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Online Taster: Psychiatric diagnosis – science or pseudo-science? View details

This taster is a 90 minute live video learning session using zoom, (for more information see Recent research questions the usefulness of Psychiatric classifications such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar, depression and many other mental disorders. In this session you will discuss the usefulness of some of these diagnoses and examine the science behind them. This also provides an introduction to a course to be made available online which looks at the diagnosis, explanations and treatments for Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression, Phobia's, OCD, Eating Disorders and Autism.

Online Taster: Sustainable Fashion View details

Sustainable fashion not only covers the types of clothing that we buy but also what we do with the clothing once we have finished with it. This taster will highlight some of the points that we need to think about when buying clothes and other textiles.

Online Taster: The New Forest and Exmoor National Parks, a comparison. View details

Exmoor National Park and the New Forest National Park are small by national standards and contrast in many ways making them fascinating to study. Before 1815 Exmoor was a royal forest,while the New Forest remains so to the present. Exmoor was not considered suitable for timber production for the Navy but the New Forest was and it remains in Crown ownership. While Exmoor was developed for agriculture in the first half of the nineteenth century, following the advent of iron battleship New Forest changed towards softwood production and would eventually present great conservation conflicts. This divergent development has led to very different landscape evolution while a combination of different soils, topographies, climate and management produces very different conservation challenges.

Painting in Watercolour View details

Whatever subject you are interested in painting, this class will help you to focus on developing the skills you need. You will be taught the principles of painting in watercolour, technique, colour mixing, composition and encouraged to develop them at your own pace and in your own style.

Patchwork/Quilting/Applique View details

This course is suitable for learners as well as some with a little experience in the subject. Over the next 6 weeks we will cover the following - The design process - using correct seam allowances - choosing fabrics - cutting fabrics economically using the appropriate equipment - making quilting blocks - learning applique - how to make a quilt sandwich - completing a quilted/appliqued project of the students choice. We will also look at other ways we can use fabric to create fabric art.

Positive Mental Attitude View details

Banish those low moods with some creative and easy to implement self-care tips. We will work towards creating a positive outlook with an assertive approach to life’s little niggles. Physical factors can lower your happiness levels and so we will consider what little changes we can make to create a sunny outlook and a positive approach to the future.

Reading Short Stories: VS Pritchett & Elizabeth Taylor View details

Discover, or rediscover, two important twentieth century authors as we discuss a selection of their short stories. Elizabeth Taylor has been described as a subtle, compassionate and deep writer. Her writing has also been described as wicked and subversive. She makes an interesting contrast to the dark, often humorous, view V.S. Pritchett provided of British society. We will consider their backgrounds, how they fitted into the literary scene, and discuss whether, between them, they map the changes of moral values, customs, speech, and details of everyday life from the 1930's to the 1990's. This course is based on two collections: Elizabeth Taylor, Complete Short Stories, & Essential Stories by VS Pritchett.

Reading, Pronunciation & Conversation for Adult Beginners View details

This course is for students with English as a second language. It will help them fully understand the situations they may find themselves in, feel more confident and ensure that they can converse in English and pronounce and understand what is being discussed. They will also gain experience in reading and conversation both in small groups and one to one.

Reiki Level 2 Part 2 View details

This Course provides a follow-on to the techniques and practices from the Second Degree of Reiki and how these may be applied for self development, building confidence and improving physical and mental health. The course covers further uses of the three Usui Reiki Symbols, Mantrasand Kotodame and introduces new advanced Reiki meditation techniques.

Schools and Parenting Initial Assessment View details

During the session we will discuss your skills and experience with you, talk to you about the courses available and ask you to complete a task to see which course is suitable for you and to give you an idea of the work you will need to complete during your study.