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Getting To Grips With Computers - Beginner Digital Skills View details

This course is on document creation skills, knowing soft skills employers need/your transferable skills and email techniques to help with future job employment or contribute to your health and wellbeing. This course starts with H&S/keeping safe online then knowing skills employers want/transferable skills you have to help with future job employment. Continuing with Word terminology, tips, skills to create documents saving to a USB including using margins, page orientation, tables, headers, formatting, layout and spellchecking. Finishing with emails, netiquette, attachments and folders (if time) to communicate better for health and wellbeing.

Talk: Introducing Sir Isaac Newton with Mark Eustace View details

Who was Isaac Newton? Famous for his laws and just as famous for being hit on the head by an apple but looking at these things alone only scratches the surface of this very deep and complicated man. Newton had a number of jobs and a few enemies too. If you would like to learn more about him, join me as I describe some of the things he is less well known for. Of course a talk about Newton without mentioning his laws would be wrong so we’ll look at these too but don’t worry; we’ll avoid using maths and we won’t get technical about his work!

History of Doodle Pattern View details

Enjoy creating Doodle patterns and illustrations? Most contemporary Doodle and Zentangle patterns have historical origins from all parts of the globe. In this short practical course we will study and draw 3 Doodle/Zentangle patterns, tracing their historical roots. We will place our patterns within an outlined shape to create finished pictures and we’ll look at the colours which would have been traditionally used. We will enjoy a taste of art history and cultural traditions through our doodles. Simple outlines for each picture will be provided in Canvas to print off or copy, as an option for those who may struggle with drawing, and then you can just add the patterns in class. Fun for beginners and those with some doodle experience!

What Makes A Good Life Taster course View details

Many people would agree that the world in which we now live is different to the one we knew before Covid-19. People are questioning their lives and perhaps planning to make change. Some people are considering the bigger questions. For example what is the purpose of our personal existence? Human life is frail and temporary – are we living ours with the best purpose and in the most meaningful way? We will examine various views to see if philosophy can offer any guidance. Finally, we will consider if a good life can culminate with a good death. This taster course promises to be a thought-provoking but enjoyable course where you will be challenged to consider new perspectives in a safe, supported space.

Literature: Jane Austen and the Search for Home View details

This four week course will be a mix of biographical content about Jane Austen's own experience of home in the various places she lived, together with the study of the homes she presents in her novels. We will combine illustrated talks with close reading and discussion of extracts from the novels, and consider how her own experience of home influences her fiction, and what parallels we can draw between the two.

Introduction to Level 2 Support Work in Schools and Colleges/ Essential Digital View details

This short on line course will help students prepare for the NCFE/CACHE L2 Support Work In Schools & Colleges course, offered either on line or in person. You will find out how to use Zoom effectively, including the Chat and screen-sharing tools. You will be introduced to Canvas, the WEA's on line learning platform, and learn the skills needed to prepare a digital portfolio for the L2 course. You will also have an introduction to the course, with an overview of the six units of study, so that you can decide if it's the right course for you.

Digital Skills to engage with learning Yoga online View details

This digital skills course for learning yoga online aims to support you in gaining the skills that you will need to engage in an online yoga course. We will focus on how to navigate Canvas our online learning platform so that you feel confident in joining an online yoga course. We will also focus on how you can make use of free learning resources online, learning how to find and use Yoga websites and how to find the right yoga videos for you on You Tube. This is a basic digital skills course which will support yoga enthusiasts in how to learn yoga online, you will be set a simple task to do in Canvas each week to help you gain confidence.

Between Two Fires: Literature of the 20th Century (1900-1999) View details

This short course wants to be an introduction on literature created in the tragedy of war. Through the reading prose and poetry extracts, we will find contrasts and links, analysing the main stylistic devices used to talk about the unsettling climate experienced throughout the XX century. The focus will be on literature in English, however some examples will appear of literature written in other languages, in translation for everyone's convenience.

Managing People in Distress (Volunteer training) View details

This session will provide tools and strategies to help volunteers support those in mental health distress.

Into Work – Producing a Cracking CV View details

Are you preparing to enter the job market? Do you need to update your CV or create one from scratch? On this course, we will investigate what makes a great CV, compare the different types and help you to create one that is unique to you.