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Award in Mentoring View details

The course encourages students to identify and develop the skills and tools needed in their role as a mentor.The legal and ethical requirements are explained in the context of mentoring and students will be supported to prepare and undertake at least one observed mentoring meeting. Feedback given and reflected on throughout the courses will enable students to evaluate their progress and performance as a mentor and create a personalised development plan to support their growth.

Building Upon the Basics of Sewing Skills View details

On this course students who already have basic sewing skills with learn a range of more technical skills, practicing them on a selection of projects. Through this method of learning students will understand when it is appropriate to use each technique to its benefit in their own work. Students will have a number of weeks on the course to use the techniques learnt and apply them to projects of their choice with support and guidance from the tutor

Christmas Crafts Workshop View details

You will be shown simple craft techniques that you can use to make a variety of Christmas decorations for your home or to give to friends.

Creative Story Writing View details

The course will develop the student's writing skills in a creative way by planning and editing a short story. This course is open to all but is particularly suitable for people who are new to writing or who haven't shared their work with others before.

Employability Skills View details

This short course is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their prospect of employment. For example: interview skills, planning and writing a C.V., learning useful IT skills. You need to be able to understand and speak some English, as well as read and write well enough to read job advertisements, or a sample CV and to create your own CV. In addition to learning new work skills you will learn how to search the internet for job sites, open and create a word document, open and create an email . You will be identifying skills that you already have that could be useful in the workplace and look at jobs that interest you. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions and find answers to help you in your job search.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Entry 1 Speaking and Listening View details

We will use everyday situations like travel and transport, house and home, health and going shopping to learn new words, practice asking questions, listening for information, and develop good pronunciation so you can communicate better. This could help you to go to appointments by yourself, talk to your neighbours, join in with local groups or activities, or just feel more independent in your everyday life.

Enjoying Reading: Quick Reads View details

This course aims to develop and encourage a love of reading and will suit anyone working towards Level 2 ESOL. Using a selection of BBC Quick reads, students will engage in lively discussion and complete activities designed to improve comprehension, spelling, grammar and communication skills.

First Steps in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) View details

We will learn how to say and write the letters in the English alphabet. We will use everyday situations (like travel, shopping, health and where you live) to learn new words and read common signs. We will practice short conversations, and listening for information, to help you talk to ask and answer questions about yourself. This can help you to feel more independent, for example when you go to the doctor or to join a local group.

Get ready for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Level 1 View details

This course is for students who have already passed one or more ESOL Entry 3 exams. We will develop listening skills to help you identify relevant information, and to respond appropriately in a discussion, using information about the situation and the speaker. We will look at how the audience and context can affect the choice of language we use, and practice using different vocabulary to fit a range of purposes (e.g. inform, persuade, warn, entertain etc.), both when writing and speaking. We will practice reading strategies to get different kinds of information (main idea, details) from a variety of texts.

Job Search and Applications View details

This course is for anyone who is lacking in confidence about their abilities and the skills and qualities they have to offer in the workplace. The course covers Transferable Skills, How to find and apply for Jobs, Tips on how to write a CV and Covering Letter & how to give a good impression at Interviews. No skills or experience needed. .