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Brush up on your maths skills by joining one of our maths courses. Our friendly and approachable tutors will help you to build your confidence and learn about the type of maths that will help you in your daily life. During the practical maths course you will be able to work towards ‘Functional Skills’ qualifications.

Helping your Child with Maths View details

You will look at the methods for addition, subtraction, multiply & divide taught in schools, examine the KS2 curriculum to identify the age/stage expectations and discover hints and tips to help your child learn.

Intro to GCSE Maths Level 1 View details

This course will help students to become more confident with some of the foundation topics of Maths, such as working with percentages, algebra and use of a calculator, as well as starting to look at aspects of Data Handling such as calculating averages and constructing & interpreting pie charts. Students will learn in a relaxed and friendly and supportive environment and gain some of the skills needed to move onto a GCSE course.

Numeracy Skills: Everyday Maths View details

We will use common situations like shopping, travel, house and home, DIY and health to perform calculations – adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying. We will use decimals and fractions and will practice using units of measurement and comparing data in charts and lists. These activities will help you to feel more independent in your everyday life as you encounter Maths.