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Mini Albums and Memory Books for Special Gifts View details

Do you love creating amazing items from little more than paper and glue? If you do then this course is for you. Together we will cover all the basic skills needed to create your own Mini Album and Memory Book from scratch. You don't need any special tools or dies, just some A4 card, nice paper, glue and enthusiasm! They make wonderful, personalised gifts - each one custom made for a lucky recipient to show how much you care. By the end of this course you will be making them confidently, though a word of warning - creating these can become addictive!

Get Ready for ESOL Entry 2 (Non-accredited) View details

Before you can join this course, you will need to talk to a member of staff and do an initial assessment to make sure the course is right for you. For more information and to book an appointment please call 0300 303 3464. This course is for students who have already passed the ESOL Entry 1 exam. You will take part in discussions about everyday situations, listening for important information to help you join in and make useful contributions. You will also learn ways to improve your reading, writing, grammar and spelling, using common patterns and rules.

First Steps in ESOL 1 View details

Before you can join this course, you will need to talk to a member of staff and do an initial assessment to make sure the course is right for you. For more information and to book an appointment please call 0300 303 3464. In this ESOL class we will talk about our everyday lives (for example, shopping, health, where you live). You will start to learn about the alphabet and numbers. You will practise asking for and giving basic personal information about yourself. You will learn new words and start to develop your reading and skills.

Literature: Two Poets -Tennyson (In Memorium) & Philip Larkin with Dr Mark Crees View details

Two very different poets, each doing their own thing in their respective centuries. Tennyson, with his mossy beard and grandiose cloak, looks the epitome of the Victorian gentleman of letters: unconventional, introspective, and weighted with profound thoughts. Larkin, with his glasses and cautious smile, has the face of a zillion office workers, apparently content, yet bristling with an inner-unruliness. These men may seem an unlikely duo, yet their aims were often similar. Both helped poetry speak to thousands of ordinary readers. Larkin once praised Tennyson's 'gruff ability to hit the nail on the head,' words which equally apply to himself. This course is about the subtle craft of poetry. We will read Tennyson's beautiful 'In Memoriam' and Larkin's 'The Less Deceived', while asking ourselves how these poems manage to live, and last, across the sea of time.

Literature and Revolution in Russia with Anat Vernitski View details

The dramatic events of the Russian Revolution echoed throughout Russia and the entire world. This course concentrates on literary works written in the years immediately following the Russian Revolution. We read a number of poems, short stories, letters and short memoirs by Russian writers of that period. We become acquainted with several significant 20th century Russian writers.

Literature: Discussing 'Possession' - A Romance by A.S.Byatt with Cath Humphris View details

Share your thoughts about this Booker-winning novel. It uses a variety of different types of 'telling'. Do these work? When? How? It has been called a 'literary mystery' and a 'voyage of discovery'. It blends history with fiction; can we call it a 'historical novel'? This bestselling novel won two prizes. We'll be considering themes and investigating characters. There will be a reading schedule on the Canvas site, so that we can focus on the novel in sections. Please read to the end of Chapter 4 for discussion at the first session.

Sewing: Make your own backpack View details

Make your own backpack! This course will take you through step by step the process to make your own backpack. You can choose to make a kids size or a medium or large adult size bag. You will need a sewing machine to make the most of this course and a list of the materials needed will be provided on canvas. There will be opportunities to modify the bag for your own needs!

Language: Spanish A1 - Higher Beginners View details

This is a course for learners of Spanish who are already working at an A1 level. In the course you will be developing your speaking and listening skills, practicing the grammar acquired in the previous courses. You will be speaking and participating in lessons using the present tense, the present perfect tense and "ir a" future. A typical lesson will consist of an introductory chat in Spanish working towards A1 Level, followed by other activities, which could include communicative activities, reading and/or writing, grammar revision or introduction, exercises. The aim of the course is help the student to improve in the communicative aspects of Spanish whilst maintaining the right balance of practice, oral and listening practice and grammar exercises.

Language: Spanish A2 - B1 Intermediate View details

This course is for learners of Spanish who are already able to speak Spanish to at least the top level of A2, as the class is taught in Spanish, with the exception of explanations in English if they are necessary. Learners will develop their listening and speaking skills, previous knowledge of present, past, present perfect, future and conditional is required, as they are used in conversation. In the course, learners will participate in communicative activities to help practice all these tenses, plus increase their vocabulary and introduce new, interesting topics. All learners will participate in conversations and activities to have the chance to develop their oral and aural skills. In the course, the learners will have access to a balanced mix of communicative activities, grammar, writing and reading exercises.

How and why to start writing a journal - with Frances Owen View details

There is now a lot of evidence showing that journaling can be a powerful tool for personal growth, self-development and improved wellbeing. It is also fun and life enhancing. This course will show learners how to develop creative self-expression through journal writing and taking time to reflect on thoughts, feelings and life experiences. Learners will be taught how to establish a regular journaling habit which will help them deal with stressful circumstances, as well as celebrating success and accomplishments. There will be opportunities to try out a variety of exercises and prompts.