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Floristry for Beginners View details

This is short course in which you will learn to make floral designs using the principal elements used in floristry for creating your arrangement. learn to make a buttonhole and corsage to wear using wiring techniques. You will be making an autumnal arrangement for the home using fresh flowers and foliage's You will also make a hand tie bouquet to present as a gift , how to wrap and present and make floristry bow. You will be given a shopping list prior to each session. So, you have everything you need each week.

Bags, Tags, Boxes and Bows - your Christmas wrapping sorted! View details

If you would like to create your own Christmas wrapping, - gift bags, boxes, tags and decorative bows, then this course is for you. We will be making some re-enforced gift boxes, and with this basic formula you can make them any size you wish. We will also create gift bags in a variety of sizes with matching tags and decorative bows, and some envelopes. Making your own festive wrapping not only looks amazing, when everything matches it gives you a great sense of achievement. Crafting is a fun way to enhance your mental well being, helping you to manage the stress we often feel at this time of year. Join our sociable fun group and Craft!

Microsoft Excel - Learning the Basics View details

A spreadsheet can look confusing until you recognise the layout and become familiar with some basic functions. You will learn to navigate through the cells and columns so you can enter and edit data. You will create basic formulas and turn your data into charts and graphs. Gaining an overview of Microsoft Excel can make the preparation of a simple household budget or a work place monitoring tool so much easier. Put your pen and paper to one side and join this group to learn new skills for your everyday.

Literature: The Narrative Techniques of Jane Austen with Louise Loxton View details

This course will appeal to lovers of Jane Austen and her works. We will examine the way in which her narrative techniques capture the reader and how her literary devices sustain our interest and leave us wanting more. A knowledge of her books would be helpful but newcomers to the world of Jane Austen are welcome to participate with a view to developing and expanding their knowledge of the canon of English literature.

Literature: Jekyll and Hyde and other Fin de Siècle Fears View details

The end of the nineteenth century saw an evolution in the development of the gothic genre, with the site of the human mind becoming a more significant source of mystery and fear. This course will explore three novellas from this period, each of which have had a lasting legacy in popular culture. We will read R.L. Stevenson’s novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886), Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891) and Henry James The Turn of the Screw (1898). We will explore Fin de Siècle anxieties related to sexuality, the conflict between science and the supernatural, and what may lay beneath a civilized Victorian society.

Literature: Reading 1930 - Lawrence, Delafield & Sayers with Cath Humphris View details

Join us in discussing three popular novels published in 1930. The Virgin and The Gypsy, is widely considered DH Lawrence's masterpiece. The Diary of a Provincial Lady, by EM Delafield has never been out of print. Originally conceived as a few 'vaguely comic pieces' to be written for a feminist periodical. Strong Poison was the fifth novel by Dorothy L Sayers. This novel divided her readers: some claimed that the introduction of a love interest was a distraction from the purity of detection. We will be thinking about the shape and scope of each of these novels. We will look at how the characters are presented, do they tell us about readers of the 1930s? How do their lifestyles and ideas impact on readers of the 21st century? Please read to the end of Chapter five of, The Virgin and The Gypsy, for discussion at the first session.

Mindfulness Practice View details

A chance to join with like minded people to practice some meditation together. It can be difficult maintaining the discipline of a meditation practice at home, especially if you are new to Mindfulness/Meditation, so having a dedicated time to come together can be very supportive. Some experience would be useful but not essential and we will have the opportunity for some Inquiry/Feedback after each meditation practice. This course is a fully online with no physical meeting space, accessing the course through Canvas our virtual learning environment and zoom a video conferencing software. Due to the timing of this course - it's a great way to set the intention for your day and the week ahead.

Creative Writing for Wellbeing View details

Each week learners will be guided through creative writing activities designed to support confidence in using words and writing for wellbeing. The approach is non-judgemental; it is not about learning good grammar or precise spelling, but rather, about enjoying the power of writing to release creativity and self-worth. Working in a group setting means that the process is enhanced by the support and energy of others. All will be encouraged to share their writing, but there is no pressure to do so if it does not feel appropriate. A range of prompts and activities will be suggested to help learners develop their creative writing, including looking at objects, pictures, poems and other writing, familiar things and strange things. Themes will include poetry for healing, mindful writing, writing for change and growth, expressive writing and finding a perspective.

Aromatherapy - The Next Step View details

Give something a bit different this Christmas, or simply learn some fascinating facts about a range of essential oils. Frankincense, Myrrh, Ginger and Patchouli are some of the beautiful oils covered. Learn self-help massage techniques too.

Hand Reflexology - For Health & Wellbeing View details

An in-depth course that explores the fascinating art of hand reflexology with both theory and practical demonstrations delivered each week.