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Social History: Servant Life and Social Class in Edwardian England

Ref: C2418622

How accurate are recent television portrayals of social class and life ‘below stairs’ in the Edwardian period? The course will examine the working lives of servants and the alternative employment opportunities open to them.

Architecture of Spain and Portugal

Ref: C3740195

We will look at the fascinating path from pilgrimage churches of the Romanesque period via the arrival of High Gothic in Toledo and Burgos, the development of local Plateresque and Manueline styles, right through to the “Bilbao effect” created by Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim.

Art Appreciation

Ref: C2418690

Each session we will explore a topical subject concerning the history of the arts. It may be related to an anniversary, such as Monteverdi (born 1567) or to a current exhibition in the major London galleries tba

Creative Writing - Term 3

Ref: C3668998

A fun and friendly class that looks at all aspects of creative writing from poetry to prose. Students are encouraged and cajoled to write, share their work, perform and submit to competitions and for publication.

Your Novel in a Year - Term 3

Ref: C3669124

This fun and friendly class, lead by a published novelist, will look at all aspects of novel writing over the course of the three terms. From looking at where ideas come from, and how to generate enough of them to sustain a novel, to where to submit your work to once it's finished, this class has everything you need to get that novel down on paper.

Maps and their journeys: exploring a variety of visual forms and their stories

Ref: C2336617

From Ogilby’s strip maps through Ordnance Survey to Google Earth we will explore this rich variety of visual forms and the stories connected with them. Students are encouraged to bring in maps, share their travel experiences and make simple maps during the course.

Literature: Writers in Greenwich Village

Ref: C2223547

For a hundred years and more, Greenwich Village was famous for its Bohemian ways. In this course we shall consider the work of some of the poets, playwrights and novelists who came to the Village to make their literary fortunes in the years between the Great War and the Great Depression. Was Greenwich Village truly a republic of free spirits? And how did the work of these writers reflect the life of the nation around them?

History: The World Encompassed

Ref: C2223548

This course will consider how Europeans discovered the rest of the world, looking in particular at the great voyages of the 15th and 16th centuries but also those which filled in the gaps later. It will consider the background to these voyages, what motivated them and what developments in understanding and technology made them possible?

Seasonal Landscape Painting

Ref: C3839473

On this course you will use a wide range of materials to produce accomplished artwork using different techniques demonstrated.

Literature: The Self Portrait

Ref: C2223748

A Rembrandt self-portrait, Van Gogh's letters, Sir John Soane's house and John Clare's poems are varieties of the maker's portrait. In this course we will study the many faces of the self-portrait and what they mean to us.