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Smash Your Stash - Revisited View details

What can you do with all the pieces of patterned paper and card left over from other projects? On this course we will look at some unusual ways we can use them to create beautiful and unique greeting cards. Your scraps can be large or small, from the same paper pad or just the same or a contrasting colour it doesn’t matter as our aim is to 'smash your stash' and use up your scraps.

Art and the Landscape - with David Brindley View details

Some of our best-loved paintings are landscapes - the idyllic country scenes of Constable, the atmospheric creations of Turner and the delightful Dutch and Flemish canals and windmills. This course will trace the development of landscape art from early Northern Renaissance backgrounds via picturesque and Impressionist interpretations to recent landscape artists such as Peter Lanyon. We will also look at the influence on European landscapes from Chinese and Japanese artists and from aboriginal art.

Botanical Illustration: Working Through the Spectrum View details

Botanical paintings in watercolour with the theme of learning about colours in the rainbow spectrum. Using the wide choice available in Summer we will take a separate colour each couple of weeks and create work related to the relevant plants and flowers. This will also widen knowledge of the range of watercolour paints and what they are capable of.

How to cleanse your gut to improve your immune system View details

Research says that GUT Microbes drive autoimmunity. If you have Autoimmune conditions, keeping your gut health and nutrient absorption in top form is just one important keys to reducing symptoms. In this course you will understand the main factors that influence your day to day health and how gut health can affect you. This course will also show you several ways that you can help your gut to function properly and the recognise the signs that tell you it's doing the job! A healthy gut supports your immune system which in turn keeps you healthy. You will discover ways to cleanse, heal and restore your gut and then maintain a healthy biome so that you can get the most from the foods you eat. This course is a follow on course from the Understanding the Immune system and/or Supporting your immune System. If you are serious about reducing your autoimmune symptoms then why not join The Gut Lady and feel empowered to make lifestyle changes that will improve your health.

ICT for Employment @ The Balsam Centre View details

A six week course covering the basics of Microsoft Office 365, to include: Email, Word templates, using Excel and simple formulae, SharePoint and Teams.

Meditation and a guide to the 7 Chakras View details

Aimed at those interested in personal growth and alternative well-being this course is offered in a light hearted spirit of self-exploration and mutual support. The chakra system is well known in the holistic world of well-being connecting Mind, Body and Spirit. Knowledge of the chakras probably dates back over 4,000 years as part of the system of Indian Ayurvedic medicine. There are 7 major chakras linked to organs in the physical body and energy flow within the body. Each week we will focusing on one specific chakra area and explore how, by bringing awareness to potential issues and blockages we can begin to bring balance to these areas of our lives. There will be specific meditations and ideas for activities for each chakra and through mutual support and sharing we create a space for personal growth and learning.

Swedish Impressionism Part 3 View details

The Opponents can be likened to Swedish Impressionists, evolving new ways of depicting their world whilst concerned that their art should also contribute to a more enlightened society. Certain artists lives and work will be looked at in depth, especially Bruno Liljefors, considered by many to be the world's first Environmental Artist, and the mature careers of Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn, amongst other significant artists. This course will continue to present these artists in the context of their time, at the leading edge of Scandinavian art & society. Students may join the course at any time and attendance of the previous Parts 1 & 2 is not necessary.

Sewing and Dressmaking: Design, Fit and Make View details

This course is designed to be interactive and for you to complete your work in the sessions. Using a body template, let your creative juices flow to design your own fashion! You will explore pattern techniques that link with your designs. You can design any garment you like such as trousers, tops, jackets or dresses. Let your imagination go and we will bring your 2D design to a 3D realisation. There will be demonstrations for the group and for individuals. You will get tutor support and encouragement throughout your course and you can use the time to create as many designs as you want. You can work at your own pace and record your processes and techniques with photographs and annotations on a Padlet board. You can work in half-scale or full-scale patterns to experiment with your designs, and you will produce a full-scale pattern to toile up and fit.

Branch Event: The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company, a Stat View details

How one of the world’s most magnificent empires disintegrated and was replaced by a dangerously unregulated private company.

How Many Miles to Babylon: the Literature of Walking the Landscape View details

This course will explore the following: a) the historical relationship between landscape and writers. b) Literary movements associated with a philosophical understanding of landscape. c) The relationship between walking and creativity.