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BBO Money Sorted in D2N2:Cooking on a Budget View details

A cooking demo delivered by a nutritionist is a great way to learn how to cook foods that will benefit your health. People frequently want to cook healthy food, but may assume doing so is difficult, or expensive. Our nutritionist will clearly show you that healthy cooking is easier than you might think, doesn't have to be costly and doesn't have to take hours to prepare. The demonstrations won't solely be on how to prepare dishes. It will also serve as an opportunity for you to ask healthy eating questions and learn about which ingredients you should be cooking with daily and why.

Exploration of Egyptian Treasures at the British Museum View details

Would you like to explore beneath the surface of the major Egyptian collection in the UK? This afternoon gallery tour provides an opportunity to join an Egyptologist in exploring selected highlights of the Egyptian artefacts on display in the British Museum. We will look at a selection of pieces in the Sculpture Gallery (Room 4), the Early Egypt Gallery (Room 64) and if possible the Nubian Gallery (Room 65) to gain an appreciation of Egyptian art and material culture across a period of more than three millennia.

Chair Yoga View details

This one off session will give you an idea of what is involved in a Chair yoga class to see if it is for you. We will do breathing exercises, warm-ups and a yoga sequence in a chair, there will be a couple of standing postures using a chair to support the postures. We will finish with a relaxation. There will be a series of classes offered in the autumn term if you decide you want to continue.

The Great British Antiques Quiz View details

Professional antiques dealer, Stephen Poulter, is your Quizmaster challenging you to identify unusual antique objects, allocate items to their correct historical periods and guess the prices that particular items sold at auction.

Literature: Philip Larkin with Dr Mark Crees View details

This taster course will introduce the poetry of Philip Larkin, and an enticement to join the poetry course that follows this September: 'Two Poets: Tennyson and Philip Larkin'. Philip Larkin is one of the most read, most admired and most recited poets of the modern era. His poetic reputation, however, rests on three very slim books: 'The Less Deceived', 'The Whitsun Weddings' & ‘High Windows'. Yet the thinness of these volumes is itself, highly deceptive. These books represent a lifetime's commitment to the subtle power of art, and they testify to Larkin's remarkable achievement as a writer and poetic ponderer. On this course, we will take a train to Larkinland, and explore how his poetry can help us to reflect upon the fragility, and the wonder, of our everyday lives

Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries with David Brindley View details

‘Modern Art’ arouses strong feelings - like it or loathe it! This taster traces the development of painting and sculpture from Impressionists such as Monet and Renoir, via the artistic revolutions caused by Cezanne and Picasso, to the diversity of Jackson Pollock and the contemporary British artists.

Introduction to Deaf Awareness with Janet Corbett Marston View details

This brief course is a great introduction to developing an awareness of deafness and hearing loss. It aims to give you a background understanding and insight of people who are d/Deaf, or have hearing loss, and their communication needs in a hearing world

Literature: Discussing 'High Wages' (1930) Bestselling Novel by Dorothy Whipple View details

We will be discussing our reactions to Dorothy Whipple's second novel. It's set in 1912, but was published in 1930. We'll be thinking about the style of the writing, as well as characterisations, setting and themes. The publishers, Virago, refused to consider any of Dorothy Whipple's novels for their re-prints, but she is currently one of the most popular re-discovered writers being enjoyed by Persephone Press. Why is that? This session is self-contained, and will focus on the novel in question. However, if you're interested in sharing your thoughts about three more novels published in 1930, there will be a follow-on six session course starting on 1st November, course code: C3532680

Alternative Therapy: Improving your mental health View details

This course covers a range of complementary therapies designed to help and support symptoms of mental health. Come and join us on this informal and relaxed course.

Zodiac Aromatherapy View details

This short workshop will take you through the ideal essential oils for your birth sign and why they are the most suited for your zodiac symbol.