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Our health and lifestyle classes range from fitness and exercise to gardening, floristry, DIY, cooking and healthy living. We also run a series of personal development courses to help build your confidence and skills. At our classes you will meet new people, learn with them and improve your health and wellbeing. 96% of our students tell us that WEA classes improve their health and wellbeing, so come along, meet new people and get involved.

Me and My Family - Health and Wellbeing View details

In this course learn about how to keep you heart, lungs, skin, brain, eyes and ears healthy. Learn about symptoms to look out for to keep you and your family healthy. learn about changes you can make to your lifestyle to protect your loved ones.

Get Ready for Work - non accredited (L1) View details

This course is for anyone who is lacking in confidence about their abilities and the skills and qualities they have to offer in the workplace. The course will help you to begin to realise and unlock your potential.

Customer Service - non accredited View details

The course will be focused on customer service skills. It will cover: aspects of working in a customer service environment, how to communicate with customers and colleagues, principles of personal performance and working in a business environment and working with others in a business environment.

Basic English Grammar View details

Course will focus on the 4 levels of grammar: (1)parts of speech, (2)sentences, (3)phrases, and (4)clauses. This will be achieved through watching videos, worksheets and quiz work. All the students will be expected to learn at least 5 words per week, to build word vocabulary. Students will also be expected to listen to the BBC or any good quality radio/tv station to get used to hearing good quality language. We will also be learning parts of speech e.g. nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions and interjections. Quiz and work sheets will be provided to the students to help them work at home.

Womens Online Group - Dementia Awareness View details

It touches on all aspects of dementia, concentrating mainly on the 4 most commonly diagnosed, giving an overview of some of the challenges that someone living with dementia might face. With a little more understanding this Awareness Session can help you to support someone living with dementia, and their friends families and carers. Also provides a safe environment to have the opportunity to ask questions, and learn about and to be connected with some of the work of the Alliances at both District Level and County Level.

Grow Your Own Miniature Garden View details

Make a decorative miniature garden, adding features of your choice. If you look after and nurture it, then it will grow.

Stay Calm- Managing Your Nerves View details

We all experience stress, at different times and at different levels. Constant stress however impacts negatively on your mental and physical health. It is crucial you manage your nerves effectively, and have the tools to deal with any anxiety that may arise.

A Taste of India: Chicken Chaat on Puri View details

Indulge yourself in a contemporary Indian cookery taster. Throughout this session, you will learn how to prepare the ingredients and use cooking equipment safely. You will also learn how to substitute traditional ingredients with healthy alternatives. Vegetarian and vegan options will also be discussed. You may even cook along if you wish but this is not a necessary requirement. Watch and learn a new recipe and try in your own time.

Healthy Lifestyles and Mentoring View details

Initial life-skills are based on the Alcoholics Anonymous book and help with mental recovery through study practises. Physical recovery includes tai chi and chi gung exercises for relaxation and fitness. Social recovery is applied through regular connection in groups and one to one mentoring. Mentoring skills are taught as part of each class.

Understanding Recovery Programs View details

This course will begin with group discussions and study of the Alcoholics Anonymous book taking each chapter in order. We will then include other methods of Recovery from various obsessive practices to broaden the understanding that each offers. Finally we will begin to consciously practise, in groups and individually, their main principles.