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An Introduction to Antiques, Vintage and Collectables View details

Professional auctioneer, Stephen Poulter, reveals how the world of antiques, vintage items and collectables really works and shows how easy it is for anyone to start buying or collecting in these areas. We will explore the many different categories and periods of antique and vintage items which can be purchased from auctions, antiques markets, car boot sales and online. Students will acquire techniques for researching, identifying and valuing a whole range of antiques, vintage items and collectables.

An Introduction to Archaeology View details

Archaeology is all around us if you know what it looks like. Over six, two hour sessions the principles and practice of archaeology will be explored with ample opportunity to handle artefacts, as well as practical sessions on artefact recognition.

An Introduction to British Cinema View details

The famous French director François Truffaut once remarked that there was “a certain incompatibility between the terms ‘cinema’ and ‘Britain’”. However unfair this quote is, it is fair to say that the British film industry has been through many ups and downs. For instance, while production boomed after World War II and during the 1960s, British film-making struggled to survive the 1970s. This course aims to give an overview of the major developments, movements and factors which have shaped cinema in this country. It will pay tribute to the stars and directors who were responsible for many of British cinema’s most memorable moments, and also expose some of its most embarrassing secrets. Furthermore, it will explore how the concerns of British society – class, sex, the north-south divide, multiculturalism – have been reflected within the films across the decades, and consider the future of the industry post-Brexit.

An Introduction to Jane Austen View details

Jane Austen remains one of the most popular novelists in English Literature. This course looks at a selection of her novels in the context of her times, addressing issues such as women’s rights, Sensibility, colonialism and anti-slavery. We will study three novels: 'Sense and Sensibility', 'Mansfield Park' and 'Persuasion', whilst also referring briefly at sections from her other works

An Introduction to Mindfulness View details

This is a three hour session providing an Introduction to Mindfullness and its benefits and how it may be used by individuals.

An Introduction to Moral Philosophy View details

We will look at moral concepts like justice, fairness, virtue, rights and duties. We will also think about where our moral sensibilities come from: are they natural, are we born with a conscience, or do they need to be taught? If they need to be taught, who should teach them? Should morality be part of the national curriculum, or is it something best entrusted to parents and relatives? Is there such a thing as evil? Or is this simply a metaphysical relic from a former religious age?

An Introduction to Sewing Skills View details

This course is for beginners who have not used a sewing machine before, or not used one for a long time and would like to refresh their sewing skills. Students will learn how to set up and use a sewing machine with confidence then learn basic core skills which will prepare them for a future workshop to make simple first time projects. This course will develop a high social aspect and you will gain confidence working in a group setting.

An Introduction to the Earth View details

An introductory elemental look at the earth, discussing and being inspired by it's natural and simple weather systems.

An Introduction to the History and Heritage of Bradford View details

This course will use a mixture of talks and guided walks to explore the development of Bradford. Subjects include: • Bradford in Prehistoric and Roman times: prehistoric trackways, Roman roads, prehistoric monuments, Roman settlement in the locality • Anglo-Saxon and Domesday Bradford – place name evidence, Elmet and Craven, effects of Norman Conquest • Medieval Bradford – place name evidence, documentary sources, field systems, modern map evidence • Tudors and Stuarts – effects of the dissolution of the Monasteries, development of gentry classes, Tudor/Jacobean housing boom, Civil War Bradford • Church and chapel; rise of non-conformity, Waterloo Churches, role of churches in social life • Transport networks- pack horse routes, turnpikes, railways • Victorian and early 20th century Bradford – agriculture and industry, leisure, commuting The two walks will look at Little Germany and Little Horton Green.

An introduction to the Plays of Ben Jonson View details

Ben Jonson (1572 - 1637) was a funny, confrontational and important playwright. He was a contemporary of Shakepseare and wrote many great classical plays. We will study three of his key plays and discuss how they work theatrically on stage. There will be class discussions, reading aloud and workshopping of key scenes. All welcome with an enthusiasm for theatre.