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Our arts and crafts classes are great places to be able to learn a new skill and develop your artistic talent in new directions as well as meet and work alongside others with similar interests. Our brilliant tutors are often professional artists who focus on supporting each individual in the class. Photography, jewellery making, textiles and fashion are all subjects we offer, alongside sculpture, practical art and a wide range of crafts.

A Day of Drawing View details

This friendly and relaxed class will provide the opportunity for you to develop drawing skills as well as your knowledge and appreciation of artists work. This course is designed for all levels and abilities with individual guidance from the tutor to develop your ideas in drawing.

Animals and Birds in Mosaics View details

In this short course you will be looking at the subject of birds and animals and consider how to translate them into mosaic. As a group we will look at how other contemporary mosaic artists have successful at this. We will look at realistic imagery and see how to recreate the effect of feathers or fur for example, or how to re create a quirky or fantastical creatures of your design. The choices are endless.

Around the Mediterranean View details

This 5-week course explores films made by and set in countries around the Mediterranean, giving an insight into national cinemas from the region and at the same time exploring the ongoing attraction of/fascination with the region by others, reflected in films about visitors, travellers and explorers.

Art and Craft taster View details

Learn how to plan and develop different methods of expression to media. Develop practical skills and create own unique orugami skills

Art for Wellbeing View details

Art is a continuous, never-ending process of learning and discovery. Whatever art media you choose to work with, this course endeavours to help students to acquire certain basic skills and practices. On this course students will find an introduction to materials, equipment and techniques for drawing and painting. Working in different art media, students may learn about drawing materials, paper and canvases, brushes and painting knives and of course, how to paint. There will be simple exercises in painting techniques, which will lead students towards creating full compositions. Students will be encouraged and supported to develop their choices and to research and source their own subject matter, perhaps choosing to paint in a narrative style, reflecting personal experiences. Students can work from work sheets, printed images and photos. Students will be encouraged to study examples of paintings by both historical and current artists; to both inform and inspire.

Art in the Evening View details

A short course that will enable you to learn the fundamentals of sketching through mark making techniques and looking at form by representing tone and light. Working in pencils, charcoal and chalk's, you'll be given all the support and tips to gain the confidence to do this in your own time. We will then look to provide you with the opportunity to learn the principles of watercolours. Facilitated by local tutor Stuart Mann through a series of practical demonstrations and varied activities, brush up on your art skills by learning the techniques and the joy of using watercolours. Focusing on creating textures, applying the paint, mark making and the importance of your brushes and paper choices. All in a supportive and friendly environment.

Art: Botanical Illustrations, Summer View details

A botanical painting course wallowing in the variety and beauty of flowers that grow from early May to late July. Full-on colour! Learn how to use the strength and jewel-like quality of watercolour paints.

Art: Exploring flowers through mixed media View details

We will observe a range of flower shapes to create a bank of ideas. We will record images in sketchpads. We plan to use textiles, pastels, pencils, paint and brusho inks. This will inspire a finished piece of work in multi media.

Beading & Jewellery Making for Beginners View details

This course is for people who would like to design and make their own jewellery. We will cover techniques such as beading, weaving, attaching earrings or clasps and bead making. Students will make a range of jewellery pieces.

Beginner's Dressmaking View details

This dressmaking course aims to help students learn and develop their dress making/sewing and pattern making skills. It is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level students who are looking to enhance their existing skills. Course content will cover basic concepts such as learning how to take accurate body measurements and interpreting these to a sewing pattern, developing sewing machine skills from how to set up and operate a sewing machine, through to producing a garment.