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French for Beginners View details

This is a French course for beginners. It is suitable for learners with no previous knowledge or those with some very basic knowledge who wish to refresh their French skills. In this introductory course students will learn the basic building blocks of the language and how to use them in basic conversations. This course is fully online with no physical meeting space, accessing the course through Canvas our virtual learning environment and zoom a video conferencing software. You will need a reliable internet connection, access to a computer or internet linked device with camera and microphone.

Sketching and Drawing View details

We will be exploring fundamental drawing skills, using a variety of materials to render and model light and form. Experimenting with figurative and abstract art. Primarily looking at drawing materials such as watercolor, ink, pencil, and pastel.

Oil Painting View details

We are going to look at the skills that are fundamental to painting while exploring some of the unique qualities of oil paint. We will explore painting different light sources such as golden hour, contre jour, transmitted light, and reflections. Additionally, we will explore solvent-free painting.

Conversational English - Entry 2 View details

The course is for those to whom English is a second language. It will focus upon the spelling and pronunciation of words used in everyday situations. For example in the local community, shopping, house and home, school / college, health and wellbeing, culture, travel and transport. It will also cover speaking and listening practice in conversational English.

Beginners Flower Doodle Art View details

Learn simple ways to draw beautiful flowers, leaves and seed heads, (some realistic and some imaginary), and practice embellishing them with coloured pencils. Ideal for beginners, or those who want to be inspired by new art techniques. We will practice a variety of doodle patterns and try out different ideas for attractive backgrounds. We will use them to decorate cards, gift tags or frame them to display on your walls - yes they will be that good! This is a very popular art form at the moment and has the added benefit of being relaxing. Join this friendly, creative course, no experience necessary just have a go and have fun .

1 Click Improve Your Maths and English Skills View details

Do you want to enhance your maths and English skills? Do you want to learn in an informal and friendly class at your own rate? Do you want to increase your confidence and develop new skills? if you answer 'yes' then this is the course for you. It will cover reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and basic maths to boost your confidence.

Beginners Tai Chi View details

Tai Chi is designed for learners who want to perform gentle movements to increase mobility and promote well-being - Tai Chi helps to create a beautiful flow of energy both in and around the body. This helps the body to bring about it's own healing potential. Relaxation and meditation techniques complete this mind, body and total well-being holistic practice to bring about a sense of peace, calmness and serenity.

Developing English Skills - Level 1 View details

This course is designed for those for whom English is a second language and those who are looking to develop their core English skills. It aims to enhance adult learners' skills and develop an increased understanding of English through reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The aim of this course is to improve conversational skills through the means of vocabulary and grammar appropriate to this level. This will be taught through various teaching and learning methods. There will be opportunities to have class discussions, as well as discussions in smaller groups in order to give feedback and encourage class participation. The objectives of this course is to help adult learners use English with accuracy. Topics will include: Describing Experiences, Communication, Storytelling and more.

Life Stories Through Art View details

This is a short course for people with 'lived experience' of mental health concerns, services or support. We will use practical art activities to explore how your own life experiences have shaped you as an individual and how your feelings, views and expertise, by experience, can help you to develop positively as a person. We will use a variety of art mediums - collage, line drawing and paint. We will also explore the use of journey maps and vision boards as a form of positive expression. This course welcomes beginners and improvers in art. There will be time for informal discussion and sharing as part of the activities.

Pilates - Improve Your Mobility View details

Many of us are sitting more than we should but help is at hand. Pilates is a safe and effective workout that can be adapted to your own fitness levels. We will include standing work, which helps with posture and balance, Mat based exercises for those able to get down on he floor and up again and some chair exercises. If you have attended a Pilates class before and are aware of the basics this class will lead on from the fundamentals. Our aim is to achieve a balanced work out including the main joints and major muscle groups. Don't worry if space is limited as you only need the space for a mat and chair. Through-out the session you will be given constructive feedback and you will find a some exercises on Canvas to help you practise between sessions. This class is low impact and uses your own body weight to improve overall strength and stability.