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Moving on ICT - Entry Level View details

A fun and interactive computer course aiming to improve students' ICT skills. An opportunity to embrace technology and explore its capabilities.

NCFE Certificate Introducing Caring for Children and Young People Level 2 View details

Students must complete 16 credits which will be broken down into 5 units; Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people, importance of play in early learning, young children’s development, craft activities with young children and respecting and valuing children. Units will be broken down into manageable increments and students will be given tasks and activities to work on during the class and at home. Students are expected to have high attendance as this course requires commitment to learning. Learners will build a platform of knowledge which can be used when working within childcare provision. Learners will be expected to contribute to class discussions, complete homework tasks and be respectful of the classroom ground rules. Learners will be required to have a placement which will support their knowledge and practical skills.

Online Taster: Hannah Arendt and the Banality of Evil View details

In 1963 her report on the Trail of Adolf Eichmann for his role in the Holocaust Hannah Arendt created a storm of controversy which continues to this day. The phase 'Banality of Evil' is not just about mindlessly following orders but it implies an active participation in activities which contribute to the political crises of the modern world. This session will examine the case of Adolf Eichmann, Arendt's interpretation and the response that followed using short extracts from a recent film (provided in advance). It will also introduce a longer online course which will explore Arendt's key ideas in the context of the world today.

Online Taster: Landscape history View details

‘Wessex’ is famed for its woods, forests, reclaimed marshlands, watermeadows, rivers, heathlands, grasslands and coast. The session will introduce the interface between natural resources on the one hand, and human activity on the other.

Online Taster: Minimising the risks of being online View details

Do you know how to identify the signs of an scam email? How do you protect your personal information online? We will be sharing some advice and tips

Online Taster: Sustainable Fashion View details

Sustainable fashion not only covers the types of clothing that we buy but also what we do with the clothing once we have finished with it. This taster will highlight some of the points that we need to think about when buying clothes and other textiles.

Online Taster: The New Forest and Exmoor National Parks, a comparison. View details

Exmoor National Park and the New Forest National Park are small by national standards and contrast in many ways making them fascinating to study. Before 1815 Exmoor was a royal forest,while the New Forest remains so to the present. Exmoor was not considered suitable for timber production for the Navy but the New Forest was and it remains in Crown ownership. While Exmoor was developed for agriculture in the first half of the nineteenth century, following the advent of iron battleship New Forest changed towards softwood production and would eventually present great conservation conflicts. This divergent development has led to very different landscape evolution while a combination of different soils, topographies, climate and management produces very different conservation challenges.

Paper Mache View details

You will make sculptures from paper, cardboard, wire mesh and other materials. With my guidance you will create objects, such as colourful animals, decorative bowls, etc. The final stages in this process are priming, painting and decorating.

Patchwork/Quilting/Applique View details

This course is suitable for learners as well as some with a little experience in the subject. Over the next 6 weeks we will cover the following - The design process - using correct seam allowances - choosing fabrics - cutting fabrics economically using the appropriate equipment - making quilting blocks - learning applique - how to make a quilt sandwich - completing a quilted/appliqued project of the students choice. We will also look at other ways we can use fabric to create fabric art.

Portraiture Painting View details

This course introduces the basic techniques used in portraiture. Working from enlarged photographs, students learn to accurately draw the head, neck and face and to use light, shade and colour to create a likeness. The course finishes with a painting project.