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Holistic therapy courses include: aromatherapy, reiki and homeopathy.

A Beginner's Guide to Homeopathy View details

This term we will be expanding on previous work but new beginners are also welcome. We will be looking at some very big homeopathic remedies that you will recognise in your family members. We will also be looking at the fascinating idea of Miasms, and how big chronic diseases of the past can leave their mark.

Advanced Aromatheraphy View details

During the course you will learn how essential oils work and the benefits by blending a variety of oils to help with common ailments and skin types. You will have the opportunity to create your own products to suit your own individuality.

Homeopathy View details

In the homeopathy workshop, learners bring their own questions regarding homeopathy, health & disease. sometimes this means we do casework, or new remedies, or we focus on a particular disease or very big philosophical questions. This we do in a supportive group environment.

Mindfulness & Meditation View details

This course is suitable for beginners and is aimed at persons experiencing mental health challenges. We will cover a range of mindfulness and meditation methods, relaxation and visualisation techniques and models from a range of international and cultural sources.

Nature Meditations for Healing and Awareness View details

To learn how to connect more deeply with the healing powers of nature through observation, meditation and myth. A quiet, safe space for the unfolding of your spiritual path. We are all on different paths but these paths can meet and we can learn a lot from each other. There are many ways into this course but if you have a love of nature and/ or an interest in mindfulness then this course is for you. The greatest teacher on this course will be nature her self and my primary role will be to help you access and communicate that healing space. iI is vital that we heal our relationship with nature if we are to halt our wanton destruction of our beautiful planet; healing self and planet in a virtuous circle. The garden is an enclosed space, managed wonderfully for wildlife and a private space to learn and meditate in.

Reiki for Self Development Part 1 View details

This course provide an introduction to the history, principles and practice of Traditional Japanese Reiki and how these may be applied for self development, building confidence and improving physical and mental health. This course covers the history and key definitions of Reiki, the Reiki Principles and the First Degree meditation and treatment techniques.

Reiki for Self Development Part 2 View details

This Course provides an introduction to the techniques and practices from the Second Degree of Reiki and how these may be applied for self development, building confidence and improving physical and mental health. The course covers the history and uses of the three Usui Reiki Symbols and introduces more advanced Reiki meditation techniques.

Reiki Meditation & Practice View details

This is a follow-on course from the Reiki For Self Development Courses. This course explores further techniques from Eastern and particularly Japanese Reiki teachings and approaches to self help and personal development. A further range of meditation models and practical self development techniques will be taught and experienced.

Self Help for Life - Managing Stress & Anxiety View details

This course is suitable for people who experience stress, anxiety, depression and other mild mental health difficulties, and who are looking for self-help solutions to help understand, manage and control stress, anxiety and depression. Various techniques will be explored and experienced in a friendly and supportive environment with like-minded people.

TASTER-Aromatherapy for Health and Wellbeing View details

This taster session will display a variety of essential oils and pre-blended oils and demonstrate how to use to help improve ones health and well-being. Free hand and arm massage and upper back, head neck and shoulders massage will be available on the day with an opportunity to ask questions and receive more information about all our courses.