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Dress Making (Commercial Patterns 1) View details

The course is for those who are new to dressmaking and struggle to follow pattern instructions and symbols but want to learn how to take measurements correctly and use basic techniques. It is also suitable for those who already have some experience in cutting patterns and sewing but are willing to learn some new techniques. The course will cover a range of cutting and sewing techniques such as cutting the fabric on the straight grain, choosing appropriate fabric for the designs, correct body measuring points, and the safe use of a sewing machine

Flash in the Pan: Stories Under 1000 Words with Shaun Kennedy View details

Many times have I heard from students that writing novel-length stories comes naturally but the hefty workload behind it often prevents them from producing work on a regular basis. 'I'd love to create short pieces to send off to magazines or simply for that sense of achievement but short-form seems to alien to me'. Trust me, I understand the difficulty but I'm here to break down the creative process step-by-step and introduce the basics of writing 'Flash Fiction'; that is, stories under 1000 words. We will define what it is, briefly explore its origins, consider the current state of its surrounding industry and subculture, observe a variety of examples, revise the ways in which we might be more concise in our storytelling, and produce our own original flashfic with practice and sharing said works. This short course will feature lecture, discussion, examples, and exercises to educate ourselves on the art of rapid-fire storytelling that leaves readers happy yet hungry for more!

History: Plymouth's Three Towns - The making of a city with Alison Jones View details

This course will give you an insight into the importance of Sutton, Stonehouse and Devonport in the life of the City of Plymouth that we know today. You will get a taste of the characters and features that made the 3 towns so unique, why they were established, their own unique personalities and discover why they eventually merged to form one of the most important cities in Devon.

Dressmaking - Sewing with Stretch Fabric View details

Once you’ve made a few garments using woven fabric, it’s time to try using stretch fabrics, like jersey, rib and interlock. This course follows on from previous Dressmaking courses and show you how to finesse your skills with new techniques, machines and tools to deal with stretch. We will look at different stretch stitches, how to use an overlocker, how to adapt patterns to use stretch fabric and how to overcome some of the most annoying pitfalls and problems. The course will have lots of demonstrations and you will be expected to “sew along” with me. Students will need to have their own sewing machine ( an overlocker if possible) stretch sewing pattern, a sewing kit with fabrics and notions.We will be making a pair of stretch trousers. Suggested patterns; New Look Sewing pattern 6142 (size XS – XL) New Look Sewing pattern 6216 (size 8 – 18) Simplicity Sewing pattern 1446 (size 18W – 24W) & (26W – 32W) Cashmerette Calder Pants and Shorts (Intermediate) (size 12 – 32)

History: Hidden Gems of Plymouth with Alison Jones View details

Plymouth, the ocean city, with panoramic views across the largest natural harbour in Europe is also the home to numerous hidden gems that lay off the more traditional tourist routes, or even go unnoticed in plain sight . During this course we will find out about the cross that marks the spot of the last public execution of its kind, architectural gems that without knowing could easily be missed as well as stories and monuments that bare testament to the rich and varied history of Plymouth

Advance Computer Skills for Work and Business View details

Learn Microsoft, Access, Excel, Word and powerpoint. Learn how to use social media for business. Learn about developing simple websites.

Sustainable Sewing- Customizing and Altering Old Clothes View details

Hundreds of thousands of items of clothing are thrown away each year. The Fashion industry is known to be one of the most polluting in the world. Yet we still buy more and more, cheaper and cheaper clothing. If you are beginning to question what can be done, learn how to do your little bit for the environment by joining this course and learning how to recycle. upcycle, customise, mend and alter your clothes. You will need to be able to sew to a basic level and have sewing kit, a range of items to alter, and other notions. Large equipment is provided at the venue.

Monet’s Travels View details

This session will explore a selection of the work produced by Monet on his travels to different locations, such as London, Venice & Holland. We will consider Monet's quest to depict the changing light in these locations & how it relates to his Impressionistic style. Fully illustrated with discussion.

Film, Camera, Action: London’s Film Sets with Daniel Williams View details

We will walk from Victory Arch, Waterloo station, to The MI6 building in Vauxhall, stopping to consider a variety of places used as film locations and settings. The aim is to share knowledge about the production background and what these locations contribute to the storyline, atmosphere and style of each film. We will consider a range of films including The Bourne Ultimatum, United KIngdom, Alfie, Trainspotting, and Skyfall.

Dot to Dot: Seurat and Pointillism View details

This session will explore Seurat's development of Pointillism & its influence upon other French & Belgian artists, such as Signac & Van Rhyselberghe Fully illustrated with discussion.