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Our health and lifestyle classes range from fitness and exercise to gardening, floristry, DIY, cooking and healthy living. We also run a series of personal development courses to help build your confidence and skills. At our classes you will meet new people, learn with them and improve your health and wellbeing. 96% of our students tell us that WEA classes improve their health and wellbeing, so come along, meet new people and get involved.

5 Steps to Discovering Myself View details

Have you ever wondered who you really are and what you want for your life? In this course you will look at how you have become who you are today and start to discover what you would like your future to become through a range of different activities.

A Healthier LGBTQ Me View details

A course to help you to explore different aspects of your health and wellbeing, and develop practices that will help to enhance your fitness, health and overall wellbeing.

A Healthy New Me - Pathways View details

A course to help you to rethink your lifestyle, identify areas to change & make a personal plan for a calmer life.

A Safer You View details

What is Safeguarding and how does it apply to us all? This course will cover areas from personal safety; home safety; social media; out and about; PREVENT and staying safe in groups.

Action Towards Inclusion - Managing Change in our Lives Selby View details

A positive and supportive course which will explore ways of managing change effectively in all aspects of our lives. The course is intended to be inspiring and also a lot of fun! Session 1 What is change? Which changes have you experienced in your life and how have these changes affected you? Understanding the Change Cycle The feelings we experience at each stage of the change cycle. Session 2 Being in our Comfort Zone Taking ourselves out of our comfort zone What needs to happen to make us feel more comfortable about change? Understanding that change can be good Using our skills and strengths to manage change effectively Session 3 Making changes for yourself – becoming more independent Understanding and prioritising which parts of our lives we want to change Knowing how and where to get some support if needed when making changes Session 4 Making an Action Plan for Change Next Steps

Action Towards Inclusion Growing in Confidence Harrogate 5 View details

The course creates a safe and supportive environment to explore all aspects of confidence. We will look at the many different ways confidence can affect us. We will also explore a range of practical ways in which you can improve your confidence levels.

Advanced Aromatheraphy View details

During the course you will learn how essential oils work and the benefits by blending a variety of oils to help with common ailments and skin types. You will have the opportunity to create your own products to suit your own individuality.

An introduction to Complementary Therapy View details

Explore a range of complementary therapies including Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian head massage and Stress management. You will also compare attitudes and outlooks and will explore life-style choices in relation to your wellbeing. Your choices will form tools for you to use to shape your life.

Anger and Irritability - Everyday Strategies View details

This course is for people who recognise that anger and irritability are adversely affecting their daily lives. It will explore the triggers, how they affect you and coping tools to reduce the impact anger has on your life and relationships. This course aims to build your confidence and self-esteem and to remove the stress caused by anger.

Autism and Communication View details

You will explore and discuss the needs of individuals across the Autism Spectrum, with regards to communication and interaction. Looking at differing resources and approaches from our own communication methods to including visual aids, key signing and electronic communication technology.