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Our health and lifestyle classes range from fitness and exercise to gardening, floristry, DIY, cooking and healthy living. We also run a series of personal development courses to help build your confidence and skills. At our classes you will meet new people, learn with them and improve your health and wellbeing. 96% of our students tell us that WEA classes improve their health and wellbeing, so come along, meet new people and get involved.

Cake Bake: Digital Workshop View details

An interactive course for all cake making enthusiasts! We will be learning how to use simple ingredients to make a selection of cakes, tray-bakes and treats. Using recipes we will work out costs and budgets. Finishing off with decorating your cakes and package your finished bakes to a high standard.

Access to Services at CREST View details

Are you sure you know what benefits you are entitled to? Find out more about what's available. This course is for refugees and asylum seekers who want to know more about their entitlements and benefits. Over the seven week programme you will receive information and advice on claiming benefits and entitlements including housing benefit, working and child tax credits, job seeker's allowance (JSA), pension credit, universal credit, benefits for people who are sick or disabled, employment and support allowance (ESA), disability living allowance for children, personal independence payment, attendance allowance and income support.

Life in the UK for Arabic Speakers: online course View details

In this course, we will focus on the importance of mutual knowledge of different values, cultures and practices that enhance social bonds and help in practical life.

Simple Summer Suppers View details

This course is for people who would like to learn to cook healthy, tasty and budget friendly summer meals using minimum equipment. If you have little or no cooking experience, you will learn basic techniques. More experienced? You will get some new ideas and extend your knowledge. There will be many resources for you to access: recipes, nutritional and health related information. An ingredients list will be available before each session so that you can get everything ready for each session for us all to cook together.

Pilates for Runners (incorporating some practical anatomy) View details

Pilates strengthens what is weak and loosens what is tight. Over tight or weak muscles can lead to injury when running. Many runners do not utilise the gluteus muscles' power or the core. We will be looking at how knowledge and activation of these muscles will further our practical pilates knowledge and strengthen the body for better running.

IT for beginners for ESOL Learners View details

This friendly and very supportive computer course, is for complete beginners or those with some basic computer skills. Providing an introduction to basic computer devices.

1 Click Maths and English View details

Do you want to enhance your maths and English skills? Do you want to learn in an informal and friendly class at your own rate? Do you want to increase your confidence and develop new skills? If you answer 'yes', then this is the course for you. It will cover reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and basic maths to boost your confidence.

How to cleanse your gut to improve your immune system View details

Research says that GUT Microbes drive autoimmunity. If you have Autoimmune conditions, keeping your gut health and nutrient absorption in top form is just one important keys to reducing symptoms. In this course you will understand the main factors that influence your day to day health and how gut health can affect you. This course will also show you several ways that you can help your gut to function properly and the recognise the signs that tell you it's doing the job! A healthy gut supports your immune system which in turn keeps you healthy. You will discover ways to cleanse, heal and restore your gut and then maintain a healthy biome so that you can get the most from the foods you eat. This course is a follow on course from the Understanding the Immune system and/or Supporting your immune System. If you are serious about reducing your autoimmune symptoms then why not join The Gut Lady and feel empowered to make lifestyle changes that will improve your health.

Meditation and a guide to the 7 Chakras View details

Aimed at those interested in personal growth and alternative well-being this course is offered in a light hearted spirit of self-exploration and mutual support. The chakra system is well known in the holistic world of well-being connecting Mind, Body and Spirit. Knowledge of the chakras probably dates back over 4,000 years as part of the system of Indian Ayurvedic medicine. There are 7 major chakras linked to organs in the physical body and energy flow within the body. Each week we will focusing on one specific chakra area and explore how, by bringing awareness to potential issues and blockages we can begin to bring balance to these areas of our lives. There will be specific meditations and ideas for activities for each chakra and through mutual support and sharing we create a space for personal growth and learning.

Yoga 4 All View details

An enjoyable course in a friendly environment aimed at people who genuinely want to commence yoga and maybe concerned about how to begin safely and gently. Specifically aimed at people with less flexibility, or who have joint or mobility problems. You may have other symptoms and conditions e.g. depression, anxiety, headaches knee/hip/neck pain, high/low blood pressure. We ease into movements and explore breath awareness that encourages mobility and activates the central nervous system. It is a gentle course adapted to learners needs, led by an experienced and well-qualified tutor.