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Advanced French View details

this French course taught by a native speaker will encourage students to join in group discussions & role plays regarding French, political, economical, environmental & social life. We will also revise grammatical points as & when require.

Advanced German View details

This course will cover: Cultural events. Holidays. History. Geography. Literature.

Adventures in Autumn Astronomy View details

An introduction to Astronomy, this course will cover the basics of: what is visible in the Autumn night sky with the naked eye: the constellations, the moon and the planets, with a little more in-depth study

Adventures in poetry View details

This course, aimed at the experienced or improving student, encourages the continued development of their poetry. As well as writing poems they can enjoy, the course aims to build the students' confidence for sharing work with a wider audience. Students will work with and use a variety of imaginative creative exercises and prompts, to help challenge and expand their practice. They will study published poetry, and practise reading & critiquing their own work. Weekly homework is a core feature of the course. While each term will be self-contained, the course will enable continued development in the next term.

Afrikan History - Beginners View details

This course is unconventional, in that it focuses on Africa at its zenith. A time when Africa influenced the world. We look at the various stages in history when Africans from different parts of the continent, were leaders in warfare, trade and exploration and innovation. This is the untold story of the skill, ingenuity and technical mastery of women and men from the continent and those in the diaspora. This is the story of Africa that you wont find in most schools and colleges or conventional history books. Central to the course is a focus on the ancient civilisations of East, West, and South Africa. Finally with classes including Sociology , Psychology, Media and Nutrition, we look at the impact on the physical mental and psychological health of 'Black' people.

An Introduction to Mindfulness View details

This is a three hour session providing an Introduction to Mindfullness and its benefits and how it may be used by individuals.

Ancient Egypt: The Formative Years View details

How did ancient Egypt develop? What preceded the pyramids? In this course we answer these questions and more as we trace the progression of peoples in Egypt from the first established settlements in the Nile Valley to unification. We look at early archaeology, writing, art and artefacts investigating both cultural development and political dynamics. We journey through the process of state formation in Egypt, exploring the transition from a pre-pharaonic neolithic culture to a historic civilization and divine kingship. We conclude with Early Dynastic Egypt, the large-scale pharaonic tombs at Abydos and the development of advanced administration that paves the way for the Old Kingdom.

And Before Shakespeare......The Mystery Plays View details

It sometimes seems as if the explosion of drama onto the Elizabethan stage sprang fully formed from nowhere. But, of course, as Shakespeare himself observed, nothing will come of nothing. There is imput from classical and contemporary European drama, but England too had a rich and developing history of drama, before theatre. Starting from a religious base, simple bible tales were transformed into realistic, and often comic, drama. Gradually invented stories commenting satirically on the original appear, then allegorical plays and and by the sixteenth century plays produced simply for entertainment. The day will be based on a play from one of the cycles of mystery plays and the more ambitious Second Shepherds’ Pageant from the Wakefield plays. The day will begin with a 2 hour session, followed by a lunch break and two one and a half our sessions with a tea break.

Anger and Irritability - Everyday Strategies View details

This course is for people who recognise that anger and irritability are adversely affecting their daily lives. It will explore the triggers, how they affect you and coping tools to reduce the impact anger has on your life and relationships. This course aims to build your confidence and self-esteem and to remove the stress caused by anger.

Anglo Saxon Culture View details

This course explores the language and culture of the Anglo-Saxons. It will cover a brief introduction to Anglo-Saxon history, culture and society, and the origins of the English language. It will provide participants with the opportunity to try out speaking, reading and translating Old English, and offer an account of the grammar and vocabulary of the language. No prior knowledge of Old English is needed.