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Bag Making Part 2

Ref: C2336884

To learn a range of new bag making skills. You will make a variety of different bags with different fastenings and closures and then move on and choose a bag project of your choice.

Healthy for Life

Ref: C3671431

A fun, participatory new course exploring health and wellbeing in the community.

Music Making: Guitar for Beginners

Ref: C2224686

Guitar for beginners aims to help beginners and intermediate level guitarists develop and improve their guitar skills.

Film & Media: Lights, Camera, Action (summer)

Ref: C2224696

Anyone interested in film making and for those students from previous film courses to be able to assist any new students. The course covers the whole production process, from a story idea stage to the actual filming and on to the post production stages.


Ref: C3741485

The Makaton Beginners Workshop Learn signs and symbols from the Core Vocabulary stages 1 - 4 plus Additional Vocabulary. Sessions include: The origins of Makaton, Makaton’s place in the signing world, discussing commonly asked questions, hints and tips for effective signing and symbol use and how to start using Makaton in everyday situations at home or work.

Holiday Spanish

Ref: C3671586

‘A short introduction to basic Spanish for beginners, from greetings and introductions to shopping for food and ordering a drink or a snack in a Spanish bar. Whether you’re planning a holiday or a trip to visit friends and relatives or if you’re simply interested in trying out a few words in Spanish, this course will give you a taste of the language and culture of Spain.’

Preparing for Work

Ref: C3125393

The course is held at Northside Welcome Centre and aims to help students with all aspects of looking for work. Students will have an induction which will identify individual outcomes and may signpost to other training opportunities needed. The course involves creating or updating a CV, writing letters of application, filling in application forms, performing on line job searches and identifying potential areas of employment.

Carry on History

Ref: C3840761

Sharing our histories about: workplace; comparing customs and traditions now and when you were young.

Castaway Dance Performance

Ref: C3669597

Awaken your imagination! Come and explore the possibilities of combining dance and film. Get hands on experience of filming dance as well as making and performing dance with others. Finally we'll showcase our work at Junction, theatre in a piece combining live dance and projected film.

Office Administration & Reception

Ref: C3741198

This introductory course covers general administrative support and interpersonal communication. Students learn to work as part of a team and adapt to a changing office environment. Some basic administrative assistant tasks are introduced, including completing correspondence, answering phones and receiving visitors.