Presenting yourself and communicating more confidently

Ref: C2337439

A short course for anyone wanting to present themselves and speak more confidently in group situations or when speaking in a range of everyday social or work situations. This enjoyable and friendly course will give you tips on overcoming nerves, relaxing and projecting voice, using body language to appear confident and give you some professional tips on making talks or presentations.

Course aim

To give students a range of skills which will enable them to present themselves and speak more confidently in numerous everyday situations.

Who is the course for?

What topics will this course cover

Body Language [non-verbal skills] Relaxing voice to better project it Grooming tips to help project authority Structuring a short talk/presentation Speaking as part of a group - Communication skills that help group work succeed

What will it be like?

WEA classes are friendly and supportive. You will be encouraged to work together with your fellow students and tutor. You will be asked to share your ideas and views in the class and work with the group to give and accept feedback in a supportive environment. The WEA tutor will use a range of different teaching and learning methods and encourage you to be actively involved in your learning. You may be asked to undertake work to support your course outside of your class.

By the end of the course I should be able to:

•Demonstrate 3 body language techniques which project confidence •Describe a power pose and its purpose •Demonstrate a relaxation and a breathing exercise to help project voice •State at least two choices of grooming which will help project authority •Describe a technique for organising a short talk or presentation •Speak in a confident organised way on an everyday topic to others for approximately 5 minutes •Describe 4 types of communication necessary for meetings and groups to work effectively and will have used some of these in group exercises

How will I know I'm making progress?

Through feedback during group work and exercises.

What else do I need to know, do or bring?

None needed. Hand-outs will be available but students may like to bring notebook and pen if they want to make personal notes

Reading and information sources

Not needed

What could the course lead to?

This course provides a useful starting point for those wishing to go on to formal public speaking/ presentation skills courses, counselling and interviewing skills courses and any confidence building courses as the learning is relevant to all these areas.

Download full course outline

Presenting yourself and communicating more confidently Course Outline

Is this course right for me? Request more information

This course has been cancelled.


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  • are aged 19 years or older on 1st September 2016
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