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Our art courses vary from drawing and painting, paper making and mosaic through to raising your confidence through creativity. Tutors encourage students to present and share their work, engage in group discussion and develop critiquing skills.

Art and Mindfulness 2 View details

Improve on and go deeper with drawing and painting techniques; Drawing with a range of materials such as oil pastels, chalk, charcoal, mixed media and painting with watercolour. Start a fresh with art or develop your art practice. Come and join a group of people in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and enjoy making art with time to relax and reflect, making art from observation and imagination in a mindful way. Improve your well being through enjoying an art session joining with other people to make art and socialise. Develop a mindful awareness of colour and the environment around you and with guidance from the tutor start to develop your own art style.

Art For All View details

Come along and learn painting and drawing skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The course is suitable for beginners or those who would like to further develop their painting and drawing skills. Designed with themed sessions that will enable you to explore effective techniques, materials and equipment at your own pace and level of experience. If you prefer, individual projects can also be undertaken within the course. The tutor will support you to develop the skills required to complete your chosen subject area and create an effective piece of artwork. You will be able to learn about different approaches to painting and drawing, how to observe and capture the essence of what you are looking at, the characteristics of painting and drawing media, and most of all, develop your own individual creative style. Join us and enjoy the pleasure of painting and drawing!

Art for Health and Wellbeing View details

This course is for all abilities. Learners can set their own and/or join in an actitvity. We will be using and exploring the materials and techniques involved with painting, drawing and mosaicing. Do I nee

Art for Health and Wellbeing View details

To provide an intrduction to drawing and painting. Referencing artists in the Leeds Collection from an educational visit to leeds gallery or online images. Learners will use acrylics, watercolour paints, canvases, drawing techniques and other skills. Th course is aimed at learners with some of no experience of making art. We provide some materials and have some internet access. This is a general art course with a focus on painting and drawing. We will prepare work for exhibitions and aim to be part of any relevant exhibitions.

Art for Wellbeing View details

The course will allow students to gain confidence in drawing and sketching, developing and improving individual styles. This term students from the previous course will be able to continue painting on silk and fabric. Students will learn different techniques using silk paints and inktense pencils and blocks. In addition, stitch work can be added to add an extra dimension to their work. A mix of subject matter will be provided, as well as information sheets, with examples of techniques, as well as looking into the history of this art form, originating in India and Eastern Asia. Students own source material and alternative drawing styles will be welcomed.

Art Project View details

Over four sessions, we will look at research, experimentation and design techniques to help you explore a chosen subject. This could be realistic, expressive, decorative or abstract. You will experiment with different ideas, compositions and materials to find the best way to develop your subject.

Art: The Autumn Hedgerow View details

A day spent drawing and painting, with an enthusiastic tutor who will guide and support you to produce a watercolour of an Autumn-themed painting.

Arts and Crafts View details

Open to all levels this course provides the support and opportunity to develop and explore personal creativity. The tutor will demonstrate an arts and crafts activity and then support participants to do the activity themselves. Participants will be shown techniques and have time to build confidence in using them. Ideas will be suggested but participants will also be welcome to choose their own.

Botanical Autumn Workshop View details

This day is devoted to learning how to draw and paint Christmas plants using traditional techniques. We will concentrate on using natural subjects to compose a seasonal picture. Some students may choose to create a piece of work suitable for a Christmas card. All levels of experience are welcome and plenty of guidance will be available on the day.

Christmas Card Painting Workshop View details

Your tutor will demonstrate a range of Watercolour painting techniques that you could use to design and paint your own Christmas /Winter related painting. Then create your own design from a choice of provided images and reference ideas, or use your own ideas or inspiration to design and paint your painting. A stage by stage painting option is also available for those who would prefer more guidance or are complete beginners. This workshop will be fun, informative with a festive theme. Festive snacks are included. Cards are printed by a local professional printer and are an additional charge to the workshop fee with a minimum order of 10 from 65p per card plus £3.00 postage or collection is available. Cards take 2-3 weeks. Payment needs to be made at the time of order. Cash in an envelope with your contact details for the Printer.