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"The Auden Group": Poetry of the 1930s View details

1930s poetry was characterised by its engagement with the political challenge to liberal democracy in the run-up to WW2. The course explores, through discussion and analysis, a small selection of work by Auden, Spender, MacNeice and Day Lewis, known collectively as The Auden Group, who wrote in the hope that poetry could effect change.

"Whatever happened to Leicester's History?" View details

We will be looking at Leicester at various stages of its history and trying to understand why, walking around the town today, so little of this has been preserved. Starting with Roman times through to the "modernisation" vogue during the 1960s and 70s we will attempt to build up a picture of what has vanished over the centuries and also try to establish reasons for this apparently blatant disregard for the town's heritage. We will also try to build up some mental "snapshots" of the town at various stages in its development and recent study moves to place a lot more emphasis on the town's past.

10 British people who made history View details

This ten week course is about ten randomly selected individuals from the history of the British Isles that have left their mark on the historical development of the UK. The figures we will consider along with their qualities are: Boudicca, Edward I, Tyndale, Elizabeth I, Oliver Cromwell, Nelson, Wellington, Aneurin Bevan, Churchill, and Thatcher.

19th Century Classical Song View details

This 5-week course will provide an introduction to the 19th century Classical Song, exploring the European "art song" genre, including the German 'lied' (Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Strauss) ; the French 'mélodie' (Berlioz, Fauré, Duparc, Chausson); and the Italian Art Song (Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti).

20th Century Art Movements View details

The 20th century saw a proliferation of new art movements, many of which still have the power to shock and provoke today. Explore the development of art movements such as Cubism and Fauvism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism and Pop Art through close study of the artists and the works that shaped the 20th century.

20th Century British Art and Design View details

British 20c art is as complex and contradictory as British history, responding to international art, retreating to the English landscape. Course themes include responses to the horror of WWI, quirky English Surrealism and elegiac Neo-Romanticism. We end with Lucien Freud’s painterly nudes and David Hockney in 1960s America.

5 Steps to Discovering Myself View details

Have you ever wondered who you really are and what you want for your life? In this course you will look at how you have become who you are today and start to discover what you would like your future to become through a range of different activities.

A Beginner's Guide to Archaeology View details

Seen archaeological excavations in the news? Want to know more about how archaeology works? This course is for you. We will look at how archaeologists know where to dig, what methods they use, how they know how old something is, and more. Everyone welcome; no previous knowledge assumed.

A Beginner's Guide to Homeopathy View details

This term we will be expanding on previous work but new beginners are also welcome. We will be looking at some very big homeopathic remedies that you will recognise in your family members. We will also be looking at the fascinating idea of Miasms, and how big chronic diseases of the past can leave their mark.

A Brief History of the English Garden View details

This course explores the history of the English garden starting with the Roman villa garden through to the small modern garden today. The course will cover the following different periods of garden history: medieval, Tudor, Dutch, The English Landscape Movement, Victorian and 'Dig for Victory' garden. We`ll assess design, plants and famous gardeners for each period.