Professional Development:Unit 5: Presentation in the Workplace and Communication

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Once you get back into the work or start your first job, there are a lot of things about the work place that can be confusing. This course will help you to understand what employers are looking for from their workers. It will help you to identify the things that you all ready know and to list things that you feel you may need help with. The course will then help you to find answers to your questions. You will be helped to understand what employers look for during an interview and will be given time during the course to work on things that you would like to improve on.

Course aim

This course aims to help you to check that you know what employers require with regard to personal appearance and communication skills in the workplace. It will help you list things that you do very well and things that you may need to work on.

Who is the course for?

Students must be referred via Job Centre Plus (JCP)

What topics will this course cover

• You will be introduced to the learning materials for this unit. • The tutor will explain what is meant by the terms ‘presentation’, ‘communication skills’ and ‘good attitudes to work’. • You will be encouraged to tell the tutor what you know about personal presentation, communication and good attitudes to work and list things that you need to develop. • You will be helped and encouraged to seek help with these from the tutor, your peer group or other sources. • The tutor will help you to understand your rights as an employee, including minimum wage and conditions of work including heating, health and safety and work times. • You will be asked to tell us about your progress on this unit.

What will it be like?

WEA classes are friendly and supportive. You will be encouraged to work together with your fellow students and tutor. You will be asked to share your ideas and views in the class and work with the group to give and accept feedback in a supportive environment. The WEA tutor will use a range of different teaching and learning methods and encourage you to be actively involved in your learning. You may be asked to undertake work to support your course outside of your class.

By the end of the course I should be able to:

1. List the things you already know about presentation in the work place. 2. List the things about presentation you need to improve on. 3. List the things you know about communication and good attitudes to work in the workplace. 4. List the things about attitudes in the workplace and communication skills you need to improve on. . 5. Through discussions with your tutor, peer group or individual research, find sources or ways to help you improve on your communication, attitudes to work and presentation. 6. Talk to your tutor or peer group about employee rights in the workplace

How will I know I'm making progress?

Your tutor will talk to you each week and provide you with support and feedback. She will also provide feedback on your written work.. You will receive feedback from other people in the group. The tutor will tell you, from observing how you work with other people, what progress you are making and when you respond to ask or answer questions, you will be able to tell if you are learning. You will note in your learning record the progress that you are making.

What else do I need to know, do or bring?

Students should bring a pen. All other materials will be provided You do not need any previous experience of work although if you do have experience, this will be useful for you to build on.

Reading and information sources - compiled by the TUC. Lists your rights as a employee – A video which shows how conversations in the workplace can go wrong. - Answers to some frequently asked questions from the Health and Safety Executive, including employee safety, sick pay and entitlement to breaks. -short youtube video on attitude

What could the course lead to?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to progress on to the next courses in this series: Developing core skills for the workplace. Having identified the necessary qualities for work, you may wish to identify a specific area to develop, for example, if appropriate your Maths or English qualifications. It is hoped that by participating in these courses, you will feel equipped to move into the workplace.

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Professional Development:Unit 5: Presentation in the Workplace and Communication Course Outline


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