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Our arts and crafts classes are great places to be able to learn a new skill and develop your artistic talent in new directions as well as meet and work alongside others with similar interests. Our brilliant tutors are often professional artists who focus on supporting each individual in the class. Photography, jewellery making, textiles and fashion are all subjects we offer, alongside sculpture, practical art and a wide range of crafts.

10 Great Directors View details

It's not necessarily about who is the greatest or most sensational as we explore a selection work from directors who produce films either audiences know and love and/or made a lasting mark on the world of cinema. Likewise we also explore films from directors to watch now and in the near future as well as a one or two we may’ve overlooked in the past. In each case, what are their running themes and styles – do some remain the same whilst others continually evolve? Suitable for beginners and returners.

Advanced Asian dressmaking View details

Students will learn how to make the following 3 different garments with the help of a commercial pattern: Waterfall cardigan, English dress, English trousers.

An Introduction of Chinese Writing (in Brush) View details

This course is aimed at giving you a general understanding of how Chinese words are constructed .You will practise Chinese calligraphy with traditional writing brushes, learning the different strokes needed to compose words.

Approaches to Drawing View details

The course aims to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the ways in which contemporary artists engage with drawing, from linear perspective to experimental mark making. We shall do this in a number of ways, including: collaborative drawing, practical workshops in perspective and analytical drawing and experimenting with different ways of applying tone and texture.

Art View details

To provide an introduction to drawing and painting. Referencing artists in the Leeds Collection from an educational visit to leeds gallery or online images. Learners will use acrylics, watercolour paints, canvases, drawing techniques and other skills. The course is aimed at learners with some of no experience of making art. We provide some materials and have some internet access. This is a general art course with a focus on painting and drawing. We will prepare work for exhibitions and aim to be part of any relevant exhibitions.

Art - Practical: Continuing Abstract Art View details

A practical and thoughtful course based around the examination of visual language and the exploration of ideas. Students carry out their own explorations into abstract art under the guidance of the tutor, whilst benefiting from group discussions, practical activities, a gallery visit, etc.

Art and Craft the Multicultural Way View details

We will investigate the arts and crafts of a particular region through looking at slides, books and actual artefacts where possible. Then you will choose a media and make your own art/craft work influenced by what you have learnt in some way. The influence can more or less subtle, as you wish. Media which are immediately available are painting and drawing materials; textile materials including silk painting, embroidery and other stitching based activities, batik, dyeing, felt making; clay; papier-mâché; printing including Lino and silk screen. You will receive technical help where required and also help to develop your ideas. You can use media with which you are already familiar or try something new. The group is quite interactive, members supporting and sharing ideas on an ongoing basis.

Art and Craft the Multicultural Way View details

We will investigate the arts and crafts of a chosen culture through looking at slides, books and actual artefacts where possible. You will then make your own arts or crafts work influenced in some way by what you have learnt. The influence may be more or less subtle. The range of media we have to hand is quite large, including normal drawing and painting materials, many textile materials, clay, printing materials. You will receive help from the tutor in developing your ideas and in technical matters. You can use media with which you are familiar or try something new. The group is very supportive of its members and everyone shares ideas.

Art and Crafts View details

Open to all levels this course provides the support and opportunity to develop and explore personal creativity. The tutor will demonstrate an arts and crafts activity and then support participants to do the activity themselves. Participants will be shown techniques and have time to build confidence in using them. Ideas will be suggested but participants will also be welcome to choose their own.

Art and Design: Using Colour View details

The course is concerned with using colour in drawings, paintings and in design. You will learn how to use colour as an inspiration and how to mix colour to create your own personal drawings and paintings.You will also take inspiration from different cultures and artists.