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Our personal development courses include: meditation, mindfulness and confidence boosting, as well as personal development related to employability skills.

Ageing Thoughtfully View details

We don’t talk much about ageing, except perhaps about wanting to avoid it! During this course we shall look at poems and short prose about ageing, and at some philosophy too. There will be opportunities to write and talk about our own experiences, and to hear about other people’s. Are we really any wiser as we get older? What’s positive about ageing? What about relationships with families and friends? How might considering ageing help to deal with? What does our culture encourage us to see ourselves? What do we assume about ageing? Lots of questions, but we'll be talking, writing and reading our way through the process.

BBO Money Sorted in D2N2:Universal Credit View details

This course will provide learners with an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge needed to apply for Universal Credit for the first time using the new online system. This course also aims to give learners the chance to develop or improve their IT skills. It is also suitable for IT Beginners.

Introduction to Skills for Communicating with Professionals View details

This course will help you improve your speaking and writing so that you can communicate with professional such as teachers, doctors or lawyers.

Lloyds Banking G - Question Time (Employability) View details

To enable students to become more confident and competent in relevant skills that demonstrate key aspects of communication necessary for employment or further learning.

Mindfulness View details

This is a three hour session providing an Introduction to Mindfullness and its benefits and how it may be used by individuals.