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Day School: The Pastons and their East Anglia View details

We shall look at the letters and documents of the Pastons to gain a detailed picture of what it was like to live through the Wars of the Roses, with a focus on the upheavals and issues peculiar to the Norfolk gentry at this time.

Day School: The RAF in World War Two View details

The course explores RAF activities during World War and the contribution of British air power to the defeat of Nazi Germany. There are numerous human interest accounts examining individual stories of personnel involved.

Day School: The Vienna Secession View details

Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Koloman Moser and the architect Otto Wagner are among the artists who, in 1897, broke away from the official academies and organized their own avant-garde exhibitions. Their often shocking works will be studied in detail while taking into account the broader cultural movement and the social conditions that allowed modernist art to flourish in fin-de-siècle Vienna.

Day to Day Communication View details

Develop your English skills: improve your writing- planning and proof reading improve listening to help you identify relevant information, and to respond appropriately in a discussion. use reading strategies to get different kinds of information (main idea, details) from a variety of texts improve speaking by taking part in discussions

Dealing with Anxiety View details

This course is suitable for anyone who is living with anxiety and will help you to develop a range of tools to help you manage your anxiety, It will also help you to understand your anxiety and the effects it has on you and your everyday life.

Develop Social Media Skills View details

In the C21st it is not always practical to leave a voice mail or text messages, so messages can be left via Facebook (or another app) for someone to pick up later. This course will explore the different social media sites. Good pratice and and uses for each.

Directing Scenes View details

What is your favorite scene from a film? would you want the chance to recreate that scene? The scene from Jaws in under the boat where they compare scares? The rescue scene from the wedding in the graduate? Even being buried alive with nothing but your cellphone!?! This is a hands on practical course in director training. Learning the techniques of filmmaking and how to wok in a team of filmmakers to accomplish the task. You will learn technical aspects of filming along the way where you can use these upskills in actual production work. Learn how to be a filmmaker and then Be a filmmaker.

Dressmaking & Tailoring Techniques View details

This course will cover advanced dressmaking skills including more challenging tailoring techniques on a wide range of fabrics using a range of sewing machines.

Driving Test Theory View details

A course to enhance your learning, prepare you to take your Theory test. A chance to work through both parts and get a feel of the actual test before you book.

English For Parents View details

The course will enable learners to reinforce as well as further develop their existing Esol skills .It will introduce how schools in UK works and cover key topic areas by raising awareness around them through reading , writing and speaking activities . It will provide the opportunity for learners to get confident with their existing level of Esol .