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Our DIY and woodwork courses are hands-on. Become familiar with tools ands techniques. Our tutors will support you to develop your own pieces and projects.

Woodwork for Women View details

Do something different, learn new skills and change old attitudes, this course encourages students to choose a small project, design & construct it, while learning how to use tools and improve techniques in a helpful, friendly atmosphere with attention to Health & Safety at all times. Students will work together to check techniques for accuracy & results for squareness & a good fit, learning from each other while critically assessing their own work for improvements. There will be frequent 'problem solving' examples & techniques, which are intended to help students gain skills in planning a job from start to finish. Re-purposing is encouraged, reducing & re-using waste. Advice on suitable projects will be given & constraints on size, cost, skill levels required influence project choices. Students comment that learning in a co-operative working group, where differences are respected and equality matters, make this course a valuable 'social occasion.'