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Belly Dancing Intermediate View details

An informal way of improving fitness level, toning, releasing stress and making new friends in addition to learning new skills of belly dance.

Black History View details

This second part of the course will further look at the contribution of women from ancient times to the present in roles such as rulers, warriors, revolutionaries and inventors. We also have features on ancient and pre-colonial South Africa and explore some of the art and culture of some of the ancient kingdoms of Nigeria. We will look at aspects of the Black African/Caribbean experience from a Sociological and Psychological perspective, with a section on how African people are represented (or mis-represented) in various forms of media. We will also look at African contributions to literature, and look at aspects of the philosophies of some of our greatest leaders, including a special feature on the Black Panthers .

Branch Event: American Poetry - Audaciousness Park View details

Bread Baking- Family Learning View details

This course is aimed at teaching you bread making skills which you can then share with your family and enjoy making freshly baked rolls together which make a tasty part of your lunch. It will give you confidence to go home nd make the bread with your children at home, teaching you valuable baking skills and saving money at the same time.

Bridges to Learning Introduction to British Sign Language View details

British Sign Language View details

This is a short course taking place at Dursley /Cam Community Centre for the locals to be briefly deaf aware and to learn some signs. This will lead to a longer course if the interest is there to learn more and to hold a longer conversation in sign language.

British Sign Language Taster Session View details

This will be a taster course on British Sign Language with a view of a short course in the future if the response is good. On the course we will learn to finger spell and learn signs to greet people.

BSL Taster Session View details

A Taster Course called Signing for Families. By having parents and carers learning to sign, they may be able to teach their children some signs afterwards. On this taster course the signing topic will be on clothes and then afterwards there will be a signing game based on clothes. The game can be made up either in class or at home afterwards

Building Emotional Resilience View details

Taking steps to look after your wellbeing can help you deal with pressure, and reduce the impact that stress has on your life. This is sometimes called developing emotional resilience – the ability to cope and bounce back when facing challenging times.

Buying and Selling Online View details

The course will enable participants to shop online and purchase items safely. They will learn how to use PayPal and set up an account if they wish. Participants will also learn how to compare prices. The course will also demonstrate how to sell items online, including writing an advertisement and taking and downloading photographs.

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