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The Second Rome with Gary Slator View details

As later medieval Roman society moved through the 7th century, it faced its most challenging and existential threats. How did the Empire survive its darkest hour, when the most degenerate emperor to ever reign governed the Roman world? How did the Romans then manage the world-changing events of the Islamic Conquests, and the profound consequences that it would bring? This course will outline those key events and circumstances, and will attempt to provide some analysis of the key personalities and incidents which shaped that period.

Level 2 Award in Preparation for Work in Community Interpreting View details

This is an accredited course. You will need to talk to a member of staff and do a short activity to make sure the course is right for you. For more information and to book an appointment please call 0300 303 3464 This course is for students who are interested in community interpreting work in a voluntary or paid capacity. You will gain knowledge and skills of community interpreting; learning about the role of codes of practice and the settings where interpreters may be required to work (including housing, education, social care, welfare benefits, immigration and health.)

Community Interpreting Initial Assessment View details

During the session we will discuss your skills and experience with you, talk to you about the courses available and ask you to complete a task to see which course is right for you. We will talk to you about our courses and provide you with information about the work you will need to complete during your studies.

Drawing and Painting in Watercolour (Beginners) View details

Students will learn the basics of how to use different types of washes; the use of brushes to make a range of brush marks; discover the principles of colour and how to use it; plus a variety of methods and techniques for creating textures and effects. Students will also learn about common tools and materials with advise on how to use them. In addition, the course will cover different approaches to painting and how drawing can be used to plan and enhance watercolour paintings.

Origins of the Palestinian Question View details

The Palestinian question can be summarised as the problem of two peoples sharing one homeland. We will examine how conflicting promises made under pressure in 1917 created this situation and why, despite wars and Nobel Peace Prizes, it remains essentially unresolved. The initial errors were not made without the potential pitfalls being raised, rather they were accepted by the British Government as a distant risk worth taking. The short-term gains were modest, the long-term implications significant and still shape the world we live in a century later.

Go Play Outside! Connections Between the Outdoors and Mental Health View details

Is there a connection between the outdoors and mental health? In this taster course we will explore the links between access to the outdoors and mental health, using published medical literature as a guide. In addition to learning about biodiversity influences our brains, students will learn about the process of meta-analysis, and how compiling the results from multiple research studies can allow researchers to find robust answers to scientific questions.

JCP employability short course - communication View details

On this short course, you will explore the importance of communication in the workplace. You will learn about the behaviours and skills that show good communication, including some practical tips.

Get Ready for English Level 1 (Non-accredited) View details

Before you can join this course, you will need to talk to a member of staff and do an initial assessment to make sure the course is right for you. For more information and to book an appointment please call 0300 303 3464. This course is for students who have already passed the Functional English Entry 3 exam. It will help to improve your spelling of less common words by using strategies you have learned before. You will write for different purposes, and identify and correct common spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in a text. You will develop your listening skills to help you identify relevant information, and to respond appropriately in a discussion. You will explore reading strategies to get different kinds of information (main idea, details) from a variety of texts.

Pilates View details

Pilates is a series of dynamic stretching body weight movements that are excellent for developing muscle awareness. The course will follow a progressive program of pilates, designed to strengthen and stretch the body and has been proven to help mental health. The course will follow a program allowing the learner to work at their own pace, strengthening and progressing the exercises to suit the needs of their body. The key principles of pilates will be introduced and various parts of the body will be targeted: eg: legs, arms, glutes, core, obliques and back.

Excel for Improvers View details

Use functions, i.e. SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MIN, MAX, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK. Create tables and format them with different styles. Create and format charts. Insert objects, and create headers and footers.