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Speech, Language and Communication Needs View details

In this short, introductory course, we will consider what is meant by speech, language and communication and the related functions of attention and memory. A brief overview of typical child language development will be followed by a focus on children's speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) both in the home and school setting. We will be discussing how SLCN impact on learning and ways that we can support children and young people with these difficulties. Having considered how children learn new words, we will look at practical ways to support vocabulary development. Finally, we will discuss social communication difficulties and how we can help children to develop their ability to interact effectively with others.

Health Awareness for Women View details

An opportunity to learn about and discuss aspects of health and wellbeing specific to women, particularly the menopause and it's physical and mental impact. We will look at facts and myths, HRT, natural remedies, depression, fatigue, loneliness, mental wellbeing and consider the potential benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

First Steps in ESOL 1 View details

Before you can join this course, you will need to talk to a member of staff and do an initial assessment to make sure the course is right for you. For more information and to book an appointment please call 0300 303 3464. In this ESOL class we will talk about our everyday lives (for example, shopping, health, where you live). You will start to learn about the alphabet and numbers. You will practise asking for and giving basic personal information about yourself. You will learn new words and start to develop your reading and skills.

Play with Music 1 CLICK View details

Applying a range of music styles and instrumentation, students will participate, explore and develop their own innate musical ability through simple songs and tunes. Students will be encouraged to develop confidence in music by voice and body exercises and techniques.

Afternoon Yoga for Everybody View details

The course is suitable for all ages, for beginners and those who already practise yoga. The practices will involve a wide range of techniques including body, breath, meditation, study and reflection.

Winter Crafts with Caroline Hughes View details

The course will help you design and make inspiring winter crafts, using paper, twigs, wires and incorporating natural materials, to create designer decorations, trees and wreaths.

Come Dine with Me! View details

Planning a Dinner Party is a skill that anyone can learn. It's about choosing dishes that complement each other, making a fool proof checklist of ingredients and equipment, invitations, and of course remembering to enjoy yourself! These 3 sessions will include planning tips and cooking demonstrations of starters, main courses and desserts to get you inspired! Join Chef and Food Writer Kevin Ashton as he guides you to create the perfect "Come Dine With Me" experience. This is not a cook along, no need to have the ingredients ready for classes. There will be be a mixture of live demonstration and some video clips you can play back in your own time when cooking. Plenty of time for questions and chat!

In the footsteps of J.B. Priestley: England 1933-1934 View details

Better known as a novelist rather than a travel writer, J.B. Priestley, in 1933, embarked on a tour of the towns and regions of England examining living conditions, workplaces, unemployment, leisure, pleasure and place, with his experiences subsequently published as a book, 'English Journey' in 1934. Taking Priestley's volume as our guide, this course aims to explore, assess and examine aspects of England and English life and culture in the early 1930s, with a view to encouraging greater knowledge and comprehension of the period. Our aim is to interpret Priestley's book within a more modern context and help develop a deeper understanding of what became known as the 'Devil's Decade'.

Discovering Towns: their development & rich architectural and cultural heritage View details

Our towns are a rich source of heritage. They have evolved to grasp all kinds of opportunities and have adapted to all kinds of challenges. this course takes students all over England and sometimes beyond to explore the growth, architecture and culture of many different kinds of towns. It will highlight seaside resorts like Scarborough and Blackpool, spa towns and industrial towns like Nottingham that became industrial centres. It will also look at towns of Roman origin like Chester. The course will include Aachen in Germany that became a major centre in Carolingian times that had cultural influences all over europe and the impact of the Low Countries on towns in the UK will be explored. And no course on urban heritage would be complete without looking at the importance of towns for shopping!

English Maths and ESOL Initial Assessment West Midlands View details

Students wishing to join an EME course need to complete an initial assessment before they start. The initial assessment event is designed to test students’ current skills. During initial assessment, students will work with WEA staff to agree the current level that they are working at and discuss the best course for them to develop their skills.