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Our craft courses include: printing, card making, model making and collage and are often linked to seasons, celebrations, themes or a particular time, period or movement. Making your craft courses more fun and relevant to you.

Building Upon the Basics of Sewing Skills View details

On this course students who already have basic sewing skills with learn a range of more technical skills, practicing them on a selection of projects. Through this method of learning students will understand when it is appropriate to use each technique to its benefit in their own work. Students will have a number of weeks on the course to use the techniques learnt and apply them to projects of their choice with support and guidance from the tutor

Christmas Crafts Workshop View details

You will be shown simple craft techniques that you can use to make a variety of Christmas decorations for your home or to give to friends.

LBG - Christmas Crafts and Confidence View details

Come and have a go at making some Christmas decorations or gifts that are individual to you. You will learn some new skills and maybe revisit some old ones. Try your hand at making your own wrapping paper, gift tags and maybe even a fairy.

Making Family Decorations View details

Sarah will demonstrate how to recycle household objects for your children to turn into decorations. You and your children can create variations, either to hang individually or to be combined to form a mobile. The examples of using recycled household items could be inspiration for creating more at home with your children.

Recycled Crafts View details

This course will focus on creating exciting and unique designs using recycled everyday household items. Projects include recycling cereal boxes to create notebooks, jars as plant pots and reusing old pillow cases for patchwork pin cushions.

Seasonal Crafts For Brigitte Trust Volunteers View details

You will be able to choose from a range of Christmas-themed materials and be shown how to make attractive items to decorate your home over the festive period.