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Join our friendly and supportive practical photography classes for beginners and improvers. Get to know your camera better and learn new techniques to improve your picture taking. Many of our photography courses include digital editing and for some courses you’ll find developing digital editing skills is the focus.

Action Towards Inclusion - Photography for Wellbeing View details

learners will acquire new photographic skills, be encouraged to develop a mindful attitude to everyday life and increase their involvement and confidence within the community The tutor embeds maths, english and ICT skills which could increase student employability The course looks at photography from around the world and celebrates equality and diversity

Advanced Photoshop View details

Advanced Photoshop techniques for those who already have a good use of the tools and techniques involved in photographic manipulation using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. Techniques will include layering and image retouching by adding to existing photographic images.

Creative Photography and Film Making View details

A beginners course in digital photography and film making to help you to get to know and master your digital/video cameras. We will look at the basic functions of your camera, how to take photographs, frame your images to give your photos the wow factor, how to choose the best capture shot to enhance the subject of the images , change basic settings and explore various shooting modes. Prepare and present video/images using free software

Digital Photography View details

This course will introduce essential techniques, principles and skills in digital photography through a combination of practice, theory, sharing and reflection. It will also cover the main concepts of digital photography, how to use digital technology and photo editing software, how to read and critically assess your own and others' photography and encourage you to develop a portfolio of photographic work. You will be encouraged to develop and expand your skills in areas such as elements of composition, working with different subjects and light, controlling settings such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO, better understanding of exposure, focus and depth of field, and how to process your images using photo editing software. We will also explore the history of photography by looking at important photographs and their work in different genres considering style and aesthetics. Every week you will also be set practical exercises that will contribute towards your portfolio of images.

Digital Photography View details

Learn how to create better photographs by understanding the basic techniques and camera skills needed for great results.

Introduction to Practical Photography View details

Learn the most effective methods and techniques for the capture of good quality photographs and how to present them. Using a smart phone camera, compact camera, bridge camera or dlsr you will be able to understand what makes a good photograph.

Photography for Expression & Relaxation View details

A practical photography course for improved mental health. Students will explore how to express their feelings through photography & understand how to produce better pictures.

Photoshop View details

In this course we will be: Creating and saving multi layer documents Creating and saving selections Using masks to hide or reveal sections of images Using basic adjustments to correct colour and tone Create compelling images

Practical Photography Part Two View details

A comprehensive study of Portraiture and Still Life Photography. We will explore the use of both Natural and Artificial lighting. The course will involve the use of Manual DSLR Cameras, understanding Aperture and Shutter Speeds, Studio Flash and Daylight. All equipment will be supplied including individual Lap Tops with Photoshop installed.

The Art of Photography (Improvers) View details

A fun mix of theory and hands on learning opportunities. Sessions will be a mix of discussion, Power Point Presentation, analysis, group work and different practical activites to expand technical camera skills