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Cooking with Herbs and Spices View details

Like to try new flavours why not join us in herbs and spices, and experiment with bursting exciting flavour. Build an understanding of strengths and weakness of these too andhow else they can used in everyday life.

Managing Your Emotions View details

Our emotions can play a significant part in our Quality of Life. Sometimes they can get out of control and have a negative impact on us. Other emotions can act as a barrier to the things we wish to get from life. This course will provide the opportunity to better understand our emotions, and how to manage them more effectively.

Creative Community-Machine and Free Hand Embroidery(SCC-Southampton students onl View details

During this 10 hours course we will adorn clothes and small sewn objects or tote bags using either hand embroidery or machine free hand embroidery.

Dress Making -(Using Dress Patterns) View details

This course is for those with some sewing experience, who can work on a range of tasks with patterns and require support in understanding pattern instructions and symbols. Students are welcome to work on their chosen projects with tutor support and guidance

Yoga for Beginners View details

The class will introduce students some yoga postures, gentle movements sequences, basic breath work, the importance of resting, balances in a body and simple meditation. In this class breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated. Students can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition and ease of movement. Full body relaxations and balance are the goals, as we make a full circuit of the bodies range of motion with spinal flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion, standing, seated posture, balance and inversion

National Level 2 Award in Effective Team Member Skills View details

This course is ideal if you want to develop your knowledge and understanding of working as a member of a team. During the course, you will be required to deliver a presentation on working in teams and effective teamwork.

Introduction to Driving in the UK for ESOL learners View details

This course will help you get ready for your driving theory test and give you an insight of what to expect. We will introduce some of the important skills for passing your driving theory test. We will learn a variety of things that are useful if you are learning to drive. For example, how to apply for the provisional license? How to book the test? , checking the car before you start driving; Mirrors; Road signs; Theory test questions; Vocabulary your driving instructor may use when asking you to do things once you start taking your driving lessons.

Exploring Negative Space Embroidery View details

During this course we will be exploring negative space embroidery and exactly what it means. This is a really fun and exploratory course where student with an improvers experience of embroidery can use stitching in a creative way. Over the six sessions we will be using a word and the embroidery will take place around the edge of the word leaving an empty (negative) space or outline of embroidery around the word.

Modern Calligraphy with Fiona Mitchell View details

Have you admired beautiful calligraphy and wondered if this was something you could do. Ever wanted to try your hand at calligraphy, but there are no suitable classes in the area that fit with your free time? Have you seen calligraphy on the internet or in books and equipment for sale but don’t know where to start, then this could be the taster course for you. Simple techniques and easily available equipment. Working on-line with an experienced calligraphy tutor you can try your hand at relaxing calligraphy from the comfort of your own home as part of a group of beginners. This course is fully online accessing the course through Canvas our virtual learning environment and zoom a video conferencing software. You will need, reliable internet connection and internet-linked device with camera and microphone. We will be email you links to canvas, please accept these to access the course, the sender will show as “instructure”.

Art History: Writing on Photography - with Dr. Mark Crees View details

Incredible to think how many of our experiences we now frame through the tiny camera lens of our phones. We are all habitual photographers, carrying thousands of frozen moments safely in our pockets. And yet few of us pause to consider how photography shapes the way in which we see our world, or shapes even how we see ourselves. On this course, we will explore the important connection which has always existed between imaginative writing and photography, especially in the work of John Berger, Susan Sontag, Geoff Dyer and Roland Barthes. We will look at some of the most influential photographers of our time and there will also be an opportunity to use photography as the basis for your own writing and cultural investigations.