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Art: Botanical Illustrations, Summer View details

A botanical painting course wallowing in the variety and beauty of flowers that grow from early May to late July. Full-on colour! Learn how to use the strength and jewel-like quality of watercolour paints.

Art: Exploring flowers through mixed media View details

We will observe a range of flower shapes to create a bank of ideas. We will record images in sketchpads. We plan to use textiles, pastels, pencils, paint and brusho inks. This will inspire a finished piece of work in multi media.

Art: Positive Form View details

This course will enable the learner to learn basic art techniques and combine this with experimentation with model making materials such as wire and modroc to express issues related to modern housing

Artistic Patronage of the European Courts View details

From the Renaissance onwards court art flourished in Europe to express the power, prestige, taste of the rulers and to help form their identity. The artistic patronage of the Valois of France, the Habsburgs of Austria and the Romanovs of Russia will be considered in its cultural context. Selected painting and buildings, sculpture and manuscripts created for patrons such as Francois I in Paris, Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna and Peter the Great in St Petersburg will be studied in terms of content style and function.

Arts & Crafts Using Mixed Media View details

Every week a different craft will be offered to try which you can experiment with, or develop your own creativity. You will be supported in a non judjmental setting

Arts & Crafts: The elements & my surroundings View details

This friendly course offers the opportunity to try different craft techniques such as Batik, Collage, fabric painting, glass painting, exploring your artistic abilities and creating individual framework. This course will consist of individual tuition and demonstrations

Arts and Crafts View details

A lovely Arts & Crafts course where you will learn a new skill almost each week. These crafts can include home decor, mixed media art, die cutting and embossing etc. The course will also give you an insight into other cultures and how art is used in those cultures.

Asking Philosophical Questions View details

Philosophical questions are distinctive, different from scientific or practical questions for example. Philosophy explores fundamental issues such as who we are (personal identity); what is moral; how best to organize human societies; what we can know; what is real. Each of these issues is examines in a particular 'branch' of Philosophy, such as philosophy of mind; ethics; political philosophy; theory of knowledge (epistemology); or metaphysics. This course provides an introduction to the questions and branches of Philosophy.

Asking Philosophical Questions - Knowledge and Reality View details

Philosophical questions are distinctive, different from scientific or practical questions for example. Philosophy explores fundamental issues such as what we can know and what is real. Each of these issues is examined in a particular 'branch' of Philosophy - the theory of knowledge (epistemology) and metaphysics. This course provides an introduction to these questions and branches of Philosophy.

Astronomy Day School: The Latest Developments 2019 View details

In this day-school we will firstly discuss the most recent space missions that have been exploring our solar system. These include the recent Chinese missions to the Moon, Mars rovers Opportunity and Curiosity, the Japanese Hyabusa2 mission to asteroid Ryugu - an ambitious sample return mission - and the similar NASA mission to asteroid Bennu. In the outer solar system we have the on-going Juno mission to Jupiter and recently the New Horizons mission has flown past Ultima Thule way beyond Pluto. We will go on to explore the more distant universe and look at the latest 'extra-solar planet' discoveries and results from the Gaia probe - currently making the most detailed map ever of the Milky Way galaxy. We will continue into the realm of the galaxies with a consideration of latest cosmological observations and what they can tell us about the history of the universe and our place within it.