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Our arts and crafts classes are great places to be able to learn a new skill and develop your artistic talent in new directions as well as meet and work alongside others with similar interests. Our brilliant tutors are often professional artists who focus on supporting each individual in the class. Photography, jewellery making, textiles and fashion are all subjects we offer, alongside sculpture, practical art and a wide range of crafts.

A Day of Mixed Media Landscapes View details

A Day of Mixed Media - an opportunity to explore and experiment with different media and how they work together. We will, for example, use collage, printing, paints, ink, pastels, charcoal, photocopies in various combinations. Over the day we will aim to complete a piece of work based on landscape, looking at and discussing artists' work for inspiration.

Alterations & Customising Advanced View details

This course will develop you skills and interest in up-cycling, customising and altering clothes. We will learn lots of different techniques to rejuvenate clothes. Bring along old clothes and your imagination!

An Introduction to Dressmaking View details

This dressmaking course aims to help students learn and develop their dress making/sewing and pattern making skills. It is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level students who are looking to enhance their existing skills. Course content will cover basic concepts such as learning how to take accurate body measurements and interpreting these to a sewing pattern, developing sewing machine skills from how to set up and operate a sewing machine, through to producing a garment.

Art & Craft View details

Each session will have an identified theme students will be working as a group to produce art and craft items that would generate revenue for the ADA

Art & Crafts at The Cube View details

This term we will be focusing on the environment by looking at trees and how they support the environment. We will learn what trees need to stay healthy and how they keep us healthy. Students will create a range of craft items using local recycled wood.

Art and Craft - Seasonal Craft View details

Have fun using a variety of resources and techniques in a friendly and supportive group to develop your creative skills using a mixture of specialist craft materials and everyday items. In addition to experimenting with different forms of embellishment and paper crafting, the course will include: - Decoupage - Card-making - Scrap Booking - Shell Craft - Jewellery - Collage

Art for All View details

Learners will be able to try out different drawing and painting materials such as pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, pastel, acrylic and watercolour paints, and be introduced to a variety of techniques for using them. In addition to these there will also be a chance to discover working in other mediums such as clay, ceramics and glass in order to gain experience in different forms of expression. Projects will be centred around a particular medium in order to gain knowledge in both materials and techniques, and tasks will be broken down into a step by step approach to help them become achievable for everyone.

Art for Wellbeing View details

Art is a continuous, never-ending process of learning and discovery. Whatever art media you choose to work with, this course endeavours to help students to acquire certain basic skills and practices. Students will be encouraged and supported to develop their choices and to research and source their own subject matter, perhaps choosing to paint in a narrative style, reflecting personal experiences. Students can work from work sheets, printed images and photos. Students will be encouraged to study examples of paintings by both historical and current artists; to both inform and inspire. This course will be a continuation of the previous one, so there will be an opportunity for students to complete unfinished work. Students will be working with coloured drawing and painting media - coloured pencils, pens, coloured inks and water colours. A range of subject matter will be available and students are welcome to bring their own.

Art workshop with mixed media View details

Kirsty will take you on a creative journey in a relaxed and supportive environment where you will have the opportunity to explore diverse approaches to creating exciting art works with a focus on still life. We will experiment with lighting, colour. Texture, pattern and composition, studying the work of other artists for inspiration. Create more unusual compositions using photography and Photoshop as tools. Practise acrylic painting techniques, pastels and collage, employing these different materials in an experimental way, in the form of mixed media. You will also be developing your drawing skills, whilst working from life and photographs. We will aim to work as a group, by sharing ideas and experiences, and Kirsty will encourage you to gain confidence in your practise offering any guidance and advise you require. We can accommodate and adapt to any level of experience on this fun art course, all that is required is a willingness to “give it a go”.

Art Workshop: Block Printing View details

Learn the basics of block printing to create your own design. Experiment with pattern and texture to print colourful images onto card and fabric. This session will give you the hands-on experience you need to get you started. You will need an apron or clothes you don't mind getting messy

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