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Exploring Calligraphy with Fiona Mitchell View details

Ever wanted to try your hand at calligraphy, but there are no suitable classes in the area that fit with your free time? Have you seen calligraphy on the internet or in books and equipment for sale but don’t know where to start, then this could be the taster course for you. The focus of this course is to introduce you to a relaxing mindful activity. Working online with an experienced calligraphy tutor you can try your hand at relaxing calligraphy from the comfort of your own home as part of a group of beginners.

Traditional Calligraphy with Fiona Mitchell View details

Introduction to Calligraphy, using readily available tools and simple techniques, this easily learnt skill is ideal for handmade-cards, improving your handwriting or exploring the fascinating art of calligraphy. Ideal for beginners and great for left and right-handers. Whether you want to brush up on your calligraphy or discover a new hobby this course is a great place to start. From first marks to finished work, all students will be supported and encouraged by a tutor who is a working calligrapher with over 30 years’ experience.

Sensation Fiction for the Summer-Two Tempestuous Tales by Mary Elizabeth Braddon View details

Mary Elizabeth Braddon is most well know for being one of the leading writers of sensation fiction in the 19th century. This course will look at two of her novels - Lady Audley's Secret (1862) is a tale which challenges assumptions about Victorian society and presents us with a fascinating transgressive female protagonist. Aurora Floyd (1863) tells the story of a heroine with a chequered past and a complicated present. Both are engaging and entertaining novels with helped the make the sensation novel a hugely popular literary phenomenon in the 1860s.

Life in the UK (For ESOL Learners) View details

This course is designed to help learners gain a good understanding of British culture, festivals, celebrations and traditions in the UK. This will help you to feel more confident about living in the UK, knowing where to look for employment, how to apply for jobs and how to access medical services

Introduction to ESOL Speaking and Listening E2/E3 View details

This course will help you to feel more confident speaking and listening everyday English, with lots of practice using different situations. Using everyday situations, we will practice giving short explanations and descriptions in a range of tenses.

Recycling into arts & crafts View details

The course will be looking at using everyday materials, that normally would be thrown out or be used differently, in your arts and crafts. You will learn to transform waste products and other materials into decorative and/or useable items together.

Rug Making Techniques for Beginners & Improvers View details

To be shown different techniques and materials used to make rag rugs and other items. You will learn about latch hook rug making as well as, weaving, and plaiting rugs using different materials such as old duvets, t-shirt off cuts and wool. You will pick one technique and plan your own project too, using that technique.

Needle Felt - Garden Birds View details

Needle felting is a very relaxing and enjoyable activity. Enjoy creating your favourite garden birds using needle felting techniques. Over the six weeks you will learn how to sculpture and form the wool to bring your birds to life.

English in the Community View details

You will improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing as we explore health and wellbeing, the local community, shopping, arts, culture and travel. You will build confidence talking to people in the local community and will improve your English skills.

English Maths and ESOL Initial Assessment View details

Students wishing to join an EME course need to complete an initial assessment before they start. The initial assessment event is designed to test students’ current skills. During initial assessment, students will work with WEA staff to agree the current level that they are working at and discuss the best course for them to develop their skills.