigations; canals & ports; railways, tramways; and airports

Footsteps Through the Past:Roman & Industrial Manchester Tour View details

This course will provide a brief introduction to Manchester's Roman and Industrial Past, highlighting some of the surviving remains and how to identify them. Begining at the Roman Gardens on Liverpool Street we shall tour the Castlefield area in some depth looking for remains of the Roman fort, vicus and cemetery. Our attention then switches to the Bridgewater Canal and the remains of Brindley's Weir and the canal warehouses, including the Grocers' and Dukes'. We shall finish off with an exploration of the Liverpool Road station railway site and the archaeology of the world's first passenger intercity line, and a discussion on how these nationally important monuments have been preserved.

Introduction to Archaeology: A Hands-On Approach View details

Archaeology is all around us if you know what it looks like. Over five two hour sessions, the principles and practice of archaeology will be explored with ample opportunity to handle artefacts, as well as practical sessions on flint and pottery recognition. The Archaeology of Reading and its surrounding district will be examined and placed into its wider context.

The Archaeology of Life and Death in Ancient Egypt View details

The course aims to introduce learners to the archaeology of Ancient Egypt, looking both at their way of life and their treatment of death. We hope to include a visit to the recently refurbished Egyptian gallery at the New Walk Museum in Leicester. Everyone welcome; no previous knowledge assumed.