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A sense of place: Lyrical landscapes  View details

This Day School considers the work of many different artists, including Turner, Constable, Ravilious, Piper, Hitchens who have responded to the South Downs landscape through the centuries . It will introduce the origins and status of topographic and ideal landscapes, the important role of patronage and the development of landscape from a proscribed to a more expressive type of painting

Action Towards Inclusion - Growing In Confidence 2 Knaresborough View details

A positive and supportive course which will explore several ways of improving personal confidence and wellbeing using practical activities and group and paired discussions. The course will be inspiring and also a lot of fun! Session 1 Where are we now with our levels of confidence? Dealing with situations when our confidence has been knocked Session 2 Giving and receiving compliments Giving and receiving criticism Session 3 Making decisions Problem solving Session 4 Taking good care of ourselves Staying healthy. Learning how to relax Session 5 Team work Helping others Session 6 Having a go a doing something new / different Setting goals / Personal Action Plans / Course evaluation

Action Towards Inclusion - Managing Your Emotions Selby View details

The is an exciting new course which explores emotions. Over the course we will look at different emotions, how they are triggered, how they impact on you, how to mange them and learn techniques to manage negative emotions, as well as maximising the benefits of positive emotions.

Afrikan History Beginners View details

The course is a general introduction to some of the major contributions of people of African descent. We look at civilisations chronologically, and focus on their contributions to science and technology. We also look at several Ancient African Civilisations in some detail. An introduction to the Sociological and Psychological perspectives on people of African descent will also be an important part of the course. The course is designed to instill pride and generate respect through the mutual understanding of the vital contributions of African people. We are focusing on aspects of African history that have been and continue to be, hidden and misrepresented in mainstream education, and have therefore contributed to the negative portrayal of people of African descent.

Ageing Thoughtfully View details

We don’t talk much about ageing, except perhaps about wanting to avoid it! During this course we shall look at poems and short prose about ageing, and at some philosophy too. There will be opportunities to write and talk about our own experiences, and to hear about other people’s. Are we really any wiser as we get older? What’s positive about ageing? What about relationships with families and friends? How might considering ageing help to deal with? What does our culture encourage us to see ourselves? What do we assume about ageing? Lots of questions, but we'll be talking, writing and reading our way through the process.

Alterations & Customizing Further Techniques View details

This course will develop you skills and interest in up-cycling, customising and altering clothes. We will learn lots of different techniques to rejuvenate garments. Bring along old clothes and your imagination!

An introduction to radio production View details

Introducing radio production. This course will introduce you to basic radio production from microphone, recording, editing and broadcast. An exciting opportunity to get your voice heard in the community!

An introduction to volunteering View details

Identify, explore and develop skills, build confidence and understand how volunteering can benefit you. Discover how volunteering supports stronger communities and how being a volunteer can actively benefit your health and happiness.

An Introduction to Watercolours View details

Facilitated by local artist Caris Jackson through a series of practical demonstrations and varied activities. Come and brush up on your art skills by learning the techniques and the joy of using watercolours. Focusing on creating textures, applying the paint, mark making and the importance of your brushes and paper choices. All in a supportive and friendly environment.

Animation View details

Animation workshops are a fantastic way to engage, empower, educate and inspire people of all ages and abilities and allow you to creatively express your ideas while learning many invaluable skills. A great opportunity to learn everything you need to know about making an animation using traditional techniques. The workshops are unique as they aim to de-mystify the animation process and a supportive environment is offered where you can develop and explore ideas and be inspired to animate. On this new workshop you will develop three methods of early animation. With the help and guidance of your tutor you will develop ideas, characters and stories and transform them into moving images through animation techniques of thaumatropes, flipbooks, also building and creating an animation for your very own zoetrope.