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Assertiveness and Managing Conflict View details

This course will enable people to understand how to manage conflict and to become more assertive..

Assertiveness and Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations View details

Participants will identify the causes of a range of difficult situations and conversations. They will learn about different types of behaviour and practice using assertive behaviour in a safe and comfortable environment. The course will cover different strategies for managing difficult behaviour and difficult situations.

Assertiveness and Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations View details

Do you need more confidence when faced with a difficult situation or conversation? If so, this free short course is for you. Learn the skills and techniques required to manage difficult situations effectively and how to get good results from difficult conversations.

Astronomy Day School: The Latest Developments 2020 View details

In this day-school we will firstly give a brief update on space craft explorations of the solar system including the Mars rover Curiosity, the Juno mission to Jupiter and the ongoing missions to small worlds in the asteroid belt. In April 2019 a revolutionary image was obtained by the Event Horizon Telescope (a worldwide array of radio telescopes) of a so-called super-massive black-hole in a galaxy 55 million light years away – the very first time a black hole has been ‘seen’ directly. We will discuss the significance of this observation for astronomy. In doing this we will review what was previously known about black-holes – these most exotic of cosmic denizens, as well as the galaxies within which these most ‘super-massive’ type reside. We will continue the cosmological theme with a discussion of the recent detection of Gravitational Waves – another revolutionary set of observations which has opened up a whole new way of observing the cosmos.

Astronomy for beginners View details

This course introduces you to the composition and structure of the universe. Astronomy is the scientific study of the contents of the entire Universe. This course will provide you with a study of the universe and the conditions, properties, and motions of bodies in space.

Astronomy, space research and society View details

Astronomy and space might seem to some people to be remote, distant topics with very little use to our everyday lives. However, this is certainly not the case. We will explore some of these applications - from civilizations thousand of years ago using the heavens as a basis for calendars to the new materials developed for space travel that find applications that benefit us all. Learners will be encouraged to carry out small-group research into such materials and, if possible, bring along examples to class. The stars and planets on view in the summer night sky will be discussed as well as the latest astronomy and space stories.

Atkinson Grimshaw: Moonlight, Yorkshire and More View details

Explore the life and work of Yorkshire artist Atkinson Grimshaw, who achieved commercial success most famously with his moonlit scenes. This will be placed within the wider context of his work, which included daylight landscapes, interiors, gardens, figures - yet less familiar than his trademark moonlit street paintings. We will also consider the background of the artist in relation to his work. Fully illustrated with discussion.

Autism and Communication View details

You will explore and discuss the needs of individuals across the Autism Spectrum, with regards to communication and interaction. Looking at differing resources and approaches from our own communication methods to including visual aids, key signing and electronic communication technology.

Autism Awareness View details

This one-day course will help you to recognise the main characteristics and range of the Autism spectrum. Learning about the triad of impairment/linked to current models and thinking, consider sensory issues and find out about suitable everyday strategies.

Award in English Skills Speaking and Listening (Entry 2) View details

You will use role plays to practise useful conversations (e.g. at the doctor’s, or in a job interview) and improve your pronunciation. We will use real life situations and current news topics to have discussions and to give you an opportunity to express your views and opinions. You will also practise listening for detail in conversations, as well as following oral instructions. We will also explore ways to check and confirm understanding in verbal exchanges (e.g. checking dates and times when making appointments over the phone, or making reservations).