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Inspiring Adult Learning - Tutoring in the Community (Distance Learning Online) View details

This course is delivered via telephone conference (Zoom) and virtual learning platform (Canvas). There will be set sessions, 11 in total, to attend via Zoom and then additional work for students to complete in their own time using Canvas, it is envisaged that 23 hours will be need to complete this. The course has been devised to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to teach in an adult learning environment. Generic in nature, it will suit teachers from a wide range of disciplines, ensuring consistency in quality and approach.

The New Space Age - An Introduction, Online (supported by RAS) View details

Over the period of the six interactive sessions using polls and Q&A, the course will provide an overview on: • Evolution of the space age from the beginnings with Sputnik to today • Outline the rich sources of services from space that shape human societies on Earth • The emergence of the private space sector in countries around the world • Explore the concern of congestion in space from the growing number of spacecraft and the hazards of space debris. • The potential for the militarisation of space. • Humans living and working in Earth orbit. Returning to the Moon and beyond to Mars.

Online Taster: Sustainable Fashion View details

Sustainable fashion not only covers the types of clothing that we buy but also what we do with the clothing once we have finished with it. This taster will highlight some of the points that we need to think about when buying clothes and other textiles.

Impressionism - Art History Taster View details

Come and discuss Impressionist painting in this welcoming, online taster session. Talk to other students and develop your understanding and appreciation of this now hugely celebrated art movement, which in its own time was highly controversial. We will discuss the development & spread of Impressionism around Paris, focussing on key artworks and artists (including Monet, Degas and Renoir) to establish artistic characteristics, as well as identifying themes and influences which affect the appearance of such works. Compare and contrast art works and consider what made Impressionist painting so different to upset the critics of the time.

Using Essential Oils to create a natural toxic free home for you and your family View details

This live video learning course using zoom, (for more information see, where you join Aromatherapist, Carol Miller, for a fun filled sessions of essential oil education and learn about using pure therapeutic grade essential oils for your health, for your family and in your home. Discover what an essential oil is and why purity is important. Learn the different ways to apply and use them safely and how they can support your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as providing low-toxic solutions for your home. You will have practical tasks to complete and time to share your results. Be prepared to be amazed and ready to ask questions; each session will have a Q&A Section so that you can learn at your speed. With over 40 years experience using Essential Oils I am really excited to share my experience with you. It's a great way to learn and discover the powerful benefits of Essential Oils, sharing your experiences with like minded people.

WEA National Tutor Refresher Program View details

This course is for tutors who have been teaching for the WEA for over two years. It is delivered by video conference (Zoom) and the WEA virtual learning platform (Canvas). There will be 1 session of 2 hours plus the equivalent of 1 hour on Canvas. The course will provide tutors with information on WEA Pathways, WEA Approach to Learning, the Intranet, Canvas, Class Visits and student funding and support.

Introduction to working with vulnerable adults - Pathways taster View details

What do we mean when we say vulnerable adult? Who in our community is vulnerable, who is responsible for them and how can we keep them safe from harm? This session explores who in our community might be considered a vulnerable adult and what services may be available to them.

WEA National Tutor Induction Program View details

This course is for tutors who are new to the WEA. It is delivered by video conference (Zoom) and the WEA virtual learning platform (Canvas). There will be 2 sessions of 90 minutes plus the equivalent of 1 hour on Canvas. The course will help tutors gain the knowledge and confidence to deliver courses for the WEA and support students, ensuring continuity in quality and approach.

Online taster - Makaton as non verbal communication View details

An opportunity to explore Makaton to see how this could further assist individuals to communicate with people with communication difficulties.

Online taster - British Sign Language (BSL) View details

This is a Basic BSL course that will cover a range of different topics to help to build the learners sign vocabulary and perhaps evoke a desire to learn more sign to enable more communication with the deaf community!