Day School - Eminent Imperialists Part Two

Ref: C3528528

The course covers the lives of Britons none of whom were of royal blood and only one from the established aristocracy. Almost without exception they came from the academic, military, scientific and commercial middle classes that, of itself, was unique to Great Britain and also of itself, a creation the grammar schools, mercantilism, the British empire, empirical scientific discovery and Britain's significant role in the Age of European Enlightenment. The objective is for learners to better understand so undertake further study on the achievements of such remarkable men and women, mostly of humble origin and some self educated, yet because of their character and tenacity were able to stamp their names within the meritocratic tableau of our nation- building between 1520 and 1990, but with so very few being recognised within the formal teaching of our nations narrative history

Additional information about this course

Non SFA course. No fee remittance.

Course aim

Hopefully a fascinating look at the lives of six to eight relatively unknown British men and women's who contributed as "Game Changers" in creating then shaping Great Britain during the last five hundred years.

Do I need any particular skills or experience?

  • This course is suitable for beginners and improvers
  • Students need a level 2 qualification in English to join this course
  • In the main, an enquiring mind coupled with some interest in British history is more than a sufficiency for joining the course.

By the end of the course I should be able to:

  • Explain how it was predominantly the middle and educated working classes who built Britain's world empire and Industrial Revolution whilst leading Europe's Age of Enlightenment.
  • Name two major events or innovations by any of these Game Changers that had a material impact upon civilisation's progress..
  • Identify the two common character factors that applied to nearly all these Game Changers.

How will I be taught?

  • The WEA tutor will use a range of different teaching and learning methods and encourage you and the group to be actively involved in your learning
  • All learners will have my proposed reading list of books and websites I used in creating the course. My teaching method is through some 150 PowerPoint images of photographs, cartoons, artworks, map and charts, diagrams and time-lines.

What kind of feedback can I expect?

  • A range of informal activities will be used by the tutor to see what you are learning which may include quizzes, question and answer, small projects and discussion
  • You will have opportunities to discuss your progress with your tutor
  • You will be encouraged to share your work with the group and discuss your learning
  • Meaningful informal individual learner assessment is difficualt to achieve in six hour day schools. Group assessment for compreheniosn and achievemnt is more realistic so undertaken.

What else do I need to know?

  • Nothing else is needed
  • All materials will be provided

Pre-course work, reading and information sources

  • No pre reading is required but research on the subject on the internet or in the library may be helpful
  • Even casual reading around the subjects before the day school will assist in ice-breaking the course.

What can I do next?

  • Progress to another WEA course
  • Progress to a course with another provider
  • Access the WEA What Next? booklet here
  • Typically learners seeking history courses prefer WEA weekly sessional courses as NADFS events are increasingly expensive and U3A events are limited in depth and content by their format of lunch followed by a 90 minutes chat.

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Day School - Eminent Imperialists Part Two


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  • are paying the standard fee or are on any of the qualifying benefits
  • are paying with a credit/debit card or are not paying a fee because of a qualifying benefit
  • have a valid email address
  • have been resident in the UK, EU or EEA for the last 3 years
  • are aged 19 years or older on 1st September 2017
  • have read and accept the standard terms and conditions
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