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Improve your computer skills, make the most of the internet and your phone or tablet, or get support to get started on Skype, Facebook or twitter – our digital courses have something for everyone. Not all digital; courses are available in every region, so if you can’t find a course which suits you please let us know.

Job Searching Online View details

This course is for anyone who is lacking in confidence about their abilities and the skills and qualities they have to offer in the workplace. The course covers transferable skills, how to find and apply for jobs, tips on how to write a CV and covering letter & how to give a good impression at interviews.

Microsoft Publisher for Beginners View details

To gain a basic understanding of Microsoft Publisher. To be able to locate and open a calendar and amend and publish a document.

Improve your Employability skills using Excel View details

You will learn how to use spreadsheets to perform calculations and project results. You will be able to work through exercises and practice your new skills to create a new spreadsheet and your tutor will always be on hand to give help and guidance.

Improve your Employability skills using PowerPoint View details

A fun and interactive course covering using PowerPoint to enable learners to grow in confidence with creating a presentation. This course will help you get to grips with the basics of how you can use PowerPoint. By the end of this course you will have gained skills in creating a presentation, changing slide layouts and images as well as applying the transition and animation effects to create a presentation.

Easy Steps to IT View details

This course is for students who have little or no digital skills and we will provide opportunities to start to build their confidence in using digital skills. The course covers keyboard and mouse skills, they will use Microsoft Word to perform basic word processing skills. Internet safely will be briefly outlined.

Social Media Marketing for Beginners View details

An introduction to Social Media Marketing covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. We will look at defining your target market, creating content they will enjoy, scheduling posts, creating graphics and easy ways to plan future posts.

Excel for Improvers View details

Use functions, i.e. SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MIN, MAX, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK. Create tables and format them with different styles. Create and format charts. Insert objects, and create headers and footers.

Building Digital Confidence View details

A fun and interactive course to help to build digital confidence in learners. This course will be paced in a way to ensure that all learners are able to achieve and course content will be geared around individual needs. This course will help to support learners with low digital skills whilst also assisting learners with specific learning goals to assist them in becoming more confident with tasks on the internet and with using certain applications, email, or other computer programs.

Databases & Spreadsheets for Small Businesses & Charities View details

This course is aimed at small businesses, organisations and charities to help them make the best use of information stored in spreadsheets, whether building a simple spreadsheet from scratch or using an existing one. The course will explore the best data analysis, storage and presentation tools already in Microsoft programmes such as Excel and Word to help you store, analyse and use information and keep records to best advantage. We will focus on practical applications rather than just learning a computer programme and will base our work on real life experiences. Students will be encouraged to work on their own data and do project work which is relevant to their organisation. The sharing of problems and experience will be an essential part of the course, as will team work and shared problem solving. As much as possible the course will try to mirror the real work environment.

Foundation Digital Skills View details

The course will assume no prior knowledge of computing and is intended for absolute beginners with little or no experience of using computers. It will take students from the first step of learning to switch on and use a device, through connecting to a Wi-Fi network and being able to carry out Google searches, whilst staying safe online While the course focuses on the use of Microsoft Windows computers, a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, Wi-Fi etc. will also be covered