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Publisher for Beginners View details

Open and Close Publisher. Create a new publication. Introduction to templates designs and slide masters. Insert text, tables, pictures, Word Art, shapes, SmartArt, Page parts, and much more.

ESOL for Employability - non accredited View details

This course will help students with English as a second language to gain the knowledge and vocabulary needed to take the first steps towards securing a job and being successful in the workplace. The course will also help you to develop your skills and confidence to look for work, using a variety of teaching methods, group work and enjoyable activities.

A Taste of India: Chicken Chaat on Puri View details

Indulge yourself in a contemporary Indian cookery taster. Throughout this session, you will learn how to prepare the ingredients and use cooking equipment safely. You will also learn how to substitute traditional ingredients with healthy alternatives. Vegetarian and vegan options will also be discussed. You may even cook along if you wish but this is not a necessary requirement. Watch and learn a new recipe and try in your own time.

Mixed Media 3D Landscape View details

The aim of this activity is to produce a 3D effect picture of a landscape. You will need an A4 canvas which can be purchased cheaply from many discount stores. Onto the canvas you will design a picture which uses many different materials and textures. The picture can be as decorative and textured as you choose. You will need: canvas, coloured magazines, spare coloured paper, spare materials, PVA glue, scissors, embellishments of your choice. You may choose to include materials such as wool, wooden lollypop sticks, think of recycled materials you may have at home that you could include.

Dib Dab & sparkle crafts, stories & marvellous masks View details

Children / supported by their parent will learn how to make their own mask and or have their face painted. There will be storytelling and craft activities.

Seminar: How to Read a Painting (Part 2) View details

Art can be elusive, made up of concepts, codes and signs not always easily read or made sense of. Indeed, paintings are often impenetrable, even intimidating things; but, by taking the time to look, they can become much less so. Understanding art does, in fact, have as much to do with looking as it does with art historical study. So, for the viewer time is your friend. Paintings are usually made to be experienced on an intuitive level, so even if you are clueless about where to start, just looking at a work of art will tell you a lot about it. Artists work intuitively and the viewer too can gain much from this approach. Following on from How to Read a painting, this part two class will consider a select range of art historical methodologies to come to some understanding of the meanings and motivations behind some masterpieces and, therefore, perhaps, uncover why they are valued artifacts that people travel the world to see 'in the flesh'. Let the journey begin!

Community Interpreting Initial Assessment, West Midlands View details

During the session we will discuss your skills and experience with you, talk to you about the courses available and ask you to complete a task to see which course is right for you. We will talk to you about our courses and provide you with information about the work you will need to complete during your studies.

Early Years Initial Assessment West Midlands View details

During the session we will discuss your skills and experience with you, talk to you about the courses available and ask you to complete a task to see which course is suitable for you and to give you an idea of the work you will need to complete during your study.

Preparing to work in adult social care initial assessment West Midlands View details

This session will provide you with information about our preparatory courses for those wanting to work in adult social care. You will be asked to complete an assessment task that will help us to see which course is right for you.

Discussing ‘Flush’, a Fictional Biography with Cath Humphris View details

Virginia Woolf's novel, Flush, published in 1933, is a biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's spaniel, who lived from 1840-54. Its direct inspiration was a new edition, in 1930, of the Brownings' love letters in which 'the figure of their dog made me laugh so I couldn't resist making him a Life.' We'll be thinking about the way this fictional biography combines fact and fiction, and considering the significance of breeding, classification and status. If you've never read Virginia Woolf before, this is an accessible introduction. If you're planning to join me in discussing AS Byatt's, 'Possession' in the Autumn term, you might like to be introduced to Elizabeth Barrett Browning in advance. On the other hand, you might just like an opportunity to discuss a novel in which a dog takes the central role. It would be useful to have read the novel before the session.