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Makaton Taster View details

An opportunity to explore Makaton to see how this could further assist individuals to communicate with people with communication difficulties.

Managing Stress View details

This 4 session course will introduce some stress relieving techniques to help the learners feel stress free. Learners will learn about how their emotions impact their stress levels and how to manage this proactively.

Maths Initial Assessment View details

Students wishing to join an EME course need to complete an initial assessment before they start. The initial assessment event is designed to test students’ current skills. During initial assessment, students will work with WEA staff to agree the current level that they are working at and discuss the best course for them to develop their skills.

Midlands Engine Project ESOL- Semester 2 View details

This is an intensive employment-focused ESOL course to help people with professional qualifications and experience to improve their English language skills and develop their career. The course is delivered over a six-week semester. It consists of ESOL provision contextualised to local labour markets. It will support students to develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and equip them with the cultural and practical employability skills, knowledge and understanding to progress in work. The course includes support to prepare for professional employment in the UK. There will be regular input from external agencies (e.g. National Careers Service, Volunteer Service) and major local public and private sector employers.

Mindful Knitting View details

to use the art of knitting to introduce the mindfulness mediation technique used whilst doing a hobby. Learners will use a selection of stitches and wool types to see which they prefer.

Moving On Entry Employability (Sewing Skills) View details

You will learn and develop a wide variety of sewing skills and techniques to make a range of different items. This course will also help you to improve you employability prospects with emphasis on the skills required to do this, including discussions on sewing as a viable employment option and considering the factors required if you are thinking of becoming self-employed or progressing to further study

Moving on ICT - Entry Level View details

A fun and interactive computer course aiming to improve students' ICT skills. An opportunity to embrace technology and explore its capabilities.

Music Appreciation: Music in Context View details

This course is intended to develop students' awareness of the various ways in which music can be analysed and understood through artistic, cultural and social contexts. Through focused listening to a range of music drawn from traditional classical concert repertoire through to new classical music and other genres, students will be encouraged to broaden their appreciation of such issues as style, aesthetics, progression and influence, form, musical history and geography. The music will consist of works by many of the well-known classical composers across eras, as well as important new names. Classes will be structured around active listening and critical discussion. Topics could include the Rhapsody, Bach's Brandenburg Concertos/Cantatas, Louis Spohr's Symphonies/Violin Concertos, Wiener Klassik, Lieder/art song, Persian/Arabic music, music and nationalism, contemporary classical music, Polystylism, Minimalism, Jazz and its subgenres, and World music.

Online Taster: Landscape history View details

‘Wessex’ is famed for its woods, forests, reclaimed marshlands, watermeadows, rivers, heathlands, grasslands and coast. The session will introduce the interface between natural resources on the one hand, and human activity on the other.

Online Taster: Minimising the risks of being online View details

Do you know how to identify the signs of an scam email? How do you protect your personal information online? We will be sharing some advice and tips