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Art: Painting Fairies View details

We will draw a fairy first and look at how to use watercolour to represent the different aspects of a fairy. We will look at how to represent wings, and we will look at a suitable composition for your painting, considering what will be in the painting. We will look at postures and clothing that suggest magical fairy beings.

A Beginners Guide to Mindful Meditation View details

For those interested in exploring Mindfulness/Meditation, or want to find out what its all about, this is a chance to look into some of the different aspects and themes and experience some short meditations. It can be a useful course to help you decide if you would like to continue with some meditation and/or move on to another class. No experience is necessary, so you are welcome to join and see if meditation is something that will support your general well-being.

Mindfulness Practice View details

A chance to join with like minded people to practice some meditation together. It can be difficult maintaining the discipline of a meditation practice at home, especially if you are new to Mindfulness/Meditation, so having a dedicated time to come together can be very supportive. Some experience would be useful but not essential and we will have the opportunity for some Inquiry/Feedback after each meditation practice. This course is a fully online with no physical meeting space, accessing the course through Canvas our virtual learning environment and zoom a video conferencing software. Due to the timing of this course - it's a great way to set the intention for your day and the week ahead.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) View details

A 9 week evidence based course based on the much studied training founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Over the weeks you will learn tools and techniques that can support your overall well-being, as well as specific meditation practices, both long and short. The studies done on this course show that it can help people deal with stress, anxiety, depression and pain in a more effective way. It is a great foundation for those wanting to explore more Mindfulness practices and/or handle challenging situations in a more helpful or appropriate way. There is an assessment in the form of a quiz which is a pre-requisite for joining this class. The opening session will also take the form of a short private discussion with each participant via zoom as the tutor will need to speak to each learner prior to the course starting.

Art Journaling Techniques View details

I will provide you with ideas and techniques for you to explore. We will look at how we can use colour effectively in our journals. We will use collage and will find ways for you to document your personal experiences through images, words and colour.

Introduction to Colour Therapy View details

Learn, in more detail how colours can lift your mood and enhance your health and wellbeing. This course will include a guided meditation at the end of every session to consolidate learning and visualise the colour of the day.

Sewing and Dressmaking for Beginners View details

Bring along your own project to our Sewing Studio, you are in charge of your own learning and will set personal aims at the beginning of each session. You will be supported and encouraged by the tutor. Each week you will be shown a beginner's sewing technique demonstration that could enhance your project. The tutor will work with each individual student one to one so you can make the most of your learning and create your project with confidence. Anything requested will be planned into the next session. The course is aimed at students that are beginners whether they are new or unconfident with sewing. You will need to have your own sewing machine and sewing kit. You will have to access Canvas, WEA's Virtual Learning Environment, before the sewing class where there will be information regarding your course and this will give you the opportunity to contact your tutor.

Pattern Making for Beginners: Make Your Own Trouser Block View details

You will explore a variety of basic pattern cutting techniques such as darts, style lines, and facings. You will take your own measurement and draft a trouser block and you will explore seam allowance. You will make a toile which is a practice garment to test your pattern. You will explore basic fitting techniques to fit your toile and transfer the information back to the pattern after the fitting. There may be an opportunity to create a pattern for your own design. It is essential that you do not miss the first 3 sessions as these will be the blocking instructions. This course will cover a personal bodice pattern, and toile only. It will give you the skills to create your own designs.

Machine Sewing for Beginners View details

Fed up of being inside and want to learn something new? What about learning how to use a sewing machine? This sewing machine course is aimed at complete beginners and will teach you how to thread your machine, adjust stitch size and styles and trouble shoot basic problems as they arise. During this practical sewing course, you will gain confidence in using your sewing machine whilst creating a range of items including a face mask, cushion cover, tote bag or zip purse.

Branch Event: A Slice of Contemporary Literature View details

We will spend two weeks examining the work of short story writer Alice Munro, in her book Dear Life . Munro received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013 for her work as “master of contemporary fiction”. Her stories are usually set in Canada and explore the lives of ordinary people living in small towns across southwestern Ontario. Central to much of her writing are themes of memory, love and the transience of life. For the final week we will look at Maggie O’Farrell’s award winning 2020 novel Hamnet which is a fictional account of Shakespeare’s son who died in 1596. Through this we will discuss historical fiction and the ways it can help us to understand more about real events both in the past and today.