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1930's Detective Fiction View details

This course will examine the enduring appeal of crime fiction from this decade, consider the formation of the Crime Writers Association and key figures in it, and explore the characteristics of the 'golden age'. It cannot be denied that female crime writers did dominate in this period but this course will look at male and female writers who published crime fiction in the 1930s and consider their enduring appeal.

70 Years that Transformed British Politics, 1637-1707 View details

in 70 years the British political world is turned upside down. One King is publicly executed and his second son flees into exile after the last successful foreign invasion of these isles. By the end of this period, Parliament is politically dominant, Protestantism is in the ascendancy, Ireland is a colony and a new political entity - Britain - has been created. None of this was inevitable. So whilst this course looks at what happened and why, it also examines movements that did not succeed. The political radicals - Levellers, Diggers- the messianic religious groups - the Ranters and Shakers - and try and see them in their own light. Whilst these 70 years are amongst the important decades in British history, dynamism is not limited to politics. With great literature - Paradise Lost, Pilgrim's Progress, Restoration comedies - pioneering science - Newton, Hooke, Royal Society - and fascinating insight into day to day life - Pepys Diaries,-this is history that resonates down the ages.

A Revolution in Reading: Mary Webb, Compton Mackenzie & Dorothy L. Sayers. View details

What do The Unpleasantness at The Bellona Club, by Dorothy L. Sayers, Gone to Earth, by Mary Webb, and Carnival, by Compton Mackenzie have in common? They are numbers 5, 9 and 10 on Penguin's list. We will read them in comfortable stages at home, and discuss characters, developments and the historical context for each of the novels. Can these books be easily classified? We'll be thinking about standards that define a novel as high, middle or low-brow. What can those first ten titles tell us about 1935, the year that Penguin was founded? Any unabridged copy of the titles will be suitable for using on the course.

A Taste of Real Bread: an introduction to fruit breads and festive breads. View details

Gain skills and confidence in making a wide variety of fruit breads and festive breads. You'll get to take home some tasty loaves at the end of the day! The course also offers an insight into the nutritional benefits of 'real bread'.

African Themed Arts and Crafts View details

Students will develop art and craft skills, collage, batik, printing, painting, exploring the work and cultures of four African /Asian artists, eg Lional Smit, Aboudia Diarrassouba, James Jean, Lady Asia.

African Themed Arts and Crafts View details

Students will develop art and craft skills, collage, batik, printing, painting, exploring the work and cultures of four African /Asian artist, eg Lionel Smit, Abouadia Diarrassouba, James Jean, Lady Asia.

Alterations & Customising Further Techniques View details

This course will develop you skills and interest in up-cycling, customising and altering clothes. We will learn lots of different techniques to rejuvenate garments. Bring along old clothes and your imagination!

An Introduction to Archaeology View details

Archaeology is all around us if you know what it looks like. Over 5 two hour sessions, the principles and practice of archaeology will be explored with ample opportunity to handle artefacts, as well as practical sessions on artefact recognition.

An Introduction to Being Self-Employed View details

The course will give a basic introduction to self employment including the following topics: • Benefits and pitfalls of self -employment • Your responsibilities e.g registering with HMRC as self- employed- doing tax returns etc, Insurance, • Writing a business plan- things to consider e.g. costs etc..

An Introduction to Driving Theory for Speakers of Other Languages View details

An introduction to the driving theory test for speakers of other languages. The course will also include the language you will hear and use in both practical lessons and the practical driving test.

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