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Citizenship courses include becoming an active citizen, understanding parliament and cultural and disability awareness.

A Practical Guide to Driving Theory for Speakers of Other Languages View details

Bespoke course for asylum seekers

Exploring Life in Britain View details

This course is suitable for students who wish to learn more about everyday life in Britian. We will cover topics such as health, travel, shopping and housing in the UK. We will also cover British values.

Getting Active in Your Community View details

This course is to help students explore their ;local communities and opportunities to get involved in supporting those communities.

Life in the UK View details

Life in the UK course covers a wide range of areas including history, culture, common values, life- style, neighbourhood, demographics, geographical constituents, running of the government, voting system, rights and obligation, health, education policing systems and so on. This course will enhance learners' confidence, improve their employability skills and opportunities, increase community engagement, improve health and well being status. The learners will recognize the positive aspects of the diverse culture of the UK and widen their vision on how to contribute positively towards their community.

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