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Fitness and exercise courses include: Yoga, Tai chi, community gym and walking. All abilities welcomed.

Chair Yoga View details

Seated chair yoga, for all ages and abilities to improve posture, tone and mental well being. Focusing on alignment to improve posture, stability and reduce areas of pain.

Hatha Yoga View details

We will do some warm-ups and learn some asanas which are yoga postures. We will also focus on using the breath exploring different breathing techniques and will end the class with a final relaxation.

Seated exercise for body and brain - Pathways View details

The course will ensure that students understand the benefits of seated exercise. It will provide students with the skills and knowledge to perform different exercises under instruction, and give them an appreciation of the impact these exercises have on the body. Resistance bands and weights are used to strengthen and tone muscles and students are asked to only do the exercises which they can safely manage. A range of exercises are also provided to help stimulate the brain and these include puzzles, games and quizzes. Students will work in pairs and groups during these activities and will share their learning. These exercises will help with memory recall, focus and concentration and testing logic skills. They are conducted in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Tai Chi/Yoga View details

This is an introductory course for people interested in finding out what Tai Chi and Qi Gong are, as well as for those wishing to learn and practice Tai Chi in a group setting. Classes will include low impact stretching exercises to improve muscle strength and flexibility in the joints, basic foundation Tai Chi walking and balancing exercises, and postures and movements of the Tai Chi 24 Form in Yang style.They will also practice basic yoga postures and breathing techniques to improve physical fitness and mental relaxation.

Yoga for Calm and relaxation View details

Join us to discover techniques and tips to use in your everyday life - move, meditate, relax, deal with stress and support a calmer mind. Focus on conscious breathing, postures and meditations that help to improve resilience, flexibility and nervous system. Reconnect with the qualities / functions of the mind / body and develop a restorative daily practice.