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Painting Fairies View details

We will use watercolours to paint a fairy. This is a taster session and I will do a longer course in September going into more details and further techniques. We will draw a fairy first and look at how to use watercolour to represent the different aspects of a fairy.

History: The Mayflower - Stories behind the voyage with Alison Jones View details

Have you ever wondered why the Pilgrim Fathers made such a dangerous voyage to what was then an unknown land. What motivated them? Who were they? What did they have to endure to get to their "Promised Land"? This free taster session will give you a glimpse into the human side of the epic journey - put names to some of the Pilgrim Fathers - explore the conditions they had to endure during and once they reached the New World and the impact their settlement had.

1 Click Dealing with Worries View details

This course is designed to reduce worries by exploring some coping methods that are accessible and do not require equipment.

BBO Money Sorted in D2N2:Building your Confidence with IT Skills View details

Ever wanted to improve your confidence using online tools like zoo, price comparison sites and resolving problems by trouble shooting the error. Well this is your chance to in a stress free and supportive learning space you will be shown the basics of the digital space and give you confidence to move forwards in digital living.

Practical Art and Mindfulness in Epping Forest View details

Come along to walk and draw in Epping Forest starting from the Holly Trail Cafe, Chingford. We will walk to the forest glades and choose a group of trees to make a colour drawing from. You will develop techniques to help select an arrangement of trees to lead the eye through the drawing; and work with chalk pastels and charcoal layering, blending colour to show the different colours, light and shades in the trees. You are welcome to bring a picnic for after the session.

Art in Churches with David Brindley View details

The Church has historically been a major patron of the arts. From lavish medieval altar pieces to contemporary installations in Cathedrals, this course looks at the variety of art commissioned by the Church, and discusses where good examples can be seen.

Going Beyond Political Ideologies with Kevin Walker View details

Are you disillusioned with politics and most politicians in the UK? Are you unsure of the differences between the major political parties? This taster session will outline the three dominant political ideologies; Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism and ask what could replace them. You will be invited to take part in an online test, which locates your views politically. We will discuss the value of the test and its results in the session. This will give you an insight into the 'Beyond Ideologies' course starting on Thursday 9th September at 11am.

Fun with lettering with Fiona Mitchell View details

Have you admired the beautiful calligraphy you see, but didn't know how to get started? Where to get the the tools or what to do with them? In this course you can explore some of the techniques to get an introduction into this fascinating art. Using readily available tools, easy exercises and straight forward techniques you will soon have the confidence to create your own work. This course is great for complete beginners, useful for card makers or those who learned a few years ago and want to brush up their skills. Suitable for left and right handers.

Introduction to Calligraphy View details

Ever wanted to try your hand at calligraphy, but there are no suitable classes in the area that fit with your free time? Have you seen calligraphy on the internet or in books and equipment for sale but don’t know where to start, then this could be the taster for you. Working on-line with an experienced calligraphy tutor you can try your hand at calligraphy from the comfort of your own home as part of a group of beginners. All guidelines will be provided, techniques will be demonstrated and you will have the opportunity to explore this fascinating art. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners or those who may have done calligraphy when at school. Suitable for left and right handers. Calligraphy is ideal for those who make cards and can be a very relaxing hobby. Equipment is reasonably priced and readily available from art shops and stationers or on-line.

Literature: Philip Larkin with Dr Mark Crees View details

This taster course will introduce the poetry of Philip Larkin, and an enticement to join the poetry course that follows this September: 'Two Poets: Tennyson and Philip Larkin'. Philip Larkin is one of the most read, most admired and most recited poets of the modern era. His poetic reputation, however, rests on three very slim books: 'The Less Deceived', 'The Whitsun Weddings' & ‘High Windows'. Yet the thinness of these volumes is itself, highly deceptive. These books represent a lifetime's commitment to the subtle power of art, and they testify to Larkin's remarkable achievement as a writer and poetic ponderer. On this course, we will take a train to Larkinland, and explore how his poetry can help us to reflect upon the fragility, and the wonder, of our everyday lives.