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Our gardening appreciation classes welcome everyone- no background knowledge is required. Explore gardens through time, from the royal and English country gardens to the gardeners that created them and their influence on gardens today.

A Brief History of English Gardens View details

This course will explore the design and plants as the garden in Britain developed from the Roman villa garden through to the modern garden of today. The course aims to cover the following periods: medieval, Tudor, Dutch, English Landscape, Victorian, Dig for Victory and the modern outdoor garden. Along the way the students will assess design, period plants and famous garden designers.

Day School: The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew View details

This course explores how two royal gardens became fused together to create one of the world's greatest botanic gardens. The history of both Richmond and Kew gardens will be assessed; and in particular, the nine acres of Princess Augusta`s physic garden which kicked started the botanic area within the royal garden. We`ll assess the importance of Joseph Banks working George III to create a world beating botanic exchange garden; and then the modern history from 1841 to the present day, to include the conservation and education going on at Kew at this time.

English Gardens View details

This course is a brief history of the English garden from the Roman villa garden through to the modern garden today. The course will cover different periods in gardening to include: medieval garden, Tudor garden, formal & Dutch gardens, The English Landscape Garden, Victorian garden and Dig for Victory garden. We`'ll assess design, plants and famous garden designers throughout the course.

Humphrey Repton and the Picturesque Controversy View details

This course will examine the next phase in the story of garden history in Britain, following the development of the landscape garden throughout the eighteenth century. Humphrey Repton was the self appointed successor to Capability Brown, but his ideas and designs differed quite considerably and much of his success was due to his brilliant marketing tool of the 'Red Book'. The cult of the Picturesque was an important philosophical, as well as artistic phenomenon in the 1790s, often expressed through poetry and essays, and it had a direct influence on garden design. Once again, history, literature, landscape art and garden design combine to paint the picture of this fascinating subject.

Royal Gardens View details

A look at five of England's fabulous royal gardens to see how they set the fashion that others followed and how they have shaped the development of the English garden. We'll be looking at Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Sandringham and Kew.

The History of Gardens View details

Gardening is one of the most popular actives in the Britain today, with many people spending much of their leisure time either visiting gardens or tending their own plots. The course will look at the development of the garden from the middle ages to twenty-first century gardens. Topics will include back ground information on plant hunters who travelled far and wide in search of plants, famous gardeners and nursery men, the development of the English landscape garden, the modern garden and garden wildlife.

Women Gardeners View details

At last - a course devoted to women gardeners! Men had the upper hand in the design and layout of the early gardens, but with the end of the English Landscape Movement flowers regained their place in the garden and colour schemes became important. This development brought about the rise of the women gardeners who took the country by storm in the 19th century.